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Facts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani's girlfriend

Everyone knows about the professional career of Edinson Cavani as he is without a doubt one of the best strikers in the world, but we are going to delve more in his personal life and Facts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani's girlfriend in this article.

Cavani is a great Uruguayan striker who has been most noted for his career in Paris-Saint German. He is Paris-Saint German’s all-time best scorer after all. But he wasn’t that successful in his last relationship and ended it quite badly.

After divorcing his ex-wife, Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús, he started a relationship with his current girlfriend Jocelyn Burgardt. They have been together since 2015, after they met when she was part of the parade of the city of Bella union.

What did Jocelyn Burgardt do before meeting Edinson Cavani?

Jocelyn is a professional samba dancer and quite good at what she does, and that’s the reason she was chosen as a dancer in the parade of the city of Bella union.in this article we are going to know some

Facts about Jocelyn Burgardt,

Edinson Cavani

's girlfriend

that we haven’t known as she is quite secretive about her personal life.

Edinson Cavani's professional career

Let’s talk about Edinson Cavani himself and his life before meeting with Jocelyn Burgardt.

Edinson Roberto Cavani Gomez, is a Uruguayan striker currently playing for

Manchester united

in premier league. He started his career in Danubio in Montevideo but after two years he went to Italy to play in Palermo. He was in Palermo till 2010 when he initially made a loan contract with Napoli and transferred there the next year with a transfer fee of 17 million euros. In his third season in Napoli he scored 29 goals in Serie A making him the top scorer of the season.

After his third season in Napoli Cavani decided to make another history at the time by signing the most expensive transfer signing in French history. He signed the 64 million euros signing with

Paris Saint German


With PSG there wasn’t a title he didn’t get including 6 Ligue 1 titles, 5 coupes de la Ligue and 4 coupes de la France. He won Ligue 1 player of the year for 2016- 17 season and was the leagues top scorer in 2016- 17 and 2017- 18 seasons. Cavani is also the all- time top scorer in the history of PSG club. This year he joined Manchester united ending his career in PSG.

Edinson Cavani has his own unique style of play. He has strength and agility, combining the two he has quite an opportunistic view on game flow making the most out of balls coming his way. He has a tall and slender figure, making him one of the modern strikers capable of

heading high balls

and moving in the field with speed.

He has magnificent first touch, intelligent movement of the ball, and a clean finishing ability making him a well-rounded striker. Cavani is known for his ability to score impressive goals with both his feet and his head, for his work- rate and tireless energy across the pitch and well his willingness to go back to defense and help his team in their time of need.

Edinson Cavani is one of the strikers who is able to score acrobatic goals, and is generally a competent penalty taker, though he was inconsistent from the spot from time to time, he is a good penalty striker.

In addition to his goal- scoring ability he has the ability to move around the field creating space for his team mates. He is without a doubt one of the best strikers of his generation but that doesn’t mean he is without critiques. One of the critiques about him is that he has lost many opportunities in many games.

Even though Cavani plays center- forward most of times he is capable of playing anywhere as long as he’s a forward. He has played multiple roles during his matches including a support striker or a winger. During his time in Italy people gave him the nickname El Matador due to his unique play style.

His professional years as a football player are awesome indeed but what has happened in his personal life as he reached Jocelyn Burgardt, his girlfriend.

Cavani's childhood and biography before Jocelyn Burgardt

Before we reach the

facts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani’s girlfriend

lets see what has happened to him before meeting her.

On the valentine’s day in 1987 Edinson Roberto Cavani Gomez was born as his mothers Berta Gomez and his fathers Luis Cavani’s third son. His father was a professional football player so nobody was surprised when all three of his sons became professional players too. 

Edinson started his love and passion for football in early ages of his life. His father was being quite an asset there too as he was there to support him and help him thrive to become one of the best players in the world.

He was living in Salto, playing against older kids in the streets and even though they roughed him up every time he would get up on his feet and kept playing against them making him a better street player each time he played.

After a while playing in the streets and gaining experience in the streets of Salto, he started playing for


youth team. He played magnificently in Danubio showing himself as a great striker. His play style and awesome matches in Danubio club got him selected for his country’s national team in the south American under 20 youth championship. Cavani excelled in the competition scoring 7 goals in 9 matches, becoming tournaments top scorer and helping his team get to the semi- finals.

His matches in the south American under 20 youth championship finally got the attention of big European and south American clubs like



Ac Milan

. Finally, he signed a 4.475 million euro signing with Palermo and started his senior career there in Italy.

Edinson Cavani’s net worth is currently estimated at $40 million USD. His net worth is boosted by his investments and endorsement deals with Nike and other prominent brands. Its estimated that he earns an average weekly salary of 200,000 euros.

Maria Soledad, Edinson Cavani's ex-wife

Before our main topic of article,

facts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani’s girlfriend

lets talk about her ex wife and mother of his two children, Bautista and Lucas.

Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus was Cavani’s ex-wife. They dated from when they were teenagers and if Edinson Cavani hadn’t cheated on her with the Italian model Maria Rosaria Ventrone they would probably be together even now.

Maria Soledad was born in Uruguay in around 1989. (Unfortunately, the exact birth date and her family and childhood details aren’t known.) She is currently the single mother of her two children with Cavani, Bautista and Lucas.

Maria dated Cavani for many years before they finally married in 2007. Their first son, Bautista, was born on march 22, 2011. Maria gave birth to another boy on march 8, 2013 which they named him Lucas.

Later rumors about Cavani dating an Italian model, Maria Rosaria Ventrone, then 22 years old after his move to Italian club


broke their bonds as a family.

Maria's situation after their break up

After being cheated on by Edinson Cavani Maria said:

 “I do not trust this man. Do you want to trust a husband who leaves his wife just as few days after the birth of their children?... When our son Lucas was born, I learned that he was with another girl. It was a shock when I saw the nasty pic. He explained the benefits of me giving birth in Uruguay to be quieter than in Naples where we would be besieged [by the press]. He wanted to leave me there to feel freer and enjoy the fact that I would be busy building our new life. When I returned, I tried in every way to save our marriage. I did not want to remove my children from their father, I thought we could recover. It was hopeless. Edinson became a different person and unrecognizable.”

Maria separated from Edinson Cavani, her husband, in 2013 and their divorce was finalized in mid-2014. She later filled for the child and spousal support. The decision was made to her favor and Cavani was ordered to pay $25,000 every month as child support.

About Maria’s professional career no detail is available so the exact net worth isn’t possible to determine. However, as mentioned above she receives $25,000 USD a month from Cavani himself.

 Now that we covered Cavani’s past relationships and career lets get to our main topic being

facts Jocelynn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani’s current girlfriend.

so, who exactly is Jocelyn Burgardt?

We in Sportmob group think that it’s fun to know about players personal life, as Their personal life directly affects their career. Jocelyn Burgardt is a girl with many secrets and frankly it’s hard to write a complete biography for her. But there are certain

facts about Jocelyn Burgardt

that we can share at the moment.

Jocelyn Burgardt was born on September 21, 1992, which means as of 2020 she is 28 years old. According to the month she was born her zodiac sign is Virgo. Another fact about Jocelyn Burgardt is that she was born in Bella Union, Uruguay.

You can find many pictures of her on Edinson Cavani’s Instagram (


) page but she isn’t an active Instagram blogger herself, as a matter of fact her Instagram page is a private page with only 206 followers and 38 posts.

One of the interesting

facts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani’s girlfriend

is that she has been a samba dancer her whole life. Nowadays she also does modeling and fashion but she is keeping her original career with them in balance.

Jocelyn is a cultural manager and has done some photoshoots in famous magazine but unlike other WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends, mainly referred to wives and girlfriends of famous people and celebrities), she likes to keep a low profile and doesn’t do much work on her social media. But she does like to post snaps of herself and her lovely family. Her official account on Instagram is



One other 

facts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani’s girlfriend

is her being quite friendly. As a matter of fact, she is good friends with other WAGs including Jorgelina Cardoso, Angel di’ maria’s wife, Carol Cabrino, Marquinhos’s wife and Andrea Salas, Keylor Navas’s wife. She is in a close relationship Jorgelina Cardoso as they often go to dinner together.

As we said before Jocelyn also works in fashion business. She is gorgeous model with wonderful figure. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and her long blond hair make hair shine as a model.

Jocelyn Burgardt is quite a successful samba dancer but she is famous not because of her career but because she is in a relationship with Edinson Cavani. Cavani being Uruguayan national team’s striker and one of the best in the world made her popular by becoming her boyfriend.

After his divorce with his wife at the time, Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrus, in 2014, Cavani began his relationship with his current girlfriend, Jocelyn Burgardt. He first met Jocelyn when she was part of the parade of the city of Bella union and they started dating later in early 2015.

As we can guess from Cavani’s social media they have been a happy couple ever since they started dating. They have been together for 6 years and last year on may 17, 2019 Jocelyn gave birth to Cavani’s third child, a girl named India Cavani. This time though there wasn’t any drama involved like when his second son was born and news of him cheating coming out.

The f

acts about Jocelyn Burgardt, Edinson Cavani’s girlfriend

are very little and scarce. She has her work as samba dancer and is working as a model, there was once a time where she played in Uruguayan soap opera la fuerza del corazón, but her exact net worth and salary are unknown. Which is why we can’t get a grasp on her financial statues.

Jocelyn and her family are living happily and Cavani is doing everything he can for them. They are not married yet but who knows what the future holds for them.

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