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Facts about Jessica Melena, Ciro Immobile’s wife

Mon 05 October 2020 | 4:30

Do you want to know about Jessica Melena, the wife of Ciro Immobile and the mother of his children? Famous above all for being the wife of the bomber Ciro Immobile, but let's find out who Jessica Melena is. her goal is not fame but to raise children. A 'WAGs' different from all the others! Let's find out why ...

Jessica is a WaG different from the others. She is famous for her simplicity and for being a real mother of three children of

Ciro Immobile

. Jessica Melena is a real lover who married the footballer, Ciro Immobile, and lives with him forever! There isn’t any rumor about even their probable divorce.

The main fact about

Jessica Melena

is that she is really in form and fit though she gave birth to three children. It is really difficult for a simple woman so different from the models (her husband’s friends’ wives) to be appeared in society with a famous striker, Ciro Immobile.

Facts you need to know about Jessica Melena

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Biography of Jessica Melena, the wife of Ciro Immobile

Now, let's learn more about Jessica Melena


. Jessica Melena was born on July 17, 1990 in Bucchianico, a small village in the province of Chieti, which means that her age is 30-years-old. According to her birthday Melena's zodiac sign is Cancer. Jessica Melena was born in Italy, meaning that her nationality is Italian, such as her husband's.

The surprising fact about Jessica Melena

is that Jessica has not disclosed any information about her parents. However, she hares a photo of her father and brother, Luca Melena through her Instagram Post. Besides, she holds an Italian nationality and belongs to Italian-Spanish-Portuguese ethnicity. She belongs to a middle-class family as her parents are very supportive.

The important fact

about Jessica Melena

is that she grew up in a simple family that gave her that severe education she needs today to remain a simple person. Jessica Melena was born into a simple family: her father was a postman and her mother a cook: they raised her with a strict upbringing, which still makes her a humble person today. As well as her husband whom she defines as "the anti-footballer".

Immediately after high school she chooses to leave his country to move to L'Aquila where he enrolled in the Faculty of Investigation Sciences. One of her dreams was to become a criminologist and in order to pursue her great dream, she enrolled in the Faculty of Investigation Sciences of the University in the capital of Abruzzo.

Jessica Melena

did not finish her studies because she decided to leave the Faculty to be able to follow the man she loves

,<a href="http://sportmob.com/en/player/5c4468a046b6a231480034bc/ciro-immobile">

Ciro Immobile


She tries to participate in some beauty contests and in 2009 she becomes Miss Mediterranean, while in 2011 she earns the headband of Miss Peugeot. In 2017 she also was seen on the small screen, in the docu-reality Le Capitane, for Spike Tv. She confesses that she is not at all attracted by the world of entertainment and notoriety, and that her only interest and goal is to raise her children.

She is a lover of dance, since childhood she have studied dance and rhythmic gymnastics. But her dream is to become a criminologist.

Jessica Melena is known to the general public for being the wife of Immobile. In 2017 shown in the docu-reality Le Capitane, broadcast on Spike TV, but in life she is a mother.

Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile

As for private life, Jessica Melena is happily married to

Ciro Immobile

a footballer and striker for

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and the national team. Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobil

then married on May 23, 2014 with a ceremony celebrated at the San Camillo de Lellis Sanctuary in Bucchianico, the village where the beautiful place where Jessica was born. However, they have dated for a long time, before tying the knot in 2014 in a beautiful wedding ceremony in Bucchianico, Italy. Immobile and Jessica's wedding was attended by all their friends and families.

An important love sealed by the birth of three splendid children: Michela born in 2013, Giorgia born in 2015 and Mattia born in 2019.


Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile

was a real love at first sight, a lightning that changed her life: “It was like a tsunami that razed the past to the ground. As before, there is hardly anything left. I left university, my family, my roots. I made two daughters and six removals in six years between Italy, Germany and Spain ", he told Vanity Fair in 2017.

Ciro Immobile immediately understood that she was the right one and on their third meeting he told her: "You will be the mother of my children", as she revealed to Vani.

The term 'wags' does not represent her: “I don't feel different if I don't show off boobs and butt in a provocative way. I am a wife and mother of a family, it is not part of my person to express myself in this way. I don't judge who does it, but there are always limits,” he told Vanity Fair.

The amazing fact

about Jessica Melena’s

husband Ciro Immobile is that he is very jealous of her, even after many years together. “I respect his being jealous, it doesn't bother me. I'm glad “, she told Davide Maggio.

She and her husband often train together, including abs and equipment, strengthening their relationship even in the gym. Ciro Immobile plays with the number 17 on his shirt because it is the same as the day Jessica was born!

Where do Jessica and Ciro Immobile live?

After 9 removals in 9 years, the Immobile family has settled in a splendid house 4 kilometers from the Olimpico in the capital since 2017 (as reported by Napoli news). Jessica Melena and her husband Ciro Immobile


near Olimpico with love.

According to what transpires on social media, their home is modern: the walls are white, heated by a light brown parquet. The lines are clean and suitable for life with 3 small children. Any little luxuries exit there. The walk-in closet and a wonderful Christmas tree.

Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile

decorated all together!

The Net worth of Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile

We don't have much information on Jessica's cachets and

net worth

, but because her husband is a footballer, her earnings are public. His salary at

<span style="color:#4472C4">


is 3.5 million euros a year from 2018 to 2023.

Ciro Immobile has been a key part of Lazio attack ever since he joined the club in 2016. In 2019/20 season the Italian striker even won the European Golden Shoe as he scored 36 goals in



However, undoubtedly Ciro Immobile has been one of the best strikers in Serie A, but we are not here to talk about his professional career. Ciro Immobile has been married for Jessica Melena since 2014.

Jessica Melena, Ciro Immobile’s wife Career

Jessica Melena

works as a model, influencer and she is an Internet personality. She is an Instagram star. Jessica is also a big supporter of her husband and she always takes the opportunity to go to the stadium and cheer for him while he is playing. Jessica is also very strict with her diet. Jessica Melena always takes time to exercise, as she is trying to have a healthy lifestyle. Jessica Immobile has not shared any information regarding her academic qualification.

Jessica Melena Instagram

However, Jessica Melena is very famous on her official Instagram account as she has more than 940K followers. She often shares photos of her wearing bikini, while she and her family are on their vacations to the exotic cities. Jessica Immobile is one of a renowned Italian Instagram star who was born on the 17th of July 1990 in Italy. She is recognized as the wife of the Italian National Team

striker, Ciro Immobile. Further, Jessica Melena is famous for her Instagram post which was gone viral on the network.


We can follow the bomber's wife on her


profile where she loves to post shots that portray her in her daily life and beautiful photos of her children and family.

However, Jessica loves to share with her audience the luxurious life she is living, as she posts pictures of the Ferrari she is driving. However, Jessica Melena also likes to travel and she has visited many countries with her husband and their family.

Jessica Immobile

started sharing her


post since 2012. The first Instagram post of Jessica’s appears to be the Ciro Immobile’s picture. And with the high fame of the Ciro as a soccer player, his followers and fans started being more curious about his personal and professional life.  Quickly, she started having her owns followers and fans on the platform for her fashion and lifestyles. Moreover, she also s shares the lovely moments of her with Ciro and her child which is also a center of attraction of her Instagram posts.

Presently, Jessica Melena has over 935k followers on her Instagram account. Plus, she is active on TikTok with the handle, ciroejessica with over 89.4k followers. But she is not active on Facebook and Twitter. Jessica Melena came into media after marrying her husband, Ciro Immobile in 2014. Her husband

Ciro Immobile

is known as one of the best football strikers.

Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena Children

The interesting fact about Jessica Melena

is that she is the mother of three children. Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena have been blessed with

three children

. In June 2013, Jessica gave birth to Immobile first daughter, Michela Immobile. A year later Jessica Melena became pregnant for the second time and in June 2015, she gave birth to their second child, a daughter, who they named ️Giorgia Immobile. In September 2019, the Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena welcomed their third child, a son - Mattia Immobile.

Jessica Immobile age, height, education and body measurement

Italian Instagram Star,

Jessica Immobile

is 30 years old gorgeous girl. She has a perfect body structure with a charming face and a captivating smile. Likewise, she has brunette hair and black eyes. She belongs to a tall frame height and fit body figure. Hence, Jessica Immobile’s


stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 62 kg.

What’s Jessica Melena relationship status

While talking about the


of Jessica Immobile, she is a married woman. Thus, Jessica Melena tied the knot to her long-term boyfriend,

Ciro Immobile

. Ciro Immobile is the striker of the Italian national team. The lovebirds, Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile, tied the knot on the 24th of May 2014 at the lavish wedding ceremony in Italy. After their marriage, the couple plan to go to Brazil for their honeymoon. Also, the couple is blessed with three children together including two daughters, Giorgia and Michela, and a son, Mattia.

Jessica Immobile, dedication of social love to Ciro

In love with each other, the two enjoyed a relaxing day in Milan. And on Instagram there is yet another testimony of Jessica's love to her husband

Crazy in love and very popular on

social networks,

Ciro Immobile and his beautiful wife

Jessica Malena

do not fail to inform followers about their movements almost daily.

There is a post that portrays them in Piazza Duomo, in Milan, where Jessica literally dragged her Ciro on the rest day of the post



A trip that has nothing to do with possible summer market scenarios, but rather with “market” deals from the Immobile house… Yes, because during the day in Milan the couple took advantage of the tour in the fashion district to go shopping. Happy and content, Ciro and his Jessica then returned to Rome, where Immobile is preparing with his Lazio to face the last four championship days, decisive for a Champions placement in view of next season.

Before resuming the road home, Jessica Melena once again wanted to launch a

social dedication

to her husband. In an image that portrays them as they stroll embraced through the streets of the Lombard capital, she takes up the lines of the song "Eterno" by Giovanni Caccamo: "And all the pages of this life, I have them in my fingers. Take my hand, let's run away far. In a world without fog, in a world without anger Closed inside us, together you and I forever”.

Words that fit perfectly for a close-knit and inseparable couple who find their strength in the simplicity and values ​​of the family (Ciro and Jessica have two daughters, Giorgia and Michela).

Ciro Immobile and Jessica, the secret is simplicity

The most important fact

about Jessica Melena

is her


in life. Often the most beautiful love stories are the simplest. Ciro Immobile and Jessica Melena are an example to follow: mutually loving, the couple, while not disdaining some selfies on social media, are still quite allergic to the spotlight, managing to post only the best moments of their love story without exaggerating with boring stories of every moment of their day. Humility and authenticity: these are the watchwords of the Immobile house, with the beautiful Jessica Melena who takes it upon herself to share the best moments of her relationship with the world of the web.

The last post sees Ciro and Jessica

at the sea, embraced in the water

like a couple of high school students and a splendid caption that reads: "The most beautiful love is the one that awakens the soul and makes us want to reach higher, it is what sets our hearts on fire and brings peace to our minds ". Courtly words dedicated to his life partner who, in addition to many goals, is also able to give many smiles to the woman he loves: the two have also already had two wonderful little girls and often their posts incite the love of parents towards sons. Simple values ​​and a few crickets in the head: it will be for this reason that, even off the pitch, there are many fans of the couple who dedicate messages of love and solidarity to them. Contrary to many football couples, in fact, the comments almost always go beyond sport and focus on the beauty of a couple who exudes harmony and synergy even in photos.

Fifa 19, Immobile's wife before the derby: the viral shot

The beautiful


in a photo playing the EA Sports title, in a really sexy pose was seen. The reaction of Ciro Immobile's wife to the arrival of FIFA 19

in the hands of the player. The Lazio forward had been immortalized by the beautiful Jessica Melena on Instagram as she unwrapped the box set of the hugely popular football title by EA Sports, humming the romantic song "Here You Are" by Max Pezzali.

Shortly before the derby, on the same social network, the player's wife posted a photo of her sitting while playing FIFA 19 with the screen of

Ciro Immobile

right in front of her. An ironic gimmick, which made us smile especially following the video published the day before. However, what left little room for irony, and which mainly caught the attention of fans, is the sensuality of



A pair of black leggings and a tank top of the same color to enhance her silhouette, with a super sexy 15 heel. In short, a breathtaking physique that distracts and makes FIFA 19 overshadow too. Married in May 2014, Jessica and Ciro have two daughters, Michela and Giorgia. In an interview with Vanity Fair she said: "While respectful, he was tenaciously determined to have me. On the third day we barely kissed each other and he wrote me: You will be the mother of my children”. And indeed, that's how it went.

In short, watch out dear Immobile, because Jessica is so beautiful and sexy that she could distract the attention of even the most avid fan!

Jessica Melena during Covid 19 lockdown

Ciro Immobile's wife,

Jessica Melena

, through a post on her Instagram account, has made it known what is the new favorite activity of the family for a few days, in this time of quarantine: watching movies and TV series, thanks to the newborn Disney Plus channel. She also announced that their favorite film is the Lion King, how to blame her considering the nickname "King" already acquired for some time on the pitch by Ciro.

Chef actica lavita da bomber live with Jessica Melena and Ciro

The International Online Media Agenda,

Chef atica lavita da bomber,

live on Instagram is the joke on the Lazio striker. “You are bypassing me”. The joke ends like this, after a few minutes. On one side of the screen Fabio of "Che Fatica La Vita Da Bomber", the most irreverent community on the web, on the other Jessica Melena wife of Ciro Immobile, the Neapolitan top scorer who flies high with Lazio in the noble areas of Serie A. Worried , enters the live with a straight leg ("I saw her super busy!") then melts into her rampant urchin sympathy.

Half an hour live, an unprecedented foray into the daily life of the Immobile house at the time of the lockdown: "We are fine here - say

Jessica and Ciro

-. Ciro often plays on the PlayStation and I make the children do their homework ». Actually, Ciro doesn't play, he trains every day, even with the joystick in his hands: «I took part in a virtual Grand Prix in China and I had to do some tests. I wanted to be ready, I needed some time - he explains trying to justify himself -. When you play you must not be disturbed».

«Every now and then we leave the house to do the shopping - they explain - and other times they bring it to us. Our relationship? He takes me back, says I'm messy - Jessica says -. That I leave everything around the house when he is the first not to put things right. " «When we argue she wants to speak immediately to clarify - reveals Ciro - but I have to stay in mine, let at least a couple of hours pass. It is not true that it is messy, sometimes I see things out of place and I tell her ».

Jessica Melena interests

On May 23, 2014 she married

Ciro Immobile

and with him she has so far had three children, Michela, 2013, Giorgia, 2015, and Mattia, 2019. The meeting with the football player brought about a change radical in her life, in fact she changed everything for herself. Jessica Melena put aside her dream and left her country. But she found a new purpose, her children. The two are close-knit and in love, they often train together and he has chosen to play with the number 17 shirt precisely because it is his wife's birthday. Unlike many other 'wags' (wives and girlfriends of footballers), Jessica Melena is not interested in TV and becoming famous: its purpose is to raise her children.

The important fact

Jessica Melena

is that she does not exclude participating only in Dancing with the Stars: "The only thing I could accept is something related to dancing [...] I love to dance, my dream was to become a dancer", Jessica Melena revealed to Davide Maggio. As a child, in fact, she studied dance and rhythmic gymnastics, but her purpose today remains another: the family, as her Instagram profile perfectly testifies.

Few people know that Jessica has participated in several beauty contests. In 2009 she won the Miss Mediterraneo queen band at Lido Luigi di Roseto; in 2011, however, her beauty conquers the prestigious Miss Peugeot sash.

The promise by Jessica Melena

On a live TV program where football returns to the center of questions and comments: "Write to me and we'll organize it," promised Ciro Immobile. A bomber goodbye after the surprise, a resounding



Jessica Melena

live on the web: "I'll give you another son if Lazio wins the Scudetto

and you are the best goal scorer in the league". «Mamma mia loved» Ciro grinds his eyes:

the fourth child

! Before he bit the field, at the second half he will also eat the grass.

There were

some facts about Jessica Melena’s

simple life mentioned in this article. What do you think about her life, her love and children? Do they live happily ever after? What is her secret to be fitted as the mother of three or probably four children?

The first gift Ciro gave Jessica Melena


The question and answer always ends up drowned in a complicit look, a constant search for each other that says a lot about the most social couple of the ball: "How did I win it? Asking her if she wanted a little roast. We were fishing… ». «

The first gift

Ciro gave me was a perfume, I've been using it for eight years. A perfume and an Easter egg. That's how he won me over, I love sweets »,

Jessica Melena

said on a live program. "Sometimes simplicity works" explains the 17 of

<span style="color:#4472C4">


satisfied. A number that he often associates in interviews with his wife's birthday, but which - Jessica specifies - "had even before we met".


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