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Inter Top Scorers of All time

Being one of the Giants of Italian football, Internazionale have had many great strikers, so we tried to list Inter top scorers of all time here. Find out who is on it below.

Internazionale is a club with rich history found in 1908 with the idea to let both foreigners and Italians play for them. An idea that wasn’t shared by other teams in Italy at the time. This foreigner friendly attitude of Inter has led to some of the greatest ever strikers playing for them, some of whom have even won the Ballon d’Or.

But here we take a look at the

All-time top goal scorers in Inter history

, their achievements and the history behind their success and the club winning 18 Scudetto and 3 Champions League titles among numerous other achievements couldn’t be possible without


top goal scorers ever. The fact that players like Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gabriel Militio didn’t even make the list, is a testament to the quality and consistency of these 10 players. So without further ado, here is Inter top scorers of all time:

Inter Top Goal Scorers Ever

From the creation of the club, to Grande Inter era and then into the 1980s and Modern era, there is at least a player among Inter top scorers of all time representing all of those eras. Let’s see who they are.

10. Ermanno Aebi

The first player among Inter top scorers of all time is the Swiss/Italian striker, Ermanno Aebi. he joined Inter just two years after the club was founded, at the age 18. He stayed with Inter for 12 years and then retired from football.

Perhaps Aebi’s most important achievements with Inter were his 2


that he won with the club. The first of which was in his debut season in 1910, which was coincidentally Internazionale’s first Scudetto ever, the second was 10 years later in 1920. Aebi played a significant part in Inter’s success in that decade.

Ermanno Aebi scored

106 goals

in 142 matches for Inter, with an incredible 0.75 goals-per-game ratio. His highest goal tally in a single season came in 1913/14 where he scored 27 goals. What makes his record of goal scoring and the subsequent placement among

Inter top goal scorers ever

more impressive is the fact that he played as a midfielder. Aebi’s record is the first that future Inter strikers will aim to break but the fact that he has stayed this long among Inter top scorers of all time is a testament to his greatness.

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9. Christian Vieri

Bobo Vieri

was one of the greatest strikers in the 90s and early 2000s and one of the greatest strikers ever in Serie A. he played for 12 clubs throughout his career, including Juventus, Inter and AC Milan, but his time at Inter was the longest and most consistent period of his career.

Vieri’s career really took off when he joined Juventus where he won his only Serie A title. he then went to Spain to play for Atletico Madrid where he scored 24 goals in 24 La Liga matches, winning the Pichichi award for the best goal scorer in doing so. It was then time to return to Italy, his next destination was Lazio and there, he became part of one of the greatest Lazio teams in memory and won European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998-99.

Then in 1999 Vieri agreed to come to Inter and became the most expensive player ever, although at the time, with a transfer fee of €43 million. Inter who had broken the record just a season before in bringing in Ronaldo, were adamant that the addition of Vieri would help them win the Serie A again. That didn’t happen but Vieri certainly delivered on his price tag by scoring more than 15 goals a season in all of his 6 years at Inter. He also managed to win the Serie A top scorer award in 2002-03 season by scoring 24 goals in 23 matches!

In all his years at Inter, Bobo Vieri only managed to win one trophy and that was the 2004-05 Coppa Italia. But on individual level he always impressed, whether it was at Inter, where he became one of all-time top goal scorers in Inter history by scoring

123 goals in 190 games

, or whether at Italy where he became their record goal scorer in World Cup tournaments despite only featuring in 2 World Cups (1998,2002) by scoring 9 goals in 9 matches. He was immortalized by being included in Pele 100 list of greatest footballers ever and he will surely be remembered as one of the Inter top scorers of all time as well as being one of their greatest strikers ever.

8. Mauro Icardi

Icardi is perhaps the player that many Inter fans do not wish to see on this list and the only active player among Inter top scorers of all time. He is also the only player among

Inter highest goal scorers of all time

that did not win anything with the club, despite consistently scoring for them. Arguably because he played in one of the most stagnant eras of Inter where they performed poorly in the Serie A and were practically absent from all European competition.

Icardi came up in Barcelona’s famous youth academy, La Masia, but an appearance in the first team wasn’t meant to be and Icardi moved to Sampdoria, where after a couple of seasons he impressed and big teams came for him. He decided a move to Inter was best and his decision turned out to be the right one, as he would later break into top 10 of Inter top scorers of all time at only 25 years of age.

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After a quiet 2013-14 season at Inter, Icardi hit hard in his second season, scoring 22 goals and winning the Serie A top scorer award. The club awarded his dedication and quality by making him captain of the club at the tender age of 22. As a captain Icardi led by example, scoring season after season. He improved his own record in the 2016-17 season by scoring 24 goals but it was in the 2017-18 season that Icardi performed his best, by scoring 29 goals in 34 matches, and won the Serie A top scorer award again.

Icardi is an amalgamation of classic center-forwards and modern forwards as he is both quick and has great technique but also knows exactly when to take a shot or how to position himself to have the best chance to score. He scored 124 goals in 219 appearances for Inter and by doing so became the 8th Inter top scorer of all time.

Whether his legacy at Inter will be of a young goal scorer who captained his club during tough times or will be of a player with a lot of controversy surrounding him, remains to be seen but for now he has a place among

highest goal scorers in Inter of all time

and it will be tough for any player to go past his record.

7. István Nyers

One of the greatest ever Hungarian players, Istvan Nyers played for Inter for 6 years between 1948 and 1954. Although Nyers was a player who played for 14 different clubs, including clubs like Roma and Barcelona, it was because of his time at Inter that he will mostly be remembered. In Inter he became one of the most prolific goal scorers in Serie A history as well as being one of the

all-time top goal scorers in Inter history


Nyers played as a winger or a forward and he was very prolific as he managed to score more than 20 goals a season in 4 out of 6 season that he was at Inter, twice scoring more than 30 goals. But it was not until his last two seasons at Inter that he saw success and won 2 scudettos with the club. He would later go to another Italian team, Roma, but his time there was never as successful as it was at Internazionale.

Nyers managed to score

133 goals in 182 matches

for Inter, winning the Serie A top scorer award once. he is easily one of the most prolific strikers on this list and that's saying a lot. His incredible record was too much for players like Icardi and Vieri, as they couldn’t pass it and he has proven that his place amongst Inter top scorers of all time is well-deserved.

6. Benito Lorenzi

Benito Lorenzi started his career in Empoli but after impressing there he moved to Inter when he was 21. He went on to represent Inter for 11 years in different competitions including European competitions and he scored in all of them, becoming one of Inter highest goal scorers of all time.

The key to Benito’s success at Inter was his consistency at producing goals, although his goal tally wasn’t impressive in any single season but he managed to score 10+ goals a season in 9 of his 11 years at Inter. His best tally came in 1950/51 with 21 goals.

The incredible Duo that he created with Istvan Nyers, another one of Inter top goal scorers ever, brought Inter 2 back to back


titles in 1952-53 and 1953-54 and together they made their mark on Inter’s history.

Lorenzi scored

143 goals in 314 games

for Inter and although he was never a prolific goal scorer, it was his longevity and consistency with


that made him a legend at the club by being the 6th Inter top scorer of all time and winning two Serie A titles with Inter.

5. Luigi Cevenini

A player that at various points of his career played for AC Milan, Internazionale and Juventus, Cevinini is perhaps the most prolific goal scorer on this list with having unbelievable goals-per-game ratio everywhere he went.

Born and raised in Milan, Luigi was one of 5 Cevinini brothers who all played football professionally for Inter and AC Milan. Luigi played for Inter at 3 stages of his career between 1912 and 1927, spending a total of 10 season at Inter. With his second stint at the club being the most successful as he won his only


with Inter in that time.

As we mentioned before his goals-per-game ratio was just spectacular as he managed to have 1.5 goals-per-game ratio in his first five years with Inter. Overall he managed to score

158 goals in 190 matches

for Inter making him one of

Inter top scorers of all time

and certainly one of the deadliest strikers that Inter ever had. Luigi Cevenini managed to score 42 goals in his 19 appearances for the Italy national team between 1915 and 1927. An incredible record that boast of more than two goals a game average. He also captained Italy between 1925 and 1927.

He won the Italian league top scorer award three times, having won the award more than any other Inter player. He also holds the record for most goals scored in a single season by any Inter player which is his 35 goal tally in the 1913-14 season. All in all, the statistics show why he Cevenini was great everywhere he went and why he is one of Highest goal scorers in Inter of all time.

4. Sandro Mazzola

We have one of the greatest ever Italian players and an Inter Milan legend at No. 4, Sandro Mazzola. He is one of those illusive one-club players as he spent his entire career at Inter. He was a significant part of the Grande Inter era, between 1960 and 1967, where under the guidance of manager Helenio Herrera, Inter dominated Serie A and rose to European prominence. A period where Mazzola cemented his place as one of Inter top goal scorers ever.

Mazzola was a very versatile player capable of playing in different attacking roles, which led to him being used in the attacking midfielder as well as winger and forward positions. As he started appearing more regularly for Inter in 1962-63, Inter started winning trophies with Mazzola’s first Scudetto coming that same year. Inter went on to win

the Scudetto

3 times between 1962 and 1966.

It was in the European Cup (now known as Champions League) that Mazzola wrote himself in the history books as he scored two crucial goals in the final of 1963-64 against Real Madrid that won them the match 3-1, making Internazionale the first-time Champions of Europe. They went on two win the competition the following season too, against Eusebio’s Benfica side.

Sandro Mazzola spent 17 years at Inter, winning 4 Serie A titles, 2 European Cups. He also represented Italy national team 70 times, winning the 1968 Euros with them and reaching 1970 World Cup final, although they were beaten by Brazil. On individual level he has won Serie A top goal scorer in 1964-65 and came in 2nd for the Ballon d’Or in 1971. He represented Inter in

565 matches and scored 158 times

for the Nerazzurri becoming one of Inter top scorers of all time.

3. Roberto Boninsegna

Roberto Boninsegna is another player that may have angered many Inter fans by moving directly from Inter to Juventus but the goals he scored at Inter and the relative success he had with the club which led to him being one of

Inter top scorers of all time

may endear him in the hearts of many fans.

Boninsegna was very much part of the post Grande Inter era, arriving in 1969, as the players that made up Grande Inter were slowly leaving the club. Although success was on the way as he won the Scudetto in his second year at Inter and was a key part of that achievement as he became Serie A top scorer that season, a feat he would also repeat in the following season.

The 1970-71 Serie A win was his solitary trophy in his 7 years at Inter. He would later move to Juventus at 33 years of age and Juve would not see the best of him as he was getting old but he managed to win 2 Serie A titles there. Just like Mezzala he would represent Italy in the 1970 World Cup which they lost.

Roberto Boninsegna appeared in 281 competitive matches for Inter and he scored

171 goals

, 113 of which were in Serie A alone. Although his time at Inter was not as memorable as many others on this list, his goals for Inter kept them competitive and helped them win 1 Serie A title and reach one European Cup final, which they ended up losing. For all this and the fact that he is one of

top scorers in Inter of all time

, he should be given the respect he deserves as part of the history of



2. Alessandro Altobelli

Alessandro Altobelli is one of only two players among

Inter top scorers of all time

that have passed the 200 goals mark. He is one of the longest serving Inter players on this list too, although he did play for numerous clubs other than Inter, including Juventus.

Having made a name for himself in Brescia Altobelli came to Inter when he was 22. Altobelli was a complete forward who excelled in air thanks to his height and had accurate shots but he was not selfish as his hold-up play was strong, which led to him creating chances for his teammates with his back to the goal.

He had a fairly successful career at Inter, winning 2

Coppa Italia

and 1 Serie A title. But the biggest achievement in his career was at the 1982 World Cup where Italy ended up winning the trophy with the help of Altobelli. Altobelli scored the 3rd goal in the Final where Italy won over West Germany 3-1.

Altobelli only managed to score more than 15 goals a season once in his Inter career but he more than made up for his lack of goals in Serie A by scoring in Coppa Italia and European Cup tournaments. He enjoyed a long career at Inter and appear in

466 matches and scored 209 times

in those matches which puts him just below Highest goal scorers in Inter of all time in the 2nd spot, which is a huge achievement, one that may not be topped in a very long time.

1. Giuseppe Meazza

Having a stadium named after a player is a rare thing in football but not for Giuseppe Meazza. The legendary striker spent most of his career at Internazionale but he also played for AC Milan and Juventus. The home ground of Inter and AC Milan is officially named after him and he is easily one of the greatest Italian players ever, if not the greatest.

Meazza won it all in his career, including 3 Scudetto titles and 1 Coppa Italia with Inter. On International level he is one of only 3 Italian players to have won the World Cup twice (1934,1938). He  also captained his country in the 1938 World Cup win. Although he was a very prolific goal scorer during his time with Inter, most of his achievments with Inter came at the later stages of his career.

His list of achievements becomes only more impressive when you consider the fact that at age 29 he suffered from a blood clot and he lost the 1939-40 season where Inter won the


. He was never the same after that. Winning 2 World Cups and 2


as well as 3 Serie A top scorer awards before the age 29 is something that no player has ever come close to, let alone repeat it.

Meazza was quick and technically gifted, with people going so far as describing his style of playing “more elegant than Pele”. He was also a deadly finisher, relying on position and accuracy rather than brute force. He often received the ball and dribbled his way past opposition defenders and even the goalkeeper to score. Although he was creative too when passing the ball, which earned him the title

il genio

(the Genius).

In his time as a player Giuseppe Meazza won everything there ever was, becoming Inter top scorer of all time by scoring 284 goals in 408 matches. But he would later play another important role in Internazionale’s history as an academy manager who oversaw the development of youth players like Mazzola and Facchetti who would later go on to form the Grande Inter team.

Giuseppe Meazza is the most important player in Inter’s history and he is also

the all-time top goal scorer in Inter history and eventhough he did play for other clubs, he came back to Inter for a short spell in 1946-47 season where he retired from football wearing Nerazzurri colors. Meazza was the greatest for Inter and no one ever could replace him.

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