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Top Facts about Gabriel Magalhaes

Fri 16 October 2020 | 18:30

Gabriel Magalhaes is the Brazilian great footballer that Manchester United and Arsenal are battling to have in their squad.

I fell in love with football as a little kid and loved the sport immediately. I played football on the streets with my friends. It is my earliest memories of playing football and I miss the good old fun.” Speaking to Balljoyhub of his sporty childhood, Gabriel Magalhaes said.

The following text is about top facts of his life:

We would walk you through a collection of

top facts about Gabriel Magalhaes

detailing his childhood, parents, girlfriend, family, lifestyle, habits, honors, net worth, career beginnings, turning point and breakthrough.

Childhood and Early Life

Based on the

Gabriel’s biography

, his full names are Gabriel dos Santos Magalhaes who was born on the 19th of December 1997 at the Municipality of São Paulo in Brazil. Gabriel was born to an unknown mother and to his father, Marcelo Magalhaes. He has two siblings, Vinicius and Mayara. Here is a nice picture of

Gabriel’s childhood.

He partly spent in the Brazilian city of Florianopolis while he was falling in love with football as a little child.

Top Facts about Gabriel Magalhaes

Some of the top facts about Gabriel Magalhaes are as follows:

  • Full Name:

    Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães

  • Nickname:


  • Date of Birth:

    19th day of December 1997

  • Place of Birth:

    Municipality of São Paulo in Brazil

  • Zodiac (Birth Sign):


  • Nationality :


  • Ethnicity:


  • Height:

    6 feet 3 inches

  • Weight:

    78 Kg

  • Girlfriend:


  • Children:


  • Relatives:


  • Name of Gabriel Magalhaes Parents:


  • Name of Gabriel Magalhaes’ siblings:

    Vinicius and Mayara

  • Hobbies:

    Playing video games and hanging out with Friends

Current Team

Arsenal F.C.

 (#6 / Defender)

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Early Career Trajectory

Gabriel’s career

has its own ups and downs. During his childhood, his father’s friend advised that he must be taken to a football school. The young football prodigy spent just two weeks at the school before his coach recommended that he must go for a trial at Florianopolis based club – Avai. However Gabriel passed the test, he wasn’t going to return to Avai when he came back to Sao Paulo in order to collect things.

“I told my father that I didn’t want to go back. It was going to be my first time away from them,” But my dad answered: “I won’t force you but note that the opportunity you have is what millions of other people wish they had. I will leave you to think about it. If you still insist on staying at home then you will have to come to work with me every morning”, Gabriel Magalhaes said. 

Fortunately, he went back to Avai after a week. When the lad first arrived Avai he wanted to be an attacker and even had attacking idols like Robinho, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. However, his coach tried him in a number of position and found him best suited for left-back position. It was the most important event in

Gabriel’ early career trajectory.

Gabriel’ Career Turning Point

The budding defender rose through the ranks of Avai and made his debut for the club when he was just 18 years old. Gabriel played 21 times for the club before his services were secured by Lille after his ex-agent met with the club’s President.

“I was in Ecuador at the time and the club came for me. I did my medical examination and signed all of the contracts. There were too many papers! At some point, I said to myself: “Damn, my hand hurts there” but it was a dream come true for me.” Gabriel Magalhaes said.

It is notable that news of Gabriels move to Lille never made headlines back home in Brazil despite the fact that he was on the radar of local giants Flamengo and Palmeiras.

Gabriel could adapt to his new surroundings by playing for Lille’s ‘B’ team when he arrived Lille.  After a short while he was thrust into the club’s first team, a move which was really soon for the promising wonderkid. Gabriel did struggle to find his feet and after a while was sent on loan to French club Troyes and then Croatia side Dinamo Zagreb. Thus,

Gabriel’ Career Turning Point


Gabriel’ Breakthrough in Football

Gabriel did not impress at Troyes at all since he played just once in the club’s first team and five times in their ‘B’ side. Neither was he sensational at Dinamo Zagreb where he had just one appearance for the aforementioned club. At the time of returning to his parent club, it seemed that unfortunately this great defender had gone backwards.

It was time for

Gabriel’ Breakthrough in football.

Gabriel was given a squad number for the 2018-19 season. In fact Gabriel was required to fill in the position of first-team defender Adama Soumaoro in February 2019 so Gabriel grabbed this big opportunity with both hands. He manned Lille’s defences ever since in a manner that was not only impressive but consistent enough too.

One hand the 22-year-old has impressed to the point that Premier League giant Manchester United are serious about having them in their squad. On the other hand Arsenal has little hope to have him. He has made a name for himself and would no doubt have a lot to offer in the Premier League whether he ends at Arsenal or Manchester.

Gabriel Personal Life

Gabriel Magalhaes as a defender has a super-rich and interesting life outside football. He is a fashionista who loves posing for Instagram worthy photos. It seems great to do something which brings you more money moreover more fans! We believe that Gabriel would have been a model if football didn’t work out for him.

Maybe Gabriel start another job suddenly and try to hit the headlines in this way. Everything is possible and there is no limitation for famous people when it comes to do something to become richer and can attract more people even for a short while. Sometimes having abnormal will work for them.

Gabriel Magalhaes does not have any abnormal habit but being aware of his habits are still interesting for his fans. One hand travelling and playing video games are among activities that make up the list of Gabriel’ habits. On the other hand He is interested in basketball and spending good time with his friends and family. Sometimes other activities like sharing moments of his luxury life on media can be considered in

Gabriel’ habits

but they are not long-term habits.

Gabriel Magalhaes’ Girlfriend

As Gabriel is arguably having one of the best time of his career. This great footballer is feeling good and has let the world know just how he feels. Many fans believe there must be sort of a –

Gabriel Magalhaes’ girlfriend

to share in his newfound fame. Although, there seems not to be any.

One hand we guess that Gabriel could have a girlfriend he doesn’t want to make known by anyone yet. On the other hand, he could be single till now and is going to focus on how he can make the most out of his career as a decade of competitive football smiles on him. If you know who Gabriel Magalhaes’ girlfriend is, feel free to let us know her too.

Gabriel Magalhaes’ Parents and Siblings

It is time for speaking about

Gabriel Magalhaes’ family

. This great defender is big on family. Gabriel Magalhaes’ parents are very close to him and their cool photos are available at any opportunity. As aforementioned the most well-known of Gabriel Magalhaes parents is his father Marcelo since he attends his son’s game and does well to capture his gameplay on camera.

Away from

Gabriel Magalhaes’ parents

, we can say that Gabriel Magalhaes’ siblings Vinicius and Mayara respectively are certainly his biggest fans. By having a look at their individual Instagram pages, you will convince of the chemistry that exists between them.

Gabriel Magalhaes’ Net Worth and Life Style

Being aware of details of

Gabriel Magalhaes’ Net Worth

is an interesting issue for a large number of this great defender especially knowing how he makes and spend his money. It is notable that Gabriel Magalhaes’ Net Worth is about $0.5 million.

No doubt that Gabriel Magalhaes is just upcoming and has an excellent financial future ahead of him. By his move imminent, he could experience a greater change in financial fortunes with improved wages and salary annually.

Gabriel Magalhaes’ life style

normally hits the headlines as he is big on balling. He rides in exotic cars and there are no doubts about the expensive nature of the house or apartments he lives in. Gabriel is a model for other upcoming youngsters who want to make it big in football.

Gabriel Magalhaes’ Fun Facts 

  • Gabriel loves dogs when it comes to choice of pets. He has a dog which is black and doesn’t look threatening. It can be a good choice for anyone who values peace but doesn’t mind occasional weak barkings very much.

  • Gabriel has barely had two seasons playing top-flight football, but his FIFA 2020 ratings are good. Thus FIFA enthusiasts agrees that an overall point of 78 with a potential of 85 is an excellent step in the right direction too.

  • Gabriel has pretty tattoos that run down both his arms. On top of the tattoo is an artwork of a lady whose relationship with Gabriel is yet to be defined. We deeply hope that he grants us an interview explaining who the woman is to him.

  • Gabriel has a story live other successful players. Gabriel Magalhaes’ story is one that should inspire us that success could be close. Regardless of the travails and difficulties of the moment. Do well to recommend Gabriel Magalhaes’ biography to anybodywho is disappointed for having a rewarding career.

It is notable that Neymar Jr was one of Gabriel’s idols? He loves and admires his Brazilian compatriot.

Truly speaking, it has been considered as one of the

top facts

about Gabriel Magalhaes


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Gabriel’s Price in a Bargain

In fact

Gabriel’s price

could well turn out to be a bargain. With Napoli commanding £81m for Kalidou Koulibaly and the likes of Villarreal’s Pau Torres expected to command fees in the region of £45m, getting Gabriel for less than £30m could be an inspired piece of business.

Gabriel Magalhaes and Arsenal


announced the signing of Gabriel on a long-term contract on 1st of September 2020. Interest in the Brazilian was reportedly high, with multiple clubs willing to match the valuation set by Lille. Finally, Arsenal were successful in persuading Gabriel to sign with them, and he joined for a fee reaching the region of £27m after add-ons.

The opening day of the 2020–21 Premier League season on 12 September 2020, Gabriel made his debut for Arsenal, scoring the second goal in a 3–0 win against Fulham at Craven Cottage. Certainly it was a good start for both Gabriel Magalhaes and Arsenal at the beginning of their collaboration.

Gabriel’s Style of play




Gabriel Magalhaes is a left-footed center-back who normally plays on the left side of a center-back partnership. Although, Gabriel can play as part of a back three too. Despite his height, Gabriel is famous for being pacey.

"He has a lot of character for a 22-year-old boy. Despite his ninety meters, he is super-fast and covers his side well. He is the player who has won the most aerial duels in the first part of the season." Christophe Galtier said about Gabriel Magalhaes.

When it comes to speaking about top Facts about Gabriel Magalhaes, we should state that Gabriel is also known for his distribution ability, totally looking to play the ball forward or to the left-back. Gabriel had completed the most passes into the opposition half in all of Ligue 1 In the 2019–20 season.

 Gabriel "has to keep defending well by being aggressive, being well positioned, and not taking risks." his Lille teammate and mentor José Fonte said.

Gabriel’s Honors

Gabriel Magalhaes as a young great soccer player has remarkable honors in his brilliant working records that illustrates his high abilities in the world of football for all. No doubt that he has still a long way to pave in football and has the potential of making more honors.

One of the most important

Gabriel’s Honors

is limited to the Croatian First Football League which also known as Prva HNL which is the top Croatian professional football league competition that established for sponsorship reasons in 1992. Also Croatian Cup has been considered as another Gabriel’s Honors. Both of these honors were made during the 2017-18.

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