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Barcelona biggest losses of all time

Wed 14 October 2020 | 8:45

Barcelona has won magnificent honors since its inception. Alongside these successes, the team has experienced hard days and heavy defeats that have caused its fans to leave the stadium with tears in their eyes. Join us in this article to review biggest losses of Barcelona history.

Barcelona is one of the biggest teams in the world, and few people have not heard the name of this famous club. All the great players from Diego Maradona, Pep Guardiola to

Lionel Messi

have played for this team and contributed a lot to the success of the Catalans. But despite the great players, Barca has also experienced dark days that have shocked fans and football lovers. About two months ago, one of the Barcelona biggest losses of all time occurred when

Bayern Munich



with a strange result. But you are wrong if you think the Catalans' defeat to Bayern Munich was

Barcelona worst loss of all time

. Stay with us to introduce Barcelona biggest defeats ever.

Barcelona heaviest defeats in history

Let's take a look at the list of Barcelona worst defeats in history.

Bayern Munich 8-2 Barcelona

  • 2020 Champions League Quarter-Final

On 14th August 2020, one of the Barcelona humiliating defeats in history happened. Barcelona's defeat to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League was not far-fetched, but the 8-2 result in this game shocked everyone. This nightmare was the end of their disappointing season without a cup.

The Catalans lost both halves of last night's Champions League quarter-final 4-1, and the Bavarian team did not show the slightest mercy to their lifeless rival.

What made Barcelona even more embarrassed and made the defeat heavier was the two goals and one assist by

Philippe Coutinho

, who played on loan for Bayern Munich and, in just 15 minutes on the pitch, gave a brutal response to the unkindness Barca executives.

Thomas Mueller, the German striker who scored two goals against Barcelona, said about their victory: "When we played against Brazil we were not as in control as we were against Barcelona. Against Brazil, it happened, we were good, we wanted here to play like we have done the last few weeks." He continued: "We knew it is never easy against Barcelona, but this is an unbelievable result. It's hard to comprehend."

Gerard Pique

said about Barca's nightmare: "Tonight was unacceptable for Barcelona. It was a disgrace." He continued: "It's a very difficult night, the defeat is very hard for the supporters, the players ... We are sorry for everyone. We have not lived up to the club that we are. It was a disaster."

After the humiliating loss against the German team, Setien, the Catalan's coach, said about the defeat: "Barca is a club that is so great that this will cause us a lot of damage and obviously some things will have to change. The truth is this is a tremendously painful defeat. Barcelona want to recover their identity.  Right now, it’s too soon to think about whether I will stay or not. It doesn’t depend on me."

It is worth mentioning that it was the first time since 2008 that the Spanish club ended a season without a cup.

This humiliating loss was one of the

Barcelona biggest losses of all time.

Although this defeat was very humiliating, it was not the worst defeat in the history of Barcelona. Stay with us to review Barcelona's other losses.

Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

  • 2019 Champions League Semi-Final

In the 2019 Champions League Semi-Final, Barcelona experienced another humiliating defeat against


. The defeat was also one of the

Barcelona heaviest defeats in history

. In the match of the semi-finals of the Champions League, the two football teams, Liverpool and Barcelona, met in Anfield, where one of the

Barcelona biggest losses of all time

occurred. The match between the two teams at the Camp Nou in first-leg ended in a 3-0 victory for Barcelona.

The game started when Liverpool needed to score in the first minutes of the game, to come back into the game, and this came true very soon, and the host scored a goal; that was the beginning of Liverpool's goals.

Although Egyptian star

Mohamed Salah

missed the Semi-Final, the game ended 4-0 for the Reds, and the team reached the final.

It was one of the biggest comebacks in Champions League history.

Lionel Messi, Argentinean star, said about the humiliating defeat: "The defeat against Liverpool was our fault," said Messi. "What happened to us in that match, cannot. We blocked ourselves."

"The Rome thing happened to us. It didn't happen because of a thing with the coach." "But neither was it my decision for him to stay like it was said somewhere." He added: "I would be disappointed to spend another year without winning the Champions League."

Barcelona magician continued: "I do not speak with the President since after the elimination in Liverpool. That was the last time.

"I have no problem with the President everything is fine. We talked, but we did not meet because it was not the occasion.

"When we see each other and believe each other and have to talk, we do it, and there is no problem."

The Reds believed that their coach, Jurgen Klopp inspired them. Henderson said that: "He said for any other team, Barca 3-0 down, no chance. But because it’s you, knowing what you are capable of, there’s a chance - a chance of doing something special. After that I just felt 'wow'. Everybody felt like that. Everybody after that was just raring to go.”

Also, Jurgen Klopp explained that: “I really believed that, but of course it is easy for me to say those words, I am just the guy yelling from the touchline. But because of those boys we did the impossible.”

The fans of this Spanish team will never forget this humiliating defeat, which is one of the

biggest losses of Barcelona history.

Real Madrid 8-2 Barcelona

  • 1935 La Liga

When we hear the name of El Clasico, our minds are subconsciously drawn to a fascinating game. Throughout history, these two teams have proven that this game is more than football for them.

One of

Barcelona biggest losses of all time

, on 3 February 1935, happened when

Real Madrid

beat the Catalans with eight goals in El Clasico.

Lazcano netted three times, Sanudo netted four times, and Regueiro netted one time. It was Real Madrid's biggest win against Barca in La Liga.

Real Madrid scored very early in the fourteenth minute of the game by Jamie Lazcano, and He went on to scored two more goals and seized a hat-trick. Sanudo managed to score four goals against Barca with a great game, and with Regueiro's one goal, one of the Barcelona highest defeats ever occurred.

Sevilla 11-1 Barcelona

  • 1940 La Liga

Back to days in 1940, one of the Barcelona biggest losses of all time occurred. Interestingly, during Barca's 11-1 defeat to


, it was the Catalans who first scored a goal, but then it was Sevilla's turn to net 11 times in an hour. Sevilla scored all elven goals from the 23rd to the 83rd minute of the game.

This humiliating defeat was one of

Barcelona worst defeats in history

. Barca finished fourth in La Liga at the end of that season, while Sevilla finished fifth.

Jose Valle, Barcelona's player, scored a goal for the Catalans after ten minutes, and the Barca players thought that with this early goal, they could easily win, but it does not always go the way we think. Sevilla scored four goals in the first half and scored the next seven goals in the second half, humiliating the Catalans in front of their fans. So, one of

Barcelona biggest defeats ever

happened against Sevilla. 

Baryern Munich 7-0 Barcelona

  • 2013 Champion League semi-final

Barcelona suffered a devastating 7-0 defeat in double round-robins matches in the semi-finals of the 2013 Champions League. The Spanish football team Barcelona hosted Bayern Munich in the second leg in their home stadium Camp Nou, while they lost against Bavarian in the first leg in Allianz Arena. It's worth mentioning that Barcelona star Lionel Messi sat on the bench, which surprised everyone. Vilanova, the Barca's coach of that time, said about Messi's absence:

"Messi felt good against Athletic Bilbao, but in the final minutes of the game at San Mames he noticed a strange feeling." He continued: "He's not injured, but he felt he could pick up an injury."

Barcelona's defeat in the match was the team's heaviest defeat in the Champions League since their loss in November 1997, with the same result against

Dynamo Kyiv


Bayern Munich defeated Barcelona 7-0 in a total of two leg tie and met

Borussia Dortmund

in the 2013 Champions League final.

Vilanova said about the embarrassing defeat: "To lose, that can pass, but to lose 3-0 at home and 7-0 overall... It is clear this is not the tie we wanted," he said "If we had arrived at 100 hundred per cent, it could have been different. I believe the first leg weighed heavily on us. I do not want to recall how they got those goals."

Also Jupp Heynckes, Bayern Munich coach said about their magnificent victory: "Messi's (absence) surprised us and, even though it's clear that we've had an excellent game, you need to accept that Barcelona are one thing with Messi another without Messi.

"If we look at the whole tie, we've won 7-0. That couldn't be more clear and now we have to enjoy it."

Barcelona fans will not forget this nightmare, which was one of Barcelona biggest losses of all time.

AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona

  • 1994, European Final

On 18 May 1994, another nightmare happened for the Catalans in front of 70,000 spectators at the Athens Olympic Stadium and their loss against

AC Milan

in the 1994 UEFA European Final.

Milan defeated Barcelona 4-0 with goals from Daniele Massaro in the 22nd and 45 + 2 minutes, Dejan Savisovich in the 47th minute, and Marcel Desai in the 58th minute, winning the European Championship for the fifth time.

Before the match, Barcelona's coach insisted that his side would be the winner. Cruyff said before the game: "Barcelona are favourites," "We're more complete, competitive and experienced than [in the 1992 final] at Wembley. Milan are nothing out of this world. They base their game on defence; we base ours on attack."

Also, the AC Milan striker Daniele Massaro was angry about Barca' coach statement before the match: “We heard and saw everything they did. Cruyff’s statements, the photos with the cup. They were very arrogant and I was also sick because Johann was my idol as a child. We had a lot of competitive anger and we put even more enthusiasm in the preparation. We heard the sound of sweat falling on the grass. Capello had more doubts and certainties at that time.”

The Olympic Stadium witnessed one of the Barcelona biggest losses of all time in 1994.

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Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona

  • 1943, Copa del Rey semi-final

1943, Copa del Rey semi-final Barcelona worst loss of all time occurred. In the 1943 Copa del Rey, Real and Barça met in the semi-finals, where Barca defeated Real Madrid 3-0 at the Camp Nou in the first leg. But in the second-leg, the game came up with a strange result, which Real Madrid defeated Barca 11-1; this result followed rumors.

The former Madrid goalkeeper strongly criticized the referee for preventing Sabino Barinaga, the Real Madrid striker from scoring.

Barcelona's goalkeeper said about the strange match: "There was no rivalry. Not, at least, until that game."

It's interesting to know that the wife of the Barcelona goalkeeper, who went to the cinema with her friends that evening, fainted when she found out that her husband had conceded 11 goals.

Other important things happened after the game. The two club presidents were forced to resign. Enrique Pineyro, Marques de la Mesa de Asta, president of Barcelona, and Antonio Santos Peralba, president of Real Madrid, resigned.

It was Barcelona worst loss of all time, that embarrassed the Catalans' true fan.

Athletic Club 12-1 Barcelona

  • 1931, La Liga

One of the Barcelona biggest losses of all time occurred on February 8, 2016; it was one of the darkest days in Barcelona's history.

The 1930/1931 season was a big season for

Athletic Club

. Before this game, Athletic had shown its strength by defeating Real Madrid (6-0).

In the second minute of the game, Athletic Club scored its first goal, and after that, they managed to score eleven more times.

English manager of Athletic Club, Fred Pentland, had made this team stronger.

The Catalans' embarrassing defeat was one of the

Barcelona highest defeats ever.

Football is a brutal game that defeat and victory have always been part of this popular game, but football lovers will never forget some of the losses of their favorite teams. Do you think that in the future, we will see these humiliating defeats of Barcelona again? Will another defeat be added to the list of Barcelona biggest losses of all time? Comment us your views.

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