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A detailed look at the most interesting facts about England footballer, Alex Greenwood, including her childhood, Love Life, Career and most interesting quotes.

A sold defender with an eye for goal scoring opportunities, Alex Greenwood has been in the top level of football since she was still a child. She started from Everton's academy and went to become an international star for many Giant of European football, including Manchester United, Lyon and Liverpool.

She was one of Lyon players in the 2019-2020 seasons and won the women UEFA Women's Champions League at August 2020 when the final of the tournament was held after the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Greenwood has played over 200 games for Clubs and country and is among the most popular women footballers In England. She has won 7 major titles at her clubs and was influential for England in two World Cups, where Three Lions finished third and fourth respectively.

Alex Greenwood latest transfer was moving from Lyon to Manchester City in the summer of 2020. She has stated that her biggest objective at her new club is winning the Uefa Champions League, a feat she already has accomplished in her career.

The left-footed defender is known for her charming personality a well as her Toned physique, affable smile and her Radiant face. Without further due we present you with the most interesting facts about Alex Greenwood.

All you need to know about Alex Greenwood

General Information

  • Full Name: Alex Greenwood
  • Nicknames: Alex
  • Date and Place of Birth: 7 September 1993, Liverpool, England
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  • Height & Weight: 5 ft. 6 in (1.67 m), 61 kg
  • Family Members: (Father), (Mother), (Brother), (Sisters)
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Husband/Boyfriend: Jack O’Connell
  • Children: none
  • Current team: Manchester City
  • Jersey Number: 27 at Manchester City and 4 with England national team
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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Alex Greenwood Birthday and nationality

Alex Greenwood was born on 7th of September 1993. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She shares his birthday with many great stars from football and other fields. Some of the most famous figures born on are:

  • Footballers: Rafinha, Miranda, Briana Scurry and Marcel Desailly
  • Singers: Gloria Gaynor
  • Actors and Actresses: Evan Rachel Wood, Toby Jones

Alex Greenwood Childhood and Parents

At this part we will look at the facts about Alex Greenwood childhood and the family and background she grew up in. Alex was born in a middle class family from Merseyside. She used to play football with boys in her neighborhood and according to herself was welcomed by them and never faced any discrimination. There are no information on the identity of her parents but we guess she comes from a football loving family since her parents supported her decision to become a footballer, although women footballers earns less than many other fields.

Alex started playing football at a very tender age. She joined Everton football academy when she was only 8 years old. She grew through the ranks and made his debut for the senior side in august 2010.

Alex Greenwood boyfriend, Relationships and Martial Status

Alex Greenwood boyfriend is Jack O’Connell, also a defender who plays for Sheffield United. Despite being in a relationship for a long time, the couple hasn't planned for getting married yet.

Alex and Jack seem to have a good bonding with each other. Jack went to Paris to cheer his Girlfriend at 2019 World Cup. Alex in return is always keen to support Jack and often tweets messages of love and pride for him on her twitter account.

The couple is known to share a healthy competition. In an interview with the Liverpool Echo Alex said: "Jack tells me that I wouldn't last five minutes in one of his training sessions, but I'm definitely the better player"

Alex Greenwood career

As we have mentioned in the last part of our article on facts about Alex Greenwood, she started his career at Everton football academy when she was 8 years old. She grew through the ranks and made his debut for the senior side in august 2010, featuring in the 6-0 win against KI in UEFA Women's Champions League. Greenwood scored her first goal for Everton two days later, an 80-minute penalty, when Everton hammered FK Borec by 10 goals to nil at the same competition.

Her status grew at Everton in the 2012-2013 season and her quality was admired by fans and critics around the world. At the end of the season, Greenwood was chosen as the FA Young Player of the Year, despite Everton's relegation. Her last contribution for her childhood club was in the 2014 FA Women's Cup Final, where Everton lost by two goals to Arsenal.

In total she played 58 games and scored one goal for Everton during her five seasons at the club.

Next stops for Greenwood were first Notts County and then her birth town club, Liverpool. His only season at Notts County was successful as she played 22 games and managed to score 4 goals. But her three year spell at Liverpool was a nightmare. Greenwood missed the majority of the first two seasons and only appeared in 15 games. She found her form again in her last season at Liverpool and scored 2 goals in 23 games across all competitions.

In the last two seasons, Alex Greenwood played for Lyon and Manchester United respectively. She was the captain of the Red Devils in the 2018-19 season and guided her team to the Championship title. She played 27 games for Manchester United and scored 5 goals in the most prolific season of her career.

Greenwood moved to Olympique Lyon in 2019 and played 17 games across all competitions. She appeared briefly in the Champions League final against Wolfsburg, which Lyon won 3-1. At the beginning of the 2020-21 season it was announced that greenwood has signed a three year contract with Manchester City.

On the international level, Alex Greenwood was first earned a call in 2012, made her debut against Italy at 2014 and scored her first international goal at the same year in the match against Montenegro.

She was in England squad for two world Cups (2015 & 2019) where England finished third and fourth respectively.

Alex Greenwood religion

Alex Greenwood Religion is Christianity. She has stated in her interviews that she does not consider herself a religious person.

Alex Greenwood Net worth, Salary and Market Value

Alex Greenwood market value is at one million pounds. Unfortunately there is not a reliable source on Alex Greenwood salary and net worth. Alex also makes money from different endorsement deals and sponsorship which certainly helped her to gather a huge net worth.

Alex Greenwood Transfermarket stats

According to Alex Greenwood Transfermarket, she has played a total of 162 games for five clubs (Manchester United, Everton, Notts County, Liverpool and Manchester City). She has scored 15 goals and has provided few assists for his team mates as well.

On the international level Alex Greenwood Transfermarket stats indicate that she has played 22 games for England and has scored 2 goals. Her most important goals for the national team was at the 2019 FIFA World Cup when she scored the third goal in the 3-0 win against Cameroon. Her other two goals were in the 10-0 win against Montenegro back in 2014 and in the 7-0 win against Serbia in 2016 at the UEFA Euro 2017 qualification.

Some Short interesting facts about Alex Greenwood

Alex Greenwood football idols are Steven Gerard, Jammie Carragher, and Kelly Smith. She also is a fan of players such as Rachel Unitt, Fara Williams and Casey Stones.

Aged just 22, Greenwood was the youngest member of England’s squad at the 2015 World Cup, where she started in the third-place play-off win over Germany which secured the bronze medal.

She has a ritual of wearing trousers in training always a day to her match days. She has kept this habit her over the years as she believes it brings her good luck in the games.

She wishes to be a healer and to be able to take away people's pains if she could have any special powers to do so.

She enjoys eating pancakes with Nutella before a match and while off the pitch, she relishes a good meal of chicken and vegetables.

Unlike many fellow footballers, Alex considers education important and had attended the Savio Salesian College in Merseyside, England.

The most interesting fact about Alex Greenwood tattoos is that she has a tattoo on her left wrist.

Alex Greenwood is active in social media. Her Instagram account has around 236k followers.

Alex Greenwood Height is 1.68 meters. Alex Greenwood position is Left-back but she has also played as a central defender during her career. Alex Greenwood age is 27. She has been sponsored by Nike.

On Alex Greenwood's date of birth, the number one song in America was "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey.

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Alex Greenwood Quotes

One of the most amusing parts of SportMob's article on facts about Alex Greenwood is a look back at her most interesting and controversial quotes about himself and other players.

On the tragic death of her friend, Kurt:

Knut died in 2010 due to encephalitis which is an inflammation of the brain, the inflammation caused him to lose his motor control and he then lost his balance and fell into the water in the enclosure and drowned.

The inflammation caused him to lose his motor control and he then lost his balance and fell into the water in the enclosure and drowned. (From her interview with Reuters)

On her view of football and her objectives:

Regardless of winning games, sometimes you have to be a role model. You have to inspire the next generation of young females to come through.

“You can do that in plenty of ways other than winning football games. But for me, if we’re successful that will change the game in my opinion. It will be transformative for the women’s game in this country — it will change it forever.”

On playing football with boys:

“I’ve never experienced negativity from the boys. It was very positive for me. I played up with them and they treated me like a little sister. They didn’t push me away. Not being disrespectful, but probably because I was just as good as them, if not better than them. So for them it was, ‘why would we push her away? She’s as good as us.’ I maybe have a different story to other people but I never struggled or suffered, being a girl. If anything I got respected more because I was a girl.”

On fans criticism of her decision to join Manchester City:

"I’m completely aware of the situation. I’m not stupid, I think, yesterday when it came out, and I see it, I understand why people are frustrated, disappointed and absolutely entitled to their opinions, of course. That’s absolutely fine, it’s just football, but for me, it’s about my ambitions as a footballer and what I want to achieve."

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Alex Greenwood achievements

We round up our article on the top facts about Alex Greenwood with a list of her most notable achievements at club and international level.


FA Young Player of the Year: 2012


FA WSL Team of the Year: 2015–16

Manchester United:

FA Women's Championship: 2018–19


Trophée des Championnes: 2019, Division 1 Féminine: 2019–20, Coupe de France: 2019–20, UEFA Women's Champions League: 2019–20

England National team:

Cyprus Cup: 2015, third place in 2015 FIFA World Cup, fourth place in 2019 FIFA World Cup and SheBelieves Cup: 2019

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