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Facts about Shannon de Lima, James Rodriguez’s stunning girlfriend

Have you ever heard about the beautiful Venezuelan model who has more than three love stories in her life and now is the famous James Rodriguez’s girlfriend? If so, join us to know more facts about Shannon de Lima, James Rodriguez’s stunning girlfriend.

Shannon De Lima is a well-known and well-liked Venezuelan model. She is most known as the ex-wife of Marc Anthony, a well-known American singer. She also dated Colombian soccer star James Rodriguez.

The couple was later blessed with a baby boy through surrogacy.

In this article, we will go through Shannon de Lima's biography, how many loves she has had, and why she has been the focus of so much controversy in the past. It is important to note that, as a public figure who is envious of her own background, some aspects will be avoided unless she verifies them afterwards.

The notwithstanding 

fact about Shannon de Lima

 is that she is one of the most beautiful ladies to ever live on earth. Professionally, her career is being a celebrated model. The following article keeps you updated on her history and current life.

Facts about Shannon de Lima, James Rodriguez’s girlfriend:

If you are eager to know more about the top facts about Shannon de Lima and her relationship with James Rodriguez, read the following article.

Shannon de Lima Biography

Before starting the biography of Shannon de Lima, it’s better to know about the most important facts that happened in her life. Shannon De Lima is a well-known and a very popular model from Venezuela.

She is better known as the ex-wife of the famous American singer named Marc Anthony. She is an entrepreneur as well. As of 2019, she has been in a romantic relationship with the famous

Colombian soccer player, named James Rodriguez


The couple got blessed with a baby boy as well. The baby took birth through surrogacy. In fact, people trolled Lima for surrogacy. There is no information available about

Shannon de Lima parents


Shannon de Lima was born on January 6, 1988 in Venezuela, which is located on the Northern Coastal region of South America. Venezuela is one of the leading countries in relation to modelling. 

Shannon de Lima age

 is 33. Although Shannon de Lima has preferred to live abroad for a long time, her second home being Miami, in the United States. Her Horoscope is Capricorn.

Shannon has always liked modeling, but her career took off when Shannon de Lima found herself as a finalist in the Sambil Model and Miss Earth Venezuela contests in 2005. Since then, has held numerous magazines covers in her country. Over time, she would star in different advertising campaigns for clothes, perfumes, jeans and makeup.

The prominent fact

about Shannon de Lima


is that she made headlines internationally by almost clinching the first position as Miss Earth Venezuela in 2005.

Shannon de Lima body measurement

Speaking of

Shannon de Lima's body measurement

, it should be mentioned that she stands on a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall. She weighs around 55 Kg or 121 lbs.

Shannon de Lima professional career

The interesting

fact about

Shannon de Lima

is that she is a gorgeous Venezuelan model. She is known internationally for the 2005 Miss Earth Venezuela pageant, where she managed to be the 1st runners up. Shannon de Lima’s passion for fashion inspired her to be a fashion blogger and a fashion designer. The Venezuelan model is a success story in the world of fashion and modelling.

Shannon de Lima

first attracted attention as the First Runner-Up in the 2005 Miss Earth Venezuela pageant. There were 15 contestants in the contest held at the Hard Rock Café Caracas, and the winner, Alexandra Braun, went on to become the overall Miss Earth winner, and the first winner from Venezuela. The 24-year old model is currently turning heads as the girlfriend of high-profile music star, Marc Anthony, who filed for divorce from his equally recognized wife, Jennifer Lopez, earlier in 2012.

Shannon de Lima has spent most of her young adult life modeling or appearing in smaller, walk-on roles on Venezuelan television programs.

Shannon de Lima's dates and lovers

Shannon de Lima is a Venezuelan model and businesswoman who is mainly recognized in the international show business for her controversial love life, but especially for being Marc Anthony's ex-wife and for currently being in a relationship with James Rodriguez, on the 10 of the Colombian soccer team.

The Venezuelan beauty revealed images in which she appears with a new celebrity. Marc Anthony and Canelo Alvarez's ex. The interesting

fact about Shannon de Lima is that the beauty tends to be courted by men who have something in common, fame. An actor, a singer, a boxer, a politician, and a footballer are on this list. Here they are!

Manuel 'Coco' Sosa and Daniel


Sosa is the father of Shannon's son, Daniel Alejandro Sosa, 10 years old. According to sources revealed to People en Español, their relationship had already deteriorated months before Daniel was born.

The Venezuelan couple had a relationship that ended shortly after 2008 when they became parents. At the end of 2016, the two were seen very affectionate in the Dominican Republic during a Gente de Zona concert in which Marc Anthony was also present.

Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony

There is no word on how Shannon and Mr. Anthony met, though they then went public with their relationship, appearing at various functions together, and writing about each other on Facebook and Twitter.

However, they later met again in the video clip of the song "Pale Flower" in 2014, in the same year they got married. Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony’s marriage lasted only three years, because in mid-2017 it ended in a millionaire divorce.

From Marc to Canelo

"After the storm, the calm comes", is a saying that Shannon de Lima applied to, who after her divorce with Marc Anthony was left with a broken heart. However, it seems Cupid visited her again in June 2017. It all started on the internet when the Venezuelan Shannon published a romantic photo with Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Shannon de Lima's ex-husband, Marc Anthony

The amazing 

fact about Shannon de Lima, Rodriguez’s girlfriend

 is that she mostly tries to avoid rumors. The Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima, 29 years old, gave an exclusive interview to Univision’s morning show Despierta America, where she finally opened up about her famous ex and his former ex Jennifer Lopez.

After blowing a kiss to her ex during the interview, she denied rumors that the former couple have a confidentiality agreement that forbids her from talking about him or their relationship.

“People make things up. Why wouldn’t I be able to talk about Marc? I have nothing bad to say. What confidentiality? He has nothing to hide. I have nothing to hide. We can talk about anything we want.”

De Lima also shot down the rumor that her marriage ended because of the kiss Marc shared with ex-wife Jennifer Lopez on stage at the Latin Grammys in 2016. “It was not the kiss,” she emphasized. “We had been separated already for about a month.”

When the hosts pressed, asking if De Lima had a feud with Jenifer Lopez, she said: “Cero, there is nothing. People make up this movie in their minds and create a rivalry where there is none.”

On the contrary, De Lima said that she’s enjoyed many good times with Jenifer Lopez, such as going to Lopez’s twins Max and Emme’s birthday parties and attending several of the singer’s concerts. She’s even visited Jenifer Lopez’s house for lunch when the Shades of Blue star was dating Casper Smart.

The model steadfastly claims that she and her ex remain very good friends. “He was very important in my life. I just saw him recently,” Shannon said, referring to the singer’s surprise visit to her 10-year-old son’s birthday.”

When he saw Marc Anthony again it was so nice,” she said. “Marc was his dad. Dani still calls him ‘daddy.’ Dani has his dad, but Marc Anthony will be ‘Daddy Marc’ forever.” She shares Daniel with ex Venezuelan actor Manuel Sosa.

Another important fact about De Lima is that she still maintains close relationships with Anthony’s other children. “I care for his children very much. I still talk to them. They are family.” Shannon insists that despite the rumor mill there is no bad blood between her and Anthony.

“We are really great friends. I care for him a lot. Things don’t work out sometimes, but it’s not as dramatic as people see it.”De Lima met the Salsa Crooner at a Latin Grammys gala in 2011. The two dated for three years before tying the knot in 2014. They were married for two years.

Jennifer Lopez talked about working with ex-husband Marc Anthony.The pair recently sparked relationship rumors when a picture of the boxer and

Shannon sharing a tender embrace surfaced online.

The photo, posted by a mutual friend, showed the model, who is a mother to nine-year-old Daniel from a previous relationship, sitting down as the boxer hugged her.

Back in December 2016, Shannon and Marc Anthony decided to end their marriage after two years. The former couple’s divorce was finalized two months later.

Shannon de Lima's romance with Canelo Alvarez

Shannon de Lima and Canelo Alvarez sealed their relationship with a kiss. On Tuesday, June 20, the Venezuelan model shared the sweet moment with the Mexican boxer during a promotional event for his upcoming fight in July against Gennady Golovkin. In the clip, posted to Instagram by Primer Impacto, Shannon, dressed in a black jumpsuit, leans in to kiss Canelo in front of cameras, before making her way off the carpet after posing for pictures.

Shannon, 29, and Canelo, 26, kept the romance alive on Instagram with a set of flirty comments. On a picture from the NYC event, posted on the boxer’s account, Shannon commented “I love you papasitom" to which the middleweight fighter replied, “I love you madly, mamacita.”

The Venezuelan beauty has recently been showing support for her man on her page. In a set of pictures, posted on her account, Shannon is seen wearing a black hat with Canelo’s intials in gold letters.

Shannon de Lima love story

The fantastic

fact about

Shannon de Lima personal life

is that she always had relationship with famous features as Marc Anthony, Canelo Alvarez, and finally James Rodriguez. The love story of James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima seems to be taken from a soap opera where there is a lot of romance, passion and also a great deal of mystery and rumors. The couple has remained quite discreet since they began and there are few times that they have declared their love publicly, which has led to some news that is not necessarily true. Meanwhile they remain as in love as the first day.

The Colombian soccer star, James Rodriguez, and the beautiful Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima, met in Miami and Cupido flew them there, but they did not make their love public and for many months it was speculated if they really had a relationship or were just pure rumors. However, little by little those photographs came to light that showed that what there was between them was more than a friendship.

After a year and a half of rumors, the couple made their relationship official. In May 2019 the model shared on her social networks this photograph in which Shannon appears with the soccer star when she was at 

Bayern Munich

 and won the final of the German Cup. The striker confirmed his romance with Shannon to a German media.

"We live together here [in Munich]. We have a great relationship," the footballer, James Rodriguez,

told German media when asked if he had a relationship with the model. Together they have lived in several cities and now their destination is Liverpool. Since they started their relationship they have become inseparable.

At the Bayern celebrations James Rodriguez introduced Marc Anthony's ex-wife as his new girlfriend. In the middle of the search for a new club, the Colombian James Rodriguez is rediscovering love.

Suddenly Shannon

from Lima became interested in soccer. The celebrity was more interested than ever in this sport and surely the true motive behind this new hobby is called James Rodriguez. They met in Miami and Cupid flew them there. Their love story began in Miami, where the mannequin lived with her son, when in the summer of 2018 they met. James was the City of the Sun playing the preseason with Bayern Munich.

The couple was shown in the Bayern celebrations, after the conquest of the Bundesliga. There, a relationship that had been talking about for months was evident. James Rodriguez recently separated from Daniela Ospina, sister of the Colombian national team goalkeeper, after eight years together.

Shannon entered the field of play on Sunday, following a 5-1 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt, to congratulate James. Rumors indicate that they have been together for more than a year, but neither had talked about it or published images together on social networks.

The footballer and the model had already been seen in Israel in 2018. Finally, James himself published an image with the 31-year-old model in his stories and the photograph was shared by Shannon de Lima

The couple have lived in Munich and Madrid - where the midfielder played, first for Bayern and then for Real Madrid - and now James has been signed by Olympiacos so they will surely change their residence


They make up a beautiful Modern Family next to Salome- the baby that the footballer had through a surrogate - James' first-born with his ex-wife Daniela Ospina, and Daniel, Shannon's son. Long live love!

Shannon is happy with the achievements of her partner.

The player's professional career had stalled at

Real Madrid


so the signing of the player was good news for both him and his family. His beautiful girlfriend wrote this beautiful message on social networks where he also showed this photo, as he rarely does.

Shannon and her relationship with Salome, James's daughter

The beautiful Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima,

has managed to win over the daughter of her beloved boyfriend, Salome, and the chemistry between them is enormous. Super funny in this video that they recorded together on Tik Tok. What a funny stepmom, nothing to do with the bad stepmoms in the stories! On Father's Day Shannon

dedicated a beautiful message to James Rodriguez.

The model called him "papacito" and expressed that "he is the best" along with this image with whom he celebrated on Father's Day. Shannon

undoubtedly recognizes that one of her boyfriend's best roles is as a dad and

James will surely also be a cute stepfather to her son Daniel.

Shannon de Lima social media


Regarding Shannon De Lima’s social media, it is worth mentioning that she has more than 2 million followers on her Instagram account (



Another important fact about Shannon is that many of her followers recognize her as a makeup guru for having launched her own independent line of beauty products, the same one that she always uses on her social networks to promote herself with other influencers.

But who really is Shannon de Lima? She is almost always the focus of public attention for her publications on social networks, where she shares with her thousands of followers some promotions of her business or a part of her private life, as well as very sensual photos of her modeling sessions. In some cases, she has even done her bit to provide support to those most in need, or even support global trends in disaster relief.

For this reason and many others, a lot of people wonder some details about their life, such as, where were they born and what is their history? Why do some love Shannon de Lima and others hate her? The most prominent fact about Shannon de Lima is that despite being a celebrity, she has not been very open about her origins, although on more than one occasion she has commented that family is the most important thing to her.

Shannon de Lima net worth

Shannon de Lima’s net worth

is estimated to be $1 million dollars. She first attracted attention as the First Runner-Up in the 2005 Miss Earth Venezuela pageant.

Shannon de Lima’s boyfriend, James Rodriguez’ s net worth is $24.5 Million. The amazing fact about Rodriguez is his endorsement which is about $4.5 Million. 

Shannon de Lima and James Rodriguez understand each other super well and Shannon also has a nice relationship with other footballers who are friends with the Colombian or with whom they share the field.

Shannon de Lima’s children

In just a matter of minutes, the happy news went viral. The

Real Madrid

 player, James Rodriguez, announced the arrival of his second child, a beautiful baby boy named Samuel. It was a surprise for his fans and followers as the soccer star, who is dating Marc Anthony´s ex Shannon de Lima, had not spoken about the pregnancy or revealed who the mother of the little boy was. But HOLA! Spain confirmed that the beautiful Venezuelan model is indeed the mother of the little baby, who arrived via a surrogate mother.

James Rodriguez shocked the world by announcing that he had become a father for the second time. Although at one point it was thought that Shannon was the mother then they clarified that he had hired a womb of rent and that the child is yours alone.

"I want to share my biggest joy with you. Today God has allowed me to be a dad once again, honoring us with Samuel's arrival in our family. We are happy at home living this moment. I want to thank you in advance for all your kindness, respect and discretion,"

James wrote on his social media with a sweet picture of Samuel's tiny hand holding his finger.

Shannon de Lima was quick to show how happy she was after her boyfriend's announcement. Shannon replied to the lovely message with heart emojis and blessings, and later, Marc Anthony's ex-wife shared another tender image showing the newborn's tiny little foot. This post revealed that the couple call the baby "Samu" as a sign of love and affection. Although she is not the mother of the child, she is a figure very close to him and supported James in his dream of being a father again. The mannequin also announced the arrival of the baby on her Instagram account.

The model adores little Samu. In her Instagram account Shannon

shared this sweet moment with which she melted all her fans. Samuel's smile for his father's girlfriend is the greatest proof that he adores her and it is also evident that Shannon melts for the little one in the house.

With this photo showing the baby's tender foot, part of James's

arm tattoo - which was made in honor of his daughter Salome - and his fingernail painted in light pink, the model also shouted to the world that he had arrived Samu to the world. Shannon is undoubtedly part of the Colombian star's family.

Samuel is the first child for the couple, although James has a daughter from his marriage to Colombian entrepreneur Daniela Ospina, and Shannon shares a son, 12-year-old Daniel Alejandro, with Venezuelan actor Manuel "Coco" Sosa. In fact, James' ex-wife and their daughter Salome were among the first to congratulate the couple. "Welcome little brother," shared the six-year-old - who has an Instagram account which is managed by her parents - with a cute picture of herself holding balloons that featured the names of the siblings.

Of course, family and friends sent their best wishes to the couple: "I love you, now I have three little monkeys. Happy and blessed granny," said James' mom in her sweet message. Colombian soccer star Falcao and Alejandro Sanz also had sweet words for the new parents.

Shannon de Lima and Rodriguez Exes

James Rodriguez married volleyball player Daniela Ospina on 24th December 2010, in Medellin, Colombia. Daniela was only 18 when she tied the knot with the footballer.

Eager to start a family together, the pair became parents to their first child, Salomé on 29 March 2013. The little human, like her parents, began making a name for herself very early in life as she appeared as a child model in EPK, for children's clothing.

Sadly, Salome's parents separated after six years of togetherness in 2016. Post the divorce, James, and his ex-wife continue to co-parent their child and take care of her growth and education.

James Rodriguez happened to be introduced to a Russian model, Helga Lovekaty at a party by his pal

Cristiano Ronaldo

, before

Shannon de Lima’s love story.

James and Helga appeared flirting at each other's Instagram posts, and the model even cheered for her man at the 2018 World Cup held in Russia. However, the pair are yet to acknowledge their relationship. As of 2019, James and his alleged girlfriend's relationship status is unclear.

Both Daniela and James seek to have a good relationship for the sake of their girl. With this message, James Rodriguez and his ex-wife announced the end of their relationship but they maintain a friendship for the sake of their daughter, which is their absolute priority. "We both admire each other, we respect each other and we know that it is important to have a good relationship in order to raise our daughter as she should be. She is not to blame for the situations that happened between us," Daniela said in an interview.

Shannon de Lima leisure activities

Shannon and James find moments to play and have fun 

with their friends and family

. Their online videos prove the beautiful relationship they have and how attached they are to each other and when it comes to having a great time, they are both experts at it.

It is on her Instagram account that Shannon dedicates beautiful messages to her lover. Shannon de Lima has been characterized by being an extremely reserved woman and in the face of the media. Another interesting fact about Shannon is that she rarely talks about her personal life. However, the tender and loving posts that she dedicates to her beloved James are increasingly frequent. They spend the holidays together and in love.

James Rodriguez and Shannon de Lima share the most important events of the year together, including Christmas. They had a great time as a family and also congratulated their fans with this selfie taken by the beautiful Venezuelan model. They have become one of the most stable couples in entertainment and fun.

The complicity is evident between this couple that not everyone was betting on. But they have overcome having a long-distance relationship, having children from other couples and media pressure. It seems that they are not planning to separate and that Shannon and James Rodriguez

have found their better half. That is, they have fun together.

Shannon de Lima long-distance relationship

The Venezuelan and the Colombian (Shannon and James Rodriguez) have had a long-distance relationship but are still happy.

Shannon lives part of the time in Miami, Florida where she lives and attends many of her professional commitments, but whenever she can, she flies to Europe to meet her love. In their case, they have managed to take the distance very well and it seems that here there is good love.

Shannon de Lima social life

The couple caused a stir upon their arrival in Colombia where they appeared extremely in love on May 2019. But, they have always been very hermetic and have not wanted to talk about their relationship or their personal life.

Little by little, they began to attend events together. The model accompanied the soccer player to the final of the Copa Libertadores between

Boca Juniors


River Plates.

Here it was already more than evident that they were together and deeply in love. They have been caught together on many occasions and could be seen in public. Shannon de Lima and James Rodriguez appeared in public in 2019.

More and more photos of them together emerged which continued to give evidence that they were in a relationship, but none of them wanted to make it public.

Shannon and James began their life as a couple away from the spotlight. Being public figures, they did not want to expose their relationship and kept a very low profile until their relationship was consolidated and they were sure that it was serious. From then on, they shared their social life with their followers.

There are yet more to know about Shannon’s life! What do you think about her challenging life? Will Shannon and James Rodriguez love story continue forever?

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