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Facts about Iker Casillas

Sun 04 October 2020 | 6:30

In the following article we will review the interesting facts about Iker Casillas, the legend goalkeeper of Spain football and Real Madrid.

The goalkeeper has the most fundamental and sensitive position on the field because if other players make a mistake, can be compensated, the goalkeeper makes the slightest mistake, can no longer be compensated.

Iker Casillas is one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of football, has made every effort in his football career to make fewer mistakes.

Iker Casillas career began at

Real Madrid

, was one of the key players in Real Madrid's stunning success in recent years. Although he left Real in tears, wherever his name is, everyone remembers Real Madrid. Read from his clash with Mourinho to his heart attack, in this article.

Facts you need to know about Iker Casillas

Let's take look at to the interesting facts about Iker Casillas. Facts like Iker Casillas career states, wife, Instagram which may be fascinating to football lovers.

Iker Casillas age and biography at point

  • Full Name

    : Iker Casillas Fernandez

  • Nickname:

    The Saint, San Iker

  • Date of Birth:

    May 20, 1981

  • Age:

    39 years

  • Place of Birth:

    Mostoles, Spain

  • Nationality:


  • Height:

    5 ft 11 in, 1.82 m

  • Weight:

    84 kg

  • Father:

    Jose Luis Casillas

  • Mother:

    Maria del Carmen

  • Wife:

    Sara Carbonero (married 2016)

  • Children:

    Lucas Casillas Carbonero, Martín Casillas Carbonero

  • Occupation:

    Soccer player

  • Playing Position:


  • Club:

    FC Porto

  • Net Worth

    : €36.48 million

Jersey/Kit Number:


Iker Casillas childhood

Iker Casillas birthday

is on 20th of May 1981, in the most populous area of ​​the city of Madrid, Spain. One of the most important

facts about Iker Casillas

is his childhood. He was born into a middle-class family with one brother, Unai, who is seven years younger than Iker. He is a soccer player too.

Iker Casillas family

supported his interest in football.

His father, Jose Luis Casillas, was a teacher, and his mother, Maria del Carmen, was a hairdresser. They emigrated from their home in Navalacruz, Avila, to Mastolles before Iker was born.

Iker Casillas childhood

dream was to become a professional soccer player and play for his hometown club, Real Madrid. His father was a big fan of football even before Iker Casillas birthday and at the request of his father, he chose the post of goalkeeper, although he did not want to be a goalkeeper.

Over the weekend, Iker forgot to post a letter about his father's predictions of football competitions. His father had correctly predicted all 14 matches requested, and if Iker had not forgotten to post the letter, they would not have lost about one million euros.

Iker usually went to the park with his father to practice football.

Iker Casillas career stats

In the second half of the 2001-02 season, Vicente del Bosque preferred Cesar Sanchez to him, and he sat on the bench. But in the

Champions League

final that year, Cesar suffered an injury, and he played against


and saved his team's goal several times.

The 2007-08 season can be boldly called the best season of Iker Casillas. He reached the 31st La Liga title with Real Madrid and scored 32 goals in just 36 of his 36 matches (average 0.89 goals per game). 

One of the important

facts about Iker Casillas

is the titles and honors that have won with Real Madrid. He won:

  • Laliga title (2001,2003,2007,2008,2012)

  • Copa del Ray title (2011, 2014)

  • Spanish Super Cup (2001,2003, 2008,2012)

  • UEFA Champions League (2000, 2002, 2014)

  • UEFA Super Cup (2002, 2014)

  • FIFA Club World cup (2014)

  • Intercontinental Cup (1998, 2002)

In 2015, Casillas left the Whites after 25 years in tears and joined


. The giant goalkeeper, who spent his entire professional career at Real Madrid, appeared alone at the press conference and said goodbye with tears in his eyes. He revealed that he was under a lot of pressure and left Real Madrid. He said that: "There was a spell when I was getting a lot of criticism and I needed time away from that;" he continued: "I’m happy now and it shows on my face. "It was a tough move, but for me this is a new experience with renewed feelings of excitement." "The situation at Madrid was not the best; I was always the focus of attention, be it positive or negative, and I needed space to breathe."

Iker also played brilliantly for Porto. In 2017 Casillas set a new personal record by 16 clean sheets in one season. He also won the 2018 Primeira Liga as well as the 2018 Supertaca Candido.

On 1 May 2019, Iker Casillas suffered a heart attack during training and hospitalized. He tweeted after the surgery: "Everything under control here, it was a big scare but I'm feeling strong. Thanks a lot for all your messages and your support."

He added to Porto's pre-season training for some time after a partial recovery, but he did not continue.

Following his heart attack, the great goalkeeper announced his retirement. He tweeted about that: "The important thing is the path you travel and the people who accompany you, not the destination to which it takes you," "Because that with work and effort, I think I can say, without hesitation, that is has been the path and the dream destination."

Real Madrid club statement on the legend retirement: Today one of the most important footballers in our 118 years of history calls it a day as a professional player, a player we love and admire, a goalkeeper who has made the Real Madrid legacy bigger with his work and exemplary behavior both on and off the pitch,” “He was formed here and defended our shirt for 25 years, becoming one of our most emblematic captains of all time.”


Lionel Messi

, Barcelona star, said about his retirement: "Iker retires today, but he passed into the history of football a long time ago. ‘Not only because he was a benchmark in La Liga, but also because he managed to win everything internationally." "The important thing is the path you travel and the people who accompany you, not the destination to which it takes you." "I think I can say, without hesitation, that it has been the path and the dream destination."

The great Iker Casillas has also won many titles like the 2010 FIFA

World cup

as well as the 2008 and 2012 UEFA European Championship with the


national team.

Iker Casillas Net worth & Salary

After reviewing Iker Casillas career stats, let's take a look at


Casillas salary

and net worth, which are fascinating facts about Iker Casillas.

Iker Casillas, a Spanish goalkeeper, was one of the respected goalkeepers in football history. 

As of 2020,


Casillas net worth

is estimated at around €36.48 million, making him one of the wealthiest goalkeepers in the world.

Iker Casillas salary was on a €9.12 million each year at FC Porto.

Iker Casillas children & wife

If you want to know more facts about Iker Casillas, stay with us. Casillas has been in love with Sara Carbonero, a sports journalist, since 2009. In 2014 the couple's first son, Martin, was born. In 2016 Iker and Sara got married, and in the same year, the couple welcomed their second child, and Martin became an elder brother.

As we mentioned earlier, Sara Carbonero,

Iker Casillas wife

, is a sports journalist. In 2000 she worked for Telecinco as a TV Presenter. In 2009, she was named " sexiest journalist in the world."

After the Spanish goalkeeper suffered from a heart attack, Iker Casillas wife announced that she had a malignant tumor and had surgery to remove it. 

She wrote on instagram: "When we had not yet recovered from a scare, life has surprised us again. This time it has touched me, that damned six letter word that I still have trouble writing."

"A few days ago, in a regular checkup, doctors found a malignant ovarian tumour and I have already had surgery. Everything has gone very well. Fortunately, we have caught it in time but I still have a few months of struggle while I continue the necessary treatment."

"I am calm and confident that everything will turn out well. I know that the road will be hard but also that it will have a happy ending. I count on the support of my family and friends and a great medical team."

Iker Casillas children

and him supported her during the hard time.

Facts about Iker Casillas you did not know about

Iker Casillas nickname

Iker Casillas nickname is The Saint. The brilliant performances of Iker Casillas during his career, especially his brilliant stops in the 2010 World Cup, earned him a good title.

  • Iker Casillas tattoo

People always talk about Iker Casillas tattoo, but Casillas is one of the few players who does not have a tattoo on his body.

  • Iker Casillas height

Iker Casillas height is 182 m is a medium height for a goalkeeper.

  • Iker Casillas Instagram

Iker Casillas is a celebrity who is active on Instagram. Iker Casillas Instagram account has around 16.7 million followers. He shares photos of his activity on his page.

Iker Casillas clash with Jose Mourinho

Iker Casillas has never had a deeply favorable relationship with Jose Mourinho. Mourinho believed that Casillas would take the news of the team out of the dressing room. In 2012, Mourinho left Casillas out of the team.

The legend goalkeeper said about the clash at the time: “This is my home. You don’t understand what my life would be like without Madrid.”

“I was called a mole and a traitor, which is unfair. I have a close relationship with some journalists because I have known them for many years, but I can distinguish the relationship of friend with that of journalist.”  

Casillas continued: “Jose Mourinho’s time at Madrid was good for us. I will always think that. We were equal with Barca for a while and in the first season things were good, in the last season they were not so good. I have the utmost respect for my coaches but when something goes on you should not discuss it, you should respect your boss.”

Iker Casillas transfer market

One of the most important

facts about Iker Casillas is the

Iker Casillas transfer market

. Casillas is one of the few players to have played more than 1,000 times for Real Madrid, Porto, and Spain national team. He played 725 times for Real Madrid and 167 times for Spain national team. The great Iker Casillas left the Whites in July 2015 and joined FC Porto. He has played 116 games for the Portuguese team.

He won as a player World's Best Goalkeeper in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 as well as Golden Glove in the 2010 World Cup.


What do you think about this article and Casillas' life? How many years do you think he would have continued to play football if he did not have a heart problem? Do you think he took the team news out of the dressing room? Do you agree with Mourinho? Comment down your views

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