Top Facts About Philippe Coutinho, Barcelona's Star

Tue 30 March 2021 | 5:30

Philippe Coutinho is a Brazilian football player who is a star in every possible way. We are going to see his facts, stats, style of play and a bit of his life throughout the years. Find out untold top facts about Philippe Coutinho in this article.

Philippe Coutinho Correira is a Brazilian attacking midfielder or winger who plays for both Barcelona Fc and Brazil’s national team. Whatever you think a midfielder must do he can do it in their best form. He has a combination of vision, passing, dribbling and ability to conjure curving long- range strikes. He came from a poor family and Philippe Coutinho parents had a low income.

 Although his family was poor and didn’t have any money, after seeing his talent for football his father signed him up in their local football team. playing there for a while, he wasn’t conscious that he was being watched by scouts. ((In this article we will tell you the details of Philippe Coutinho transfer market stats and his career in football. But first will start the story with

Philippe Coutinho childhood


A Turn of Events for Coutinho

Being scouted by Vasco da Gama’s youth system changed his life alongside his family. They found his talent, nurtured it and made him the Coutinho we know today. In this article we are going to search through his history to know the 

top facts about Philippe Coutinho

, Barcelona’s star.

Philippe Coutinho Quick Info

Here we will go through some quick info to let us get more familiar with who Coutinho is and what are Philippe coutinho stats.

  • Name

    : Philippe Coutinho Correira

  • Nickname

    : O Magico (little magician)

  • Birthdate

    : 12 June 1992

  • Place of birth

    : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Current team

    : Barcelona

  • Strong foot

    : Right

  • Playing position

    : Attacking midfielder/ Winger

  • Net worth

    : $60 million

  • Height

    : 1.72 m

  • Weight

    : 72 kg

  • Spouse

    : Aine Coutinho (married since 2012)

  • Children

    : Philippe Jr (son), Maria (daughter)

  • Siblings

    : Leandro and Christian (Brothers)

  • Parents

    : Dona Esmeralda (mother), Ze Carlos (father)

Philippe Coutinho Childhood and Early Life

Let’s start our top facts about Philippe Coutinho by seeing through his past. He was born on June 12th, 1992. 

Philippe Coutinho parents 

had a low income so Philippe Coutinho childhood wasn't rosy and he had it rough. He was Esmeralda and Ze Carlos’s last son and he had two older brothers. The home in which he lived was close to the Maracanã Stadium. As a kid Philippe was shy, he cried a lot and didn’t mingle with others that much and the fact is he didn’t play football either. He would sit by the street and watch his brothers and other children play the game.

 At the time it wouldn’t even reach Philippe’s mind that he was the raw talent itself and he would make it big in the football world. When he was 6 years old Philippe finally started touching the ball. He would practice on a concrete open near their house. Even Philippe Coutinho parents liked to come and watch him play. After some time passed one of their acquaintances persuaded his father to register his name on the local team.

Philippe Coutinho Sets Foot on the Road to Fame 

Philippe father didn’t let his son’s talent go to waste and got him enrolled on their local team and by enrolling him, Ze Carlos took a step in making one of the football stars of this generation. In his local team and after seeing how he was better than anyone on his team, he got confident in himself and his shyness was no longer a problem for him. At the time he didn’t know scouts were watching him. They scouted him for

Visco da Gama

after he played in a tournament encouraged by them.

 Philippe Coutinho age was only six years old when he started his career but he wasn’t sure if football would be his source of income. At the age of 13 he got so good at what he did, he got invited to Brazil’s U14 national team. He didn’t have any problem with his family as Coutinho family were very supportive. Currently Philippe Coutinho wife Aine supports him as well and they would go to every game, giving him the moral support, he needed.

Philippe Coutinho the Future of Inter Milan  

According to

Philippe Coutinho transfer market stats

, the young footballer signed a contract with

Inter Milan

on July 2010. Philippe Coutinho age was 18 when he started his professional career. manager Rafael Benítez and chairman Massimo Moratti stated about him: “Coutinho is the future of Inter.” On 27 August 2010, Coutinho made his debut for the club as he replaced one of the players in 2-0 defeat against

Atlético Madrid

in the 2010 UEFA Super Cup. He also took part in a 3-2 victory against Bayern Munich in Germany.

This victory led the team to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. On 8 May 2011, the young footballer scored his first goal in a 3-1 home victory over Fiorentina. Once again he aimed for the net on 19 November 2011, in a game over Cagliari. After the 2-year loan he moved to Italy to fully become one of the Inter Milan’s players. Philippe Coutinho made his debut in a champions league match against Atletico Madrid which they lost by two goals.

After the 2-year loan he moved to Italy to fully become one of the Inter Milan’s players. Philippe Coutinho made his debut in a champions league match against Atlético Madrid which they lost by two goals. Becoming a regular in Inter Milan was never an easy feat and after two years he was loaned to


during the January transfer window of 2011- 2012. He scored 5 goals in 16 games for Espanyol before returning to Inter at the end of season.

Becoming a regular in Inter Milan was never an easy feat and after two years he was loaned to Espanyol during the January transfer window of 2011- 2012. He scored 5 goals in 16 games for Espanyol before returning to Inter at the end of season. According to

Philippe Coutinho stats

he scored 5 goals in 47 appearances for the team. Find out more top facts about Philippe Coutinho in the following.

Coutinho PFA Young Player of the Year at Liverpool

On 26 January 2013 he signed a contract worth more than £8 million with the Premier League club


. Later it was revealed that Coutinho was signed in following the recommendation of by then-Inter Milan manager and former Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez, he described the Brazilian as "world class". Coutinho showed such remarkable performance and amazed everyone with his skills. The list of the Brazilian footballer’s awards and titles is long.

By the end of 2014-15 season he was named the team's Player of the Season. On 13 April, Coutinho was one of six players nominated for the 2016 PFA Young Player of the Year award. In the same year he made himself known to Liverpool fans as he got the player of month trophy in march. Coutinho continued to shine for Liverpool and in 2013- 14 season Liverpool signed a long-term contract with him till 2020. He made 41 goals in 152 appearances he made for Liverpool until Spanish team Barcelona reached to him in 2018.

Coutinho The Most Expensive Signing of Barcelona

On 6 January 2018, Liverpool declared that they reached an agreement with La Liga club


for the transfer of Coutinho. The footballer got transferred for more than £100 million. One of the

top facts about Philippe Coutinho

 is that his father hated Barcelona from the bottom of his heart and didn’t want him to play for them but on January 6th, 2018 his signing was complete with Barcelona. He signed Barcelona’s third expensive signing at the time for more than £120 million.

He wore Barcelona’s jersey in a game against one of his former teams Espanyol, as he came into game as a substitute for Iniesta. His first goal for Barcelona came in Copa del- ray’s semi- final against Valencia. Coutinho’s career in Barcelona isn’t favorable by fans and critiques because they believe he isn’t being in his best position. But even though there are many critiques about him going around he is trying to be a useful piece for Barca. Based on Philippe Coutinho stats he scored 11 goals during 54 games.

Philippe Coutinho Style of Play

Fact is that Coutinho has been assigned many roles in his career, he’s been an attacking midfielder, second striker, central midfielder or even as a wide midfielder on the flanks. One of the interesting

top facts about Philippe Coutinho

 is that he’s been compared to many legends throughout his career due to his agility and dribbling ability. Some compare him to 

Lionel Messi

 and Ronaldinho, there has been a time even former Brazilian striker


compared him to Zico due to his creativity. Though he hasn't shown any of his true capabalities in Barcelona most of the times and has shone just from time to time.

He is quick and intelligent, he can read the flow of game and response to it in his own unique way, making the ball dance to his techniques. In his generation he is without a doubt one of the best with his speed and touch on the ball alongside Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. He earned his nickname O Magico (little magician) by Liverpool fans when he was playing for them due to his creative plays and great passing ability. Even though Coutinho is right footed he can play with both his legs, he has a great shooting range and can shoot with both his legs with great accuracy.

Coutinho is a natural phenomenon when it comes to shooting, especially when he cuts in from left flank and finishes the ball with a curling ball with his right foot. In fact, he’s been so good at this he has been constantly marked by defenders to restrict his movement in the area. And Jurgen Klopp has compared him to the Italian legend Alessandro del Piero. His curve balls have their own saying even on free kicks. His accuracy is off the charts when he takes one and shoot it to the corner of goal. Find out facts about Philippe Coutinho salary in the following.

Philippe Coutinho Net Worth and Salary

For a footballer who has been named the most expensive signing of Barcelona,

Philippe Coutinho net worth

and salary must have been sky high. In addition to his career in football, he has a joined sponsorship with Nike as they make the shoes he is wearing, Nike phantom vision boots. In computer games Coutinho was on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

The footballer is running on his contract with Barcelona and is said that

Philippe Coutinho salary

is more than £200k per week. Over the years Coutinho showed such amazing style of play and skills on the pitch that the big clubs are eager to have him on board. As for Philippe Coutinho net worth, it is estimated to be more than £40 million. Well done Coutinho! Find out facts Philippe Coutinho personal life in the following.

Philippe Coutinho Wife and Kids

Now let’s get into the details about

Philippe Coutinho wife

. She was born on march 31st, 1993 so as of 2020 she is 27 years old. They were both in the same neighborhood and met each other on a friend’s party bonding together when they were only teenagers. They started dating after a while and Aine started living with Philippe’s family when they were in Brazil. Aine was supportive of Philippe’s career from the start. She would go to his matches and cheer him on every match.

When Philippe signed his contract with Inter Milan and his 2-year loan with Vasco Da Gama ended, Aine came to Italy with him and his family, even though she was only her girlfriend and they weren’t married yet at the time. Our couple were apart for a brief amount of time in 2012 due to Coutinho's transfer to Espanyol but got reunited and married in 2013. Philippe’s a very lucky man for having Aine by his side, as she hasn’t left his side ever since, even though his parents left for brazil when his contract with Inter ended and he moved from Italy.

As for Philippe Coutinho children, after their marriage she gave birth to their daughter Maria Coutinho and moved everywhere with his husband, from Liverpool to Barcelona. Aine is a popular WAG on social media, her Instagram account (


) has more than 866k followers. She is even active on twitter and has more than 11k followers, her twitter account is (


). In her social medias, Aine shares her daily life with her children and family and is quite approachable.

Philippe Coutinho Personal Life

In 2019 Philippe Coutinho had an interview and talked about his wife and family. In this interview we can clearly see his love and compassion for his wife and how much he owes his professional career to her as she was always supporting him throughout his career. He said: “We didn’t study together, we didn’t really have mutual friends, except for one, who had a party and we both went to it. We met there and sat together for a long time just talking. She asked me to be her boyfriend. There wasn’t really a moment where we were like, ok we are together now.

 We are from the same neighborhood and so we just started seeing more and more of each other, going places together and it grew deeper and stronger.” According to the facts about

Philippe Coutinho personal life

 Aine has a stepson with Philippe Coutinho which they named him after his father Philippe Jr. he came to them in 2018 and now on July of 2020 Philippe Coutinho made an Instagram post about his wife being pregnant with another boy.

Philippe Coutinho Social Media Accounts

Now let’s get into the details of

Philippe Coutinho Social Media Accounts

. the football star is widely followed on Instagram. More than 23 million people follow his account and he follows more than 1k people on this platform. Philippe Coutinho is active on social media where he posts about his family and their adventures together. He is available by the username of



As for other Philippe Coutinho Social Media Accounts, he has an account on Twitter which he has signed up by the username of


. On this platform the footballer has 2 million followers and so far posted more than 800 tweets. There is an account on Facebook which is signed up by the username of @


. More than 2 million people follow this account. However, there is no sign of the blue checkmark so we cannot verify that this account belongs to the footballer.

Philippe Coutinho Honors and Trophies

Our top facts about Philippe Coutinho doesn’t end here. Even though he is young he has many honors to his name. we are going to count them now to see what are the honors making him a football star.

Vasco da Gama

  • Campeonato Brasileiro Série B: 2009

  • Inter Milan

  • Coppa Italia: 2010–11

  • Supercoppa Italiana: 2010


  • La Liga: 2017–18, 2018–19

  • Copa del Rey: 2017–18

  • Supercopa de España: 2018

Bayern Munich

  • Bundesliga: 2019–20

  • DFB-Pokal: 2019–20

  • UEFA Champions League: 2019–20

Brazil U17

  • South American U-17 Championship: 2009

  • Brazil U20

  • FIFA U-20 World Cup: 2011

  • Brazil

  • Copa América: 2019

There are many critiques about his plays nowadays but all of the people criticizing him are saying he isn’t being used to his fullest potential, so they all believe he is without a doubt one the greatest players world of football has seen to itself. He plays in Barcelona now and from the start of this season he has shown himself quite a couple of times. Even though Barcelona's CEO to be are concluding to put him in winter transfer market, if he can continue to improve and finds himself, there is hardly anybody who can stop this agile and skillful player and he will definitely crown himself as one of the best the world has ever seen.

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