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Have you ever heard about the beautiful German volleyball player who is the girlfriend of the key defender for Bayern Munich, Joshua Kimmich? If you want to know about the story of these two athletes so join us.

In this article we will do a brief review of Lina Meyer’s biography, how many loves she has had and why she has been the subject of controversy so many times in the past. There will be some details that will not be touched unless she confirms them later. The notwithstanding fact about Lina Meyer is that she is an athlete too, like her boyfriend Joshua Kimmich. Professionally, her career is being a celebrated volleyball player. This article keeps you updated on her history and current life.

Facts you need to know about Lina Meyer, Joshua Kimmich’s beautiful girlfriend:

If you are eager to know about top facts in Lina Meyer’s life and her relationship with Joshua Kimmich read this article.

Biography of Lina Meyer

Lina Meyer was born on May 23, 1991, which means that her age is 29 and she is three years older than Kimmich. According to her birthday, Lina Meyer zodiac sign is Gemini. She was born in Rottweil, Germany, such as her partner, meaning that Meyer's nationality is German. The first fact about Lina Meyer is that she is professional volleyball player. She is best recognized as the girlfriend of the famous German football player Joshua Walter Kimmich. Moreover, she gained media attention after she announced her first pregnancy in 2019.

Lina Meyer is the gorgeous soccer WAG dating German soccer player Joshua Kimmich, the young midfielder player for Bayern Munich, he also played with Leipzig and Stuttgart. Lina is also very big fan of the beautiful game called football. Whenever Lina Meyer got the opportunity, she tries to attend Kimmich's games. Meyer often can be seen at Allianz Arena, supporting her boyfriend from the crowd.

She doesn’t have an official Wiki page yet! Since her date of birth is yet unknown whether 1991 or 1992? The information about her education is still under the shade

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Lina Meyer, Joshua Kimmich’s girlfriend Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

The German footballer is a product of FC Bayern Munich's youth academy. He is one of the most talented youngsters in the scene, an absolute gem of a player who is well versed in playing across different positions in midfield and defense. The 24-year old has a net worth of €42 million (£36 million); his market value is in excess of €70 million (£60.4 million). Nothing is mentioned about Lina Meyer’s net worth or body statistics on the net.

Lina Meyer’s Instagram and social media

Another fact about Lina Meyer is that she is also very active on her social media. She has an Instagram profile with more than 10K followers, but she is not the typical WAG, who post pictures in bikinis and so on.

Privacy seems very important to Joshua and Lin. What do we know about player woman Lina Meyer? Not a lot - because while the pretty brunette initially posted pictures with her loved one on Instagram, she then made her account (@__ lk.m__) private. Getting information about the lawyer is therefore difficult - especially since Joshua Kimmich does not publish any photos of or with his girlfriend on his own profile

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Even if the 26-year-old looks quite extroverted at first glance with her many tattoos, she seems to be more of the calm type. The important fact about Lina Meyer is that: Pushing herself into public was not her thing from the start - player woman or not. As far as their private lives are concerned, the two keep a low profile - the days when Lina gave insights into their togetherness on her Instagram account are over. Conversely, Kimmich's social media channels focus on his job as a professional soccer player.

The last few weeks of the European Championship are likely to have been the most exciting so far in Joshua Kimmich's (21) young career, so it's no wonder that the DFB youngster is now taking a good break. And of course, a very special person should not be missing in his life: his girlfriend Lina! The couple lets everyone share in their happiness via social media.

Perhaps this reserved manner is the reason why Joshua Kimmich and Lina Meyer prefer to keep their relationship private - but if you look at his postings on Instagram, the young woman really doesn't seem to take place their Comparison with other footballers who at least occasionally publish a selfie with their girlfriends or wives. Is Joshua not sure if Lina is the right one - or are they maybe not together anymore?

Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich love story

It sounds like the perfect love story: Soccer players Joshua Kimmich and Lina Meyer met when the law student was working in the fan shop of his club at the time, RB Leipzig. After a three-year long-distance relationship and completed studies, the 26-year-old then moved to the 23-year-old FC Bayern soccer player in Munich - and then suddenly it became quiet around the couple.

Joshua Kimmich leads the way at FC Bayern, is known by the German record champions as a loudspeaker, endurance runner and aggressive leader. The model professional is also a stabilizing factor in the national team.

Joshua Kimmich has been one of the key defenders for Bayern Munich ever since he joined the team in 2015. He helped his team win many titles, but we believe that you are not here to read about that. We decided to focus your attention on Kimmich personal life and more specifically on his long-time girlfriend, so let's begin.

Joshua Kimmich has been in a long-term relationship with the stunning Lina Meyer since 2013. The couple met when Kimmich was still playing for RB Leipzig and have been together ever since then. The interesting fact about Lina Meyer’s life with Joshua Kimmich is that they had to spend some time apart from each other, as Lina was still studying when Kimmich had to move to Bayern Munich, but when she finished her education in 2017, she joined him in Munich and now they live together.

Kimmich met his pretty girlfriend Lina Meyer while he played for RB Leipzig where she works at; 24-year-old Lina was born in Bad Bevensen, a town in the district Uelzen in Lower Saxony, Germany. She has become a favorite amongst Germany WAGs, not surprise there, she is lovely!

After the European Championships, most of the kickers couldn't wait to turn their backs on Germany and relax in the distance from the stresses of the tournament. While Sami Khedira (29) went adventurous to Botswana on safari or Mesut Özil (27) hangs out with friends in Los Angeles with Leroy Sané (20), one of the youngest in the team prefers a romantic holiday for couples. The 21-year-old, Joshua Kimmich, spent cozy days in Greece with his sweetheart Lina Meyer. The kicker friend posted several vacation photos, including one from a boat trip with her personal favorite player. While Joshua floats in the sea on an air mattress, she takes care of the souvenir snapshots from the deck in a tight pink bikini.

Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich’ children

Joshua Kimmich and his partner Lina Meyer became parents for the first time in June 2019. Now, according to a report, the second child followed. The news announced that Happy news: National player Joshua Kimmich (25) apparently became a father for the second time just a few days after Lina's second pregnancy became public. Joshua Kimmich is also missing from the game against Atlético Madrid, because his second child is said to have already been born.

As the website "bild.de" reported, the child, a healthy girl, was born in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (October 21). The gender and date of birth have not yet been officially confirmed that the child is there, but FC Bayern Munich announced on Twitter on Wednesday evening.

The fantastic fact about Lina Meyer’s life is that her boyfriend is very sensitive in their life. So, he announced his nervousness before the child coming. Even before the game against Arminia Bielefeld, the club had tweeted that Kimmich will not appear: "Joshua #Kimmich is out today. He stayed in Munich; his girlfriend is expecting the second child." Kimmich and Meyer's first child was born in June 2019.

In interviews, the kicker remained covered: "A child gives life a completely different content, a completely new task is there," he only revealed once to the evening newspaper. According to the paper, the second child is said to have seen the light of day in a Munich hospital on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The beautiful couple, Lina and Joshua, who have lived together in the Bavarian capital since 2017, had been three since last summer. Back then, Kimmich and girlfriend Meyer were the icing on the cake of a happy relationship for the first time with offspring.

Another interesting fact about Lina Meyer’s Instagram is that both keep a low profile when it comes to their family life - especially on social networks, which is seldom the case these days. Still, it seems to be the path the celebrity couple understandably chose.

Joshua Kimmich ex-girlfriend

Online rumors of Joshua Kimmich’s dating past may vary. While it’s relatively simple to find out who’s dating Joshua Kimmich, it’s harder to keep track of all his flings, hookups and breakups. It’s even harder to keep every celebrity dating page and relationship timeline up to date. If you see any information about Joshua Kimmich is dated, please let us know.

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Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich during Covid-19

Joshua Kimmich and Serge Gnabry talk in the video chat of FC Bayern about their experiences in the Corona crisis. Especially single Gnabry has to overcome some hurdles - and not least hopes for the support of Kimmich's friend Lina Meyer. But see and hear for yourself. Because suddenly everyday things become very difficult for the Bayern stars. For example, a visit to the hairdresser is currently not possible and that is particularly troublesome for the fledgling Gnabry - as he says with a grin: “My pages should be made a little shorter again. I think I'll have to go through this for a couple of weeks now - luckily nobody sees me. " He launched an online initiative "We Kick Corona" with his Bayern Minich teammate Leon Goretzka, to help charitable, social or medical institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes he and his family can help in this way.

Lina Meyer, Kimmich’s girlfriend cooking

Gnabry is hoping for help from Kimmich's friend with cooking. The 24-year-old admits that he has problems cooking. So he hopes that Kimmich's friend Lina will put a stew in front of his door. Otherwise he eats take-aways in restaurants. The fact that you can't go to the hairdresser right now also worries Gnabry some. In a video interview, Serge Gnabry talks about his experiences in the Corona crisis.

Although the 24-year-old celebrates his goals with the "stir-the-wooden spoon gesture", he admits that he has problems cooking. "It looks really bad, I'm trying to feed myself through," explains the offensive player. Instead of cooking myself, Gnabry hopes "that Joshua's (Kimmich, editor's note) girlfriend, Lina Meyer, will put a stew in front of my door and not keep everything to herself." Otherwise he eats take-aways in restaurants.

So mysterious is the private life of Lina Meyer and nothing about her life is shared by her in social media! The reason is not clear yet. What do you think about this fact? Are they going to be together forever?

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