Facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife

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The biggest achievement of Roberto Firmino is his marriage to the beautiful model Larissa Pereira. Read on to find out more facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife.

Known for her variety of lifestyle content including modeling a variety of outfits and keeping up with current style trends, the Instagram star and model, Larissa Pereira is also known as the wife of the professional soccer player

Roberto Firmino

The following text indicates facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife:

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facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife

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Besides her lifestyle content, she is also recognized for modeling a variation of swimwear brands. Before fame, she first began posting photos on Instagram in 2012. After that, she sustained to keep posted of showing pictures of her progress, along with her relationships. 

Larissa Pereira Wedding

One of the lucky guys who won two major trophies in two years - first of all Champions League and second of all the Premier League is

Roberto Firmino

, however whose biggest success is marrying the beautiful model Larissa Pereira.

One of the

Facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife

is that they met each other in 2013 in a nightclub, and their relationship began a year well ahead. This lovely couple would be certain about the right time to tie the knot after three years of dating and they got married in Firmino birthplace Maceio, Brazil on June 20, 2017.

The big

Larissa Pereira Wedding

ceremony was among the best ever ceremonies and Philippe Coutinho, Alberto Moreno, Allan Souza and Lucas Leiva were some of the most famous guests at Larissa Pereira Wedding ceremony. The other top

Facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife

is that alongside her husband she attended the


FC Players Awards in May 2017.

Larissa Pereira wrote on her Instagram page: ‘Sometimes I think I should tell you more than times. That I love you and I want you more than anything.’ Also, a poem for Valentine’s day that posted by her on Larissa Pereira Instagram, ‘For tonight it comes to live here, where there are people that come and change our plans.’ She is often spoiled by her husband Roberto Firmino.

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The strongest Facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife is that Larissa Pereira and Roberto Firmino look like they have a love built forever and last forever. They make their life to move forward to where they know. Their love comes to add to complete their saint beat. The love of Larissa Pereira’s love is him.

Larissa Pereira Biography

Now it is time to pick up more information about who truly is Larissa Pereira and what is

Larissa Pereira Bio

that took Firmino heart and ended his single life with by saying 'yes' to her.

Now, we will know about

Larissa Pereira age


Larissa Pereira height


Larissa Pereira nationality

, and if she had any surgeries and so on.

Born on December 12, 1992, Larissa was claimed that she does not have any beauty surgeries to give her the much needed self-esteem as a model. However, we believe that the Brazilian beauty does have some which is one of the Facts about Larissa Pereira, Roberto Firmino wife. Larissa Pereira Nationality is Brazilian.

On her nose and lips, there is a big chance that she has a cosmetic surgery, but we are completely sure about it. Larissa Pereira had Sagittarius as her zodiac sign. Larissa Pereira is currently 27-year-old, but this year Larissa Pereira age is due to turn 28.

  • Larissa Pereira Height

    : 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)

  • Larissa Pereira weight

    : 76 kg

  • Larissa Pereira age

    : 27 years old

  • Larissa Pereira Nationality

    : Brazilian

  • Larissa Pereira husband

    : Roberto Firmino

  • Larissa Pereira kids

    : Two daughters, Valentina Firmino and Bella Firmino

  • Larissa Pereira Job

    : Fashion Modelling and Brand design owner

  • Larissa Pereira Brand

    : BeValen Store

  • Larissa Pereira Leisure activities

    : Traveling and spending time with her family

Larissa Pereira Social Media

Since meeting Firmino in 2014, a huge hit gained for her on

Larissa Pereira Social Media

. Up to more than 506k followers on Instagram, is racked for Larissa Pereira Social Media in where she blitzes her account with sexy selfies.

On Larissa Pereira Social Media, the couple is always posting lovely photos from their striking holidays, with her face in a happy mode to know-it-all her bikini body. But beyond her pretty face she is also a successful woman who is the founder of fashion brand BeValen Store.

Larissa Pereira Instagram

Larissa Pereira Instagram

page is known as @larissa_peereira with the blue tick of verified. In Larissa Pereira Instagram, there are 532 posts, 571k followers and 695 followings with the following bio text:

  • Lari Firmino

  • Foi por amor

  • @roberto_firmino

  • @tinaebellafirmino

Larissa Pereira Instagram boasted enviable curves after giving being the mother of two children. Larissa Pereira loves taking photos to share on Instagram of her and her hubby posing for the camera and enjoying their riches. They always show their flashed-smile as the perfect couple.

Larissa Pereira often can be seen on Instagram with expensive designer sunglasses. She even looks hot wearing fashionable hats. The couple is very happy and it can be easily seen from the photos posted on Larissa Pereira Instagram, so clear!

Larissa Pereira Twitter

The latest Tweets from Larissa Pereira are available on the ID account of

Larissa Pereira Twitter

, @oilaripereira. You can also see the Tweets about #larissapereira on Larissa Pereira Twitter. Besides some accounts are tweeted her news such as the latest media Tweets from Larissa Pereira in @_pereiralarissa, @warmgreetingz, @larissajornal and so on.

Larissa Pereira YouTube

Larissa Pereira YouTube

account is very subscribed and followed on YouTube due to the posted videos and photos of her, Roberto Firmino and her daughters. Now it's easier to find great her with recommendations from the Larissa Pereira YouTube.

Larissa Pereira Facebook

She is also active on Facebook with the account of Larissa Pereira Firmino.

Larissa Pereira Facebook

has got many likes and reposts for every photo of her posting there about her family, her husband and also her body wearing bikinis on the beach. Ratings and reviews on Larissa Pereira Facebook change every day due to the high visit of users from her page.

Larissa Pereira Pinterest

No active account is known for Larissa Pereira Pinterest. However, there are many photos of her and her sexy body on Pinterest which is available on the different pages about Football News.

Larissa Pereira Modeling Career

Fans of Larissa Pereira are loved by her fans for the striking image of the monochrome outfit paired with sky-high red heels and red bag, fully commented with the flame emoji. Against a dramatically-lit backdrop, others said the mum-of-two looked beautifully stunning for Larissa Pereira Modeling Career.

In Brazil,

Larissa Pereira Modeling Career

has a new part for her collection and is currently on sale for R$559,00, with the total price of around £108. Larissa Pereira Modeling Career is the inspiration throughout her brand, and then she opts for bold patterns in eye-catching colours and models all of her own clothes.

Larissa Pereira modelling career in the BeValen Store is the major source of her personal wealth and she does other things brings in income for her within the fashion showbiz. Larissa Pereira modelling career has made her fully independent from her husband income. Larissa Pereira modelling career as a thriving business of her own makes her a successful woman as her husband. Without the demand from the husband, this is a very good thing to be especially when she wants to cater for her own family.

Larissa Pereira modelling career give her a license to enjoy luxuries of life, including designer-wear as other footballer’s Wags. Roberto’s missus likes her designs and shoots selfies in fashionable tags that make her fab regularly. Larissa Pereira loves expensive designs in fashion mode.

A beautiful bikini body is the most significant feature for Larissa Pereira modelling career. Whether a wonderful holiday in Sardinia or a quick trip to Brazil, she always shows off her curvy figure. Larissa Pereira recently enjoyed a vacation in Sardinia with her husband, Roberto Firmino. Larissa Pereira and Roberto Firmino enjoyed the high-life on board a yacht, as posted their photos on Instagram @larissa_peereira.

As with a role to promote, display or advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing in fashion shows), or to serve as a visual aid for creating works of art or to pose for photography, Larissa Pereira modelling career is very prominent.

Larissa Pereira modelling career is considered to be different from other types of public performance, such as acting or dancing. Although the difference between her modelling and performing is not always clear, appearing in Instagram and posting from her perfect body is generally considered to be her popular modelling.

Larissa Pereira Kids

Larissa Pereira and her husband have two beautiful daughters together. 

Larissa Pereira Kids

are two daughters called Valentina and Bella. The couple revealed that when Firmino was young he was banned from leaving his home at times due to their dangerous downtown. However, with reportedly rakes in £180,000-a-week for him, they are rich enough to bring their children up in safer surroundings.

Larissa Pereira Brand

Who can have more knowledge about fashion trends, than a designer with years of modelling experience? Read the story of Larissa Pereira Brand, the Brazilian model-turned-designer and an ambitious Wag.

One of the critical attributes to success in Larissa Pereira Brand has been her invaluable information and usual instinct on what the fashion market needs. She takes care of the best quality materials as well as the vision and ideas that promote feminine and ecological values. Combining these two values, Larissa Pereira corresponds to the requirements of an up-to-date woman - robust, and with a dissimilar taste.

Larissa Pereira Brand has an Instagram page, @bevalenstore with 1,984 posts, 15.2k followers and 3,586 following. In the bio of its page, these senteces are written:

  • BeValen Store

  • seg à sex 10:00 às 18:00 | sáb 09:00 às 12:00

  • Enviamos para todo Brasil

  • Pagseguro

  • wa.me/message/6ZRGQ5PXZYDOO1

This name is the abbreviation of names of Larissa Pereira Kids, Bella and Valentina (BeValen Store), informs the collection to let customers in the capital and other places to Come to the Bevalen Store and enjoy the infinite dresses, blouses, pants, shorts, everything they need in all seasons.

Larissa Pereira Brand

as an iconic brand has an origin story. A clothing line that may dominate today’s department stores have started as a small business run out of a little idea of Larissa Pereira. While launching her clothing line was challenging, thanks to ecommerce and online marketing, it just might be possible to turn Larissa Pereira Brand that began in a small online store into a clothing brand that’s beloved nationwide.

In the comparison between the most beautiful wife and girlfriend of Premier League players, Larissa Pereira will definitely be at the top of the list. The enormous followership on social media platforms is just over 600,000 followers on Instagram which makes her a good income from her business and she is very successful at it. She also has a brand for clothing called BeValen Store.

Larissa Pereira net worth

Moreover, Larissa Pereira also models a variety of swimwear brands. Larissa also shares the pictures from her exotic holidays with her fiancé, and she seems happy to show off her bikini body. On media, nevertheless the actual net worth of fashion diva remains confined, it is known that her soccer star husband bags an enormous net worth of $30 million as

Larissa Pereira net worth


She is very rich as well as her willing toward luxury dress and locations. Larissa Pereira net worth is enormous due to her success in her brand and being famous for her modelling career. This net worth is growing as her aims get bigger and huger with her success on her brand work.

Larissa Pereira Interview

Larissa Pereira Interview

is not officially reported in any media. However, one of the mostly seen in YouTube is a Larissa Pereira’ message posted on her Instagram page. In the Larissa Pereira Interview, she sends Liverpool star good luck message as her husband prepared for his League championship alongside the charismas photos.  She hopes the day he comes back for her and their daughters.

Larissa Pereira Leisure activities and Favorites

As it can be seen on Larissa Pereira Social media, she loves spending time with her husband and two daughters as a lovely family. One of

Larissa Pereira Leisure activities

is going beach for vacation and spending time on traveling in luxury locations, especially in Brazil.

The other one in the list of Larissa Pereira Leisure activities is posting photos on her Instagram page from her body and fashion figures. It is better to say that fashion is another Larissa Pereira Leisure activities, play with different hats, sunglasses and fashionable styles that show her eager to expensive fashion styles.

Larissa Pereira is one of SunSport's favorite Wags. Then, the most one in the list of

Larissa Pereira favorites

will be sport and football. The second one is fashion and modelling. Her body is very perfect and she is so successful in her modelling career.

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The other one for Larissa Pereira Favorites is sending photos on her Instagram page. She is also love to write poems on her page for Roberto, her husband. However, she is a good poet but we believe her as a model due to her stunning and perfect body.

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