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Best Football Mascots of All Time

Tue 19 January 2021 | 19:30

Mascots have long been used as symbols of good fortune to get young fans hooked into the game. Regardless of their purpose, mascot use in football games has developed significantly over the years. Read on to find out more about the best football mascots of all time.

Mascot is an animal or a person that brings good luck and fortune. The word ‘mascot’ originate from the French term ‘mascotte’ which means the charm of luck.

A good mascot seems quite necessary for all clubs; although fans pay to see a good match, waiting around pre-match and half-time could be frustrating, they need some entertainment, preferably a lovable character to keep their excitement level up.

A club's mascot is a cartoon character, often that of an animal, that symbolizes some virtue boasted by the team. Mascots are the lifeblood of the matches. Most of them even have proper names.

Almost all football teams have mascots that build pre-match hype or present a short show at half times. These characters are lovely faces exhibited in front of the fans that support their favorite teams in stadiums.

The followings are some of the best football mascots of all time:

We represent some of the best football mascots with no special order or priority.

Premier League mascots

It is most likely that mascots are more fashioned and more important in

Premier League

. The UK seems to care more than others about symbolism and mascots that bring joy and luck.

A number of clubs, including






, and both Manchester sides offer mascot duties free of charge, with youngsters selected randomly from their own fan clubs.

However, sometimes young football fans are being charged for becoming team mascots, with some clubs charging up to £700 for a youngster to walk out with players.

Thirteen of the 20 clubs in the Premier League sell “mascot packages” at home games. West Ham is the most expensive, at £700, although they also offer a package at £450.

Tottenham Hotspur

charge £485 for their most expensive package and £350 for the cheapest.

Some of the most recently promoted clubs are charging fans to be their mascots like

Aston Villa

. They charge £500; Norwich charge up to £479; and


charge up to £350.

Moonbeam and Moonchester Chirpy (Manchester City)

In the past,

Manchester City

's mascot was a slightly depressed Mancunian with a giant shadow cast over him.

Later, the club was represented by Moonchester and Moonbeam, an alien couple, originally from the planet ‘Blue Moon,’ who came down to earth to support City.

The official mascots are two aliens who look like blue Ninja Turtles with bunny ears and claim to be from another planet, a reference to one of Man City's more iconic fan anthems.

Some critics believe that Manchester City are a team in need of a good mascot. They see Moonbeam and Moonchester Chirpy as the worst mascots in the league, stating that everything is wrong with them, from their eyes to their names!

Fred the Red (Manchester United)

Fred the red is one of the cutest and less terrifying red devils you might see. The red devil’s mascot, represents

Manchester United

logo. He also gets the bonus points wearing famous shoes like mercurial 10.

Fred the Red's name is taken from Manchester United's nickname, The Red Devils. Wearing shirt number 55, Fred dances for fans ahead of matches to get folks in the mood for action.

Voted the most popular mascot back in 2011 by Match, Steve Smith, the man who dons the suit, was allegedly concerned for his job security when Jose Mourinho took over as manager of Manchester United. But their relationship has run smoothly so far and the manager told him he enjoys how he interacts with United's fanbase.

Mighty Red



As one of the

best football mascots of all time

, Mighty Red was unveiled by Liverpool - a life-size Liver Bird called Mighty Red.

It has been reported that Mighty is modeled on the mythical liver bird, which is a symbol of both Liverpool as a club and a city, and not some kind of winged fish!

But the character, which made its first appearance at a children's party, is loosely based on the Liver Bird, a symbol of the city, and is seen on the club badge.

Mighty Red is Anfield's good-luck charm and is sometimes depicted holding laver seaweed in its mouth – a pun on “Liverpool”. Reds fans can buy a 36-page children's book on their club website that provides kids with the perfect introduction to the emblematic bird.

Gunnersaurus (Arsenal)

One of the most popular mascots in England is Gunnersaurus. It had some stories about its payment lately but the fans wouldn’t give up on it. Maybe it is a better footballer than half of the Arsenal team right now!

It's been more than 27 years since Gunnersaurus first appeared at one, and people still register the most complete surprise whenever they see him. Their faces light up. Their eyes go nearly as wide as their smiles. Gunnersaurus is like a machine custom-built to spread joy.

Arsenal's beloved mascot Gunnersaurus returned after a long time but it was not the man who wore the costume for 27 years. Jerry Quy performed the role for nearly three decades but has been unable to agree terms to continue doing it part-time.

Jerry Quy was one of 55 people let go by Arsenal because of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

Ozil was saddened by Quy's dismissal and offered to pay the mascot's salary for the entire time he was an Arsenal player.

Ozil showed his delight with the mascot's return on Twitter, "Happy to see you back where you belong.”



West Ham)

London Hammers, west ham has one of the best football mascots of all time. What makes this one of the

greatest football mascots ever

is the oldness of west ham club. Hammerhead looks like a transformer and a Lego super hero and that’s what makes it so lovely.

In 2011, West Ham United's new mascot was unveiled. Foundered in the Thames Iron Works many decades ago, the workers who crafted a new champion drew on the spirits of heroes old and new to create the ultimate goal machine. When a bolt of lightning hit the Iron Works, a mighty warrior of iron was born which was called Hammerhead.

West Ham are called 'The Hammers', which is related to their original name, 'Thames Ironworks FC'. On the club badge, you can see two hammers, which relate to the club's industrial past.

H’Angus the monkey (Hartlepool)

H'Angus the Monkey is the official mascot of

Hartlepool United

. The name ‘H'Angus’ is a pun of the word hang and the name Angus, and is derived from the monkey hanger legend of Hartlepool.

The mascot has been entertaining people and grabbing headlines since 1999 during Hartlepool’s first round FA Cup victory over Millwall. That’s why H’Angus wears 99 as the number on the back of his shirt as that was the year he was born.

H’Angus, the monkey, is one of the most interesting mascots in the history. Actually the mayor of Hartlepool himself was the monkey for a decade.

People can get in touch with H’Angus as it has his own social media accounts where the fans can send photos taken with it and even have the chance to feature in the Club’s Matchday Programs.

Stamford the lion and Bridget the lioness (Chelsea)

Stamford the lion and Bridget the lioness are other names on the list of the

greatest soccer mascots in history

. They represent


logo and they are so popular mascots for Chelsea fans, especially Stamford the lion.

Chelsea have not one, but two mascots. Their first Mascot was named Stamford – a lion and they introduced a second mascot named ‘Bridget’ prior to the start of the 2013-14 season. The Blues now have Stamford and Bridget cheering for them at Stamford Bridge before match days.

Stamford is already a popular figure with the fans and can be found shaking hands and taking pictures with fans before kick-off. The mascots have even travelled with the team on their pre-season tours.

Captain blade (Sheffield United)

Sheffield United club were formed by members of the

Sheffield United

Cricket Club, formed in 1854 and the first English sports club to use 'United' in its name. Sheffield United's predominant nickname is "The Blades", a reference to Sheffield's status as the major producer of cutlery in the United Kingdom.

One other name on the list of the

best mascots in football history

is captain Blade. The one eyed captain blade with two swords represents Sheffield United. He could bring the crowd into passion and make the pitch like a battle ground.

During 2019/20 Premier League season, Captain Blade Club once again offers 4 lucky Blades fans, the opportunity to come down to Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane and be one of the Captain Blade matchday helpers.

Amongst meeting Captain Blade and having their photos taken on the pitch, the Captain Blade helpers receive a host of extras including a Captain Blade goodie bag, and their names and photos in the matchday program.



Tottenham Hotspur)

Since the 1921 FA Cup Final the Tottenham Hotspur crest has featured a cockerel. Tottenham Hotspur have sported a cockerel on the club crest since the 1921 FA Cup final. The mascot got his nickname because he wore spurs on his boots so his horse would run quicker.

He was similarly a fan of fighting cocks, which he also equipped with spurs. These can be seen on the current badge of the club.

The charge for a child mascot at Spurs would cost £405 - £255.

<span style="font-family:times new roman,serif">

Adapted from the club crest, there have been various versions of a cockerel mascot at Spurs for many years but Chirpy’s cheerful female counterpart Lily is a relative newcomer to the Spurs family.

Filbert the fox (Leicester city)

The club mascot is a character called ‘Filbert Fox’. There are also secondary characters like ‘Vickie Vixen’ and ‘Cousin Dennis.’ Since 1992, the club's badge has featured a fox's head overlaid onto a Cinquefoil.

Filbert the fox, who represents the foxes of England,

Leicester City

, is the next name who could make a place for himself on the list of the greatest football mascots ever. Filbert was the first mascot to sign a shoe deal with Puma at 2016.

‘The Foxes’ is the most common nickname for the club. An image of a fox was first incorporated into the club crest in 1948, as Leicestershire is known for foxes and fox hunting.

Harry the hornet (Watford)

One of English football ignominious mascots is Harry the hornet. He represents


. He became Roy Hudson’s enemy after mocking Zaha for diving in 2016. But this incident doesn’t take his place through the

best football mascots of all time


Watford mascot Harry the Hornet accused

Crystal Palace

of  compromising his safety after being shown without mask on Selhurst Park big screen.

When Watford changed kit colours in 1959, supporters chose The Hornets as the team's new nickname, and the club later introduced a crest depicting a hornet. In 1974 the design was changed to depict Harry the Hornet, the club's mascot.

Watford are called the Hornets, yet have a moose on their badge. That is quite weird, it's because the animal is actually a hart, a male red deer, which is depicted on the Hertfordshire coat of arms where Watford is based.

Baggie the bird and the boiler (West Bromwich Albions)

One of the finest and the best mascots of all time was Baggie the bird. It’s too sad that the former

West Bromwich Albion

’s popular mascot has been replaced by two woody woodpecker clowns and their new mascot boiler man.

The boiler man was introduced after the sponsorship deal with a boiler company in 2018. The boiler man is too popular too, but nothing would be the real Baggie bird.

Their founding principles have always been 'quality, innovation, and value' and that is something we can identify with at The Hawthorns. Fans can't get enough of the Boiler Man but Baggie Bird is still the club's official mascot.

Crusty the Pie (Wigan Athletic)

Crusty the pie is another mascots on the list of the best football mascots of all time. The joyful, delicious

Wigan Athletic

mascot. The drunk Wigan fans may try to eat him one day!

Crusty was designed by two local children, Cayden, aged 8, and Neve, aged 9, as part of a competition ran by the club as part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme and with the Wigan Athletic Community Trust.

"We designed Crusty like this because everyone in Wigan loves pies," the schoolchildren said. "It took us about 30 minutes or an hour to design - it took a long time to choose the exact colors."

Mascots from all over the world:

The mascots did not get bounded to English football. It spreads in all over the world like Europe, America and Latin America. Below we will tend to introduce some of this mascots.

Jay (Juventus)


also introduced a new mascot to all its fans which is called J. J is a cartoon-designed zebra, black and white stripes with golden edge piping on its body, golden shining eyes, and three golden stars on the front of its neck.

Jay, the Juventus Zebra is one of the

best football mascots of all time

, which is well known for its golden shoes. This lovely Juventus mascot is so popular in all over Torino.

Jay the zebra was one of the stars of Halloween as the Juventus mascot was let loose on the streets of Lisbon.

Fritzle (VFB Stuttgart)

Fritzle lovely Stuttgart gator is surely one of the greatest mascots in soccer history. This mascot is one of the oldest mascots in



Stuttgart's Fritzle voted the best Bundesliga Mascot in Sport1 poll.

Bulli (RB Leipzig)

Bulli and his scary horns is another mascot. The mascot that represents

RB Leipzig

Logo. The incredible Bulli looks like to be a supporter and a guardian for the 13 years old tem, RB Leipzig.

Erwin (Shalke 04)

Shalke 04 mascot, lovely and funny Erwin is another name in the list of greatest mascots in soccer history. He always joins the celebrations. Once, he showed the referee a red card after the draw with the mortal rivals,



Palmerin (Real Betis)

Real Betis

’ mascot, the palm tree. It is one of the few in the soccer world to change his hairstyle. Palmerin has a very good shaped leaves.

Xolo Mayor (Club Tijuana)

Xolo Mayor, created in honor of Mexican native dog breed, Xoloitzcuintle. Club Tijuana’s creepy Mascot has a great biceps. As big as Rooney Coleman’s biceps. Strong one.

Grayou (FC Metz)

Grayou, one of the most interesting mascots with a very great story. The dragon-like creature lived in the city before being destroyed by St. Clement of Metz. This dragon now represent

FC Metz

and that make it one of the

best soccer mascots of all time


Blu (Cruz Azul)

Blu is another Mexican club mascot among the greatest football mascots. The lovely white rabbit of

Cruz Azul

. It is an important part of the Club.

Super-Homem (Bahia)

Super-Homem tricolor is the mascot for the Brazilian club


. He shaped like superman and I think we can consider him as one of the best football mascot of all time.

Rapid-man (Colorado Rapids)


Colorado Rapids

’ fun and super-cute mascot, returned for 2020 season after 13 years of being away and it is interesting that he hasn’t aged a bit!

Timber Joey (Portland Timbers)


’s tradition, having a fashioned lumberjack with a scary chainsaw as a mascot. This mascot started back in 1970 with Timber Jim and later joey continued the path after Tim retirement.

Super Pepino (Leganes)


’ nick name is los pepino which means the cucumber growers. So it is not odd that their mascot is a seven foot cucumber wearing a Zorro mask. It is so lovely and surely all this make the super pepino one of the best football mascots’ in the history.

Groguet (Villarreal)

Instead of using an animal, the

Yellow submarines

decided to use a human form sub marine as a mascot. This special mascot earn it a place toward the list of the greatest football mascots ever. Groguet has been serving for nearly two decades.

Hennes (FC Koln)

FC Koln has the famous Billy goat. It was around since 1950 when the club was gifted a former goat named after their manager, Hennes Weisweiler.

Cozmo (LA Galaxy)

Cozmo is the one mascot that really bring luck!

LA Galaxy

have won four titles since the cool Cozmo joined in 2003. That’s surely makes Cozmo one of the greatest soccer mascots in History.

World cup mascots

FIFA World Cup official mascots are unique characters symbolized by the host tradition and cultures. This mascot took part in FIFA world cup since 1966. These characters are designed as anthropomorphic characters targeting to attract the children. Here are some of best football mascots of all time and specially the world cup.

England 1966, World Cup Willie

A lion, which is the national team symbol wearing a union flag jersey. Designed by Reg Hoyle. Bill Titcombe made a comic about Willie too.

Mexico 1970, Juanito

This was a boy wearing Mexico’s kit and a sombrero, a traditional Mexican hat with the word Mexico on it. His name is a common name in Spanish.

West Germany 1974, Tip and Tap

Two boys wearing


kits, with the letters WM on ones shirt and the other with a 74 on his shirt.

Argentina 1978, Gauchito

A boy wearing


’s kit and a hat, a neckerchief and whip are the typical wearing of Argentinian gaucho.

Spain 1982, Naranjito

An orange, a typical fruit in Spain.  Wearing

Spain national team

kit. Its name comes from naranja which stand for orange.

Mexico 1986, Pique

Another Mexican character, a jalapeño pepper with a mustache and a sombrero. The name comes from picante, Spanish which means spicy peppers.

Italy 1990, Ciao

A character with football head and Italian flag body. Its name is an Italian greeting. It is one of the finest mascots of world cup and one of the greatest soccer mascots in history.

United States 1994, Striker the world cup pop

A dog wearing a red, white and blue uniform which represent the US flag. Dog is a common pet in America. And as it is obvious the name means a forward in soccer

France 1998, Footix

One of the greatest football mascots ever, a cockerel the national symbol of France. Its body is blue like the national team jersey. The name is mixture of the word football and the suffix -ix which refers to the French people. The 2019 Women’s world cup that hosted by France had a mascot which was a a female chicken named Ettie as the daughter of Footix.

South Korea/japan 2002, Ato, kaz and nik (The Spheriks)

Surely one of the best mascots in football history is 2002 world cup mascots. This mascots had a great goal, and it was to create the unique atmosphere and union at world cup. This mascots live high in the sky in the atmozone and play their specific football, called atmoball.

Germany 2006, Goleo and Pillie

Another great World Cup in Germany and one the

greatest mascots in soccer history

. A lion wearing Germany jersey with the number 06 and his talking ball Pillie. Goleo is a portmanteau of the word goal and Leo which means lion. And Pillie is the German name for a football.

South Africa 2010, Zakumi

Zakumi was a leopard, which is a common animal in South Africa. It had green hair. Its gold and green color represented the South African national team colors. The name actually is a combination of ZA from South Africa and Kumi that means 10 in various African languages. It was one of the most popular mascots ever and definitely one of the best football mascots of all time.

Brazil 2014, Fuleco

A Brazilian three banded armadillo wearing a white shirt with the word ‘Brazil 2014’ is one other name on the list of best soccer mascots of all time. This animal only could be founded in Brazil and it is a vulnerable species. The name is a mixture of the words Futeball and ecology.

Russia 2018, Zabivaka

The last name on this article to represent the greatest soccer mascots ever. The wolf with the name Zabivaka which means the Goal scorer. Zabivaka wears a red short and blue and white shirt as Russian flag. This mascot was selected via internet voting.





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