Facts about Agustina Gandolfo, Lautaro Martinez's girlfriend

Friday25 September 2020 | 14:30
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Have you ever heard about Agustina Gandolfo? A famous Instagram influencer and Lautaro Martinez's stunning girlfriend? Join us to know about her life facts.

The first fact about Agustina Gandolfo is that she is from Argentina such as her boyfriend Lautaro Martinez, so her nationality is Argentinian.

Two years ago, Agustina went to the birthday of an acquaintance in Buenos Aires and met the soccer player Lautaro Martinez. Nothing knew who at that time was the star forward of Argentine football, playing in Racing. What Agustina and Lautaro did know is that they were for each other. There began Martinez’s and Gandolfo’s love story.

Agustina left her native Mendoza to accompany her boyfriend who today enjoys a great present in Milan as a whole and in the last time Lautaro’s girlfriend’s name sounded to reinforce the Barcelona of Leo Messi. Undoubtedly both Agustina and Lautaro should be grateful for the moment they are living in person and, of course, in love with a relationship that is going "smoothly".

Facts you need to know about Agustina Gandolfo

If you are eager to know about top facts in Agustina Gandolfo's life and her relationship with Lautaro Martinez read this article.

Biography of Agustina Gandolfo

Before describing the relationship between Agustina and her boyfriend Lautaro Martinez, let's take a look at Agustina biography.

She was born on November 6, 1995, which means that her age is till 24, but she is about to turn 25. Though she is Argentinian, she lives in Italy, Milan, because of her boyfriend. In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Agustina is: Majestic; grand. According to her birthday, Agustina Gandolfo zodiac sign is Scorpio. The stunning blonde has a younger sister named Giuli Gandolfo. She is incredibly close with her father, and features him frequently on her Instagram.

Another important fact about Agustina is that she decided to study Business Management when she finished high school. Everything seemed headed for Agustina Gandolfo, marching as planned, until love came into her life. And the plans completely changed. Before that nothing can be found about her love story on the web, or even about her X-boyfriends!

Agustina Gandolfo has been working as a model from a young age, and now she has a profession as an Instagram influencer. At the time of starting the relationship, she decided to move to Italy to accompany him in his career, once he transferred to Inter. Away from her family and spending a lot of time alone, Gandolfo thought about occupying her time training. What was first something to pass the time, then became her passion.

Agustina resumed her distance studies and works for an Argentine marketing company that landed in Milan in 2020

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Agustina Instagram

The results were not long in coming, and when they were shared on Instagram, the percentage of their followers was inverted: women became the majority, seeking to follow their routines.

She gained a lot of followers on the social media and she shares with her fans sexy snaps of her. She has quickly built up a huge 700k followers - and it's easy to see why. Gandolfo is often snapped posing in a range of skimpy bikinis. And she can also be seen wearing glamorous, figure-hugging dresses. Agustina has a great body, as she is fitness enthusiast and she trains regularly, so she often posts a range of photos in bikini. Agustina has since continued posting a series of sultry snaps to her 706,000 followers on Instagram.

The Argentinean has more and more followers on Instagram, whom she tends to delight with suggestive photographs. One of those that went up weeks ago, for example, generated a great stir, as Lautaro Martinez's girlfriend boasted of circumventing the censorship of the social network to show more than necessary.

In her Instagram she associated with Daia Arlettaz who is also an Instagram star from Argentina. Before fame her first Instagram post was on April 11, 2015, and was a photo of mojitos. Almost 800,000 followers already have Agustina, who does not stop uploading fiery images, now from his vacation. The influencer is growing a lot on Instagram thanks to this type of publication that ignites and revolutionizes the networks, and especially the followers of Inter Milan, where her boyfriend plays. Agustina is an animal lover such as Lautaro Martinez and they have a dog together, and share its pictures with their followers.

Agustina already has almost 700,000 followers, who does not stop uploading fiery images, now since her vacation. The influencer is growing a lot on Instagram thanks to these types of publications that ignite and revolutionize the networks, and especially the followers of Inter Milan, where her boyfriend plays.

Agustina Gandolfo and Lautaro Martinez

Gandolfo became the girlfriend of a soccer player Lautaro Martínez in 2018. He is an Argentinian professional football player who plays as a striker for Italian Club Inter Milan and the Argentina national team. Icardi's wife Wanda Nara introduced Gandolfo, the stunning model, to Lautaro Martínez, the Argentinian striker, and the two instantly fell in love. Mauro Icardi may have fallen out of favor at Inter Milan, but former strike partner Martinez owes him a debt of gratitude. After Lautaro joined Inter Milan, Mauro Icardi took him under his wing and that actually lead to Martinez's relationship with Gandolfo. Ever since then Lautaro Martinez and her loved girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo have been spending their time together. The notwithstanding fact about Gandolfo is that she is two years older than Martínez and has been in relationship with Lautaro Martinez since 2018.

Once the relationship was consolidated, Gandolfo began to travel with Lautaro to each place where the forward played with both Inter and the Argentine National Team. The first match of the national team in which she was publicly shown as El Toro's girlfriend was in a friendly against Mexico played in November 2018 at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Córdoba. That day Argentina won 2-0, the forward started and left after 57 minutes to be replaced precisely by Mauro Icardi. Wanda Nara is one of the usual presence among the comments of Agustina Gandolfo's posts. "God", you're a fire "or" divine ", are some of the comments that he leaves the Mendoza in his publications, as in the one that follows.

After Agustina started to date the Argentinian striker, she moved to live with him in Milan, Italy. The interesting fact about Agustina Gandolfo is that she has been supporting her partner from day one and whenever she has the opportunity she cheers for him from the stadium. The model can often be seen cheering on her man at the Stadiums. When Sevilla and Inter Milan they face each other in the final of the Europa League. One of the mainstays of the Italian team is Lautaro Martínez, Argentine striker wanted by Barcelona who was having a great season. Laurota Martinez’s partner, Agustina Gandolfo, encouraged him from a distance.

Agustina Gandolfo's Pregnancy Anouncement

On August 11, 2020 the couple announced via Instagram post that they are expecting Martinz’s first child, who is supposed to be a girl. Gandolfo took to her Instagram to share a post about her pregnancy. In addition, she confirmed that it will be a girl and that her name is Nina. The beautiful girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo is pregnant and the 22-year-old Inter striker let everyone know by putting a ball under the Nerazzurri shirt after the first goal that brought Antonio Conte’s team to the Europa League final (for the record Inter -Shakhtar Donetsk finished 5-0).


Later the Argentine model announced the pregnancy on social media: "With some fears and uncertainties, so much still to learn but full of love, we are waiting for you," wrote posting the photo with the tummy (still super flat) and the beloved bulldog. Then she dedicated it to his partner: "I love you with my whole life, the three of us are always here to cheer for you."


And the response in the tone of Inter's "Bull" was not long in coming. With the sweet words on social media: "I love you my life, I'm the happiest man in the world!". And with the dedication on the pitch after the two beautiful goals.

Lautaro Martínez and his girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo are in sweet waiting while holding Martinez’s first baby's ultrasound and flooded Instagram with tenderness. It is that, for the couple, who became one of the favorites of social networks, it is already common to share with their followers the moments of love and fun that they spend together. Gandolfo’s pregnancy was an unexpected news about a model who influences her followers by her stunning body fitness.

Lautora Martinez and Agustina Gandolfo Tattoos

Agustina Gandolfo also has several tattoos can be seen in her images. One of them is the heart symbol, which is on her elbow, and the other one is of birds flying from the back of her left shoulder to her neck. Agustina's astrological sign is Scorpio. The beautiful blonde wore the phrase "be grateful" on her hip, which means "to be grateful."

Lautaro has some tattoos too, one of which is storied by his girlfriend, Agustina. During the weekend, they did this when the soccer player and the model traveled to an Italian farm to enjoy the outdoors and did a little sightseeing. One of the funniest videos that Gandolfo published about the day was when she filmed Lautaro Martinez while he was milking a cow. "The bull was scared by the cow," wrote the Mendoza laughing at her boyfriend. The Argentine forward was nicknamed Toro for the claw and strength he has to play soccer. Lautaro’s tattoo of that animal that represents him was made on his wrist.

The Hot Girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo and Inter Milan Striker Lautaro Martínez's Life During Covid-19 Lockdown

Lautaro Martínez is the most sought after name in the European football passing market. Lionel Messi's Barcelona is fighting for him with Inter Milan, owner of his pass, in which it could be one of the only major transfers of the depressed transfer space moment in the face of the coronavirus crisis. Everything seems to be given for El Toro to disembark in Spain but the media know that he would not do it alone and they are already talking about his statuesque girlfriend, Agustina Gandolfo from Mendoza.

The attractive fact about Agustina is her great body, as she is fitness enthusiast and she trains regularly, so she often posts a range of photos in bikini. Argentina is on its way to a million fans on Instagram, a figure that it will surely reach in the coming weeks based on its growth. She usually uploads photos of herself in a bikini, on the terrace, or doing sports both alone and with Lautaro Martínez, a striker who today will try to pierce the goal of Sevilla to lift the Europa League.

During Covid-19 Lockdown the two lovers provide videos to show the training sessions to be in fit.

"He’s not as sharp in his dribbling but he is more of a team player than Kun, who too often gets distracted and looks disinterested!"

Lautaro is always participating in the move, so he can play as a long centre-forward or with another striker, even in a trident. I really like his mentality.

Agustina Gandolfo's Training Sessions Online

The famous soccer player's girlfriend posted a series of videos to show her followers how to keep fit and exercise while stuck in self-isolation last month. And the Argentine fitness fanatic recently sent fans wild as she sunbathed and worked up a sweat on the roof terrace.

She always trained between three and four times a week, but now with the quarantine she added one day, because she didn't have much to do. So now she's training five, and resting two. Now she's doing four days of strength and one of cardio. She is mixing. She likes to do strength training a lot more, but since she trains live twice a week, there is just one day that she does aerobic and she does it there, though she suffers. "I try to keep my balance because I really enjoy eating", she says. She has days where she doesn't eat so "healthy", since it seems fundamental to her mental health. In general, during the week she takes care of herself in all the meals and she treats herself by controlling the portion, such as a chocolate, a piece of cake made by her or whatever she feels like at the moment, generally after dinner. During the weekend she chooses two “free” meals, but not whole days: for example, dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. She was never able to follow diets and she does not agree with them.

It seems essential to her to learn to eat healthy, acquiring good habits that can be maintained over time. She thinks that information is power, and learning about some basic aspects of nutrition she learned many things that she applies every day. She puts a lot of emphasis on her food being of quality and varied, always giving her the treats she wants in a controlled way since she takes pleasure into account, something that has to go hand in hand with food. She thinks it is very important that they seek advice from professionals who have this “no diet” mentality. She has been doing sports since she was a girl, she played volleyball from the age of eight to 20 because they didn't give her the timetables with those she studied in college. Simultaneously with the study, four years ago she started doing functional training at Fitbox, in Mendoza, and that's where her change began.

Martinez’s girlfriend saw them quickly: they are already noticeable a month. But she saw her resounding change when she changed her diet. She always says that food is 60, 70%, and exercise, 30, 40%. Even if they think otherwise, she doesn't consider herself a training fanatic because honestly she has a hard time starting, as she asserted herself. But when she finishes training she thinks: "How good I did it!" It changes your mood. She thinks that exercise is health and that motivates her a lot to train, although she will not deny that it is very satisfying to see the changes in the mirror, and it does not make you want to stop doing it when you feel good about yourself. In this quarantine she asserted that by training sessions she was able to help many people.

"I get a lot of messages saying that they are motivated when they see me train and that fills me, it makes me happy to know that I am influencing and helping, from where I can, so that the people who are encouraged to start do not lower their arms, and improve", she declares.

"Quite a challenge! Used to training in a gym, with all the elements I needed and a teacher motivating me, correcting me, from one moment to the next I find myself having to train alone, without elements, basically, what do I do ?!" She said. Luckily, her coach from Mendoza, Agustín Antequera, is always present and they put together a training plan. Two days a week where they do them live to help people continue training from home. The only bad thing about this is that she gets used to training from home, as she herself asserted. She doesn't have to go out, pack a bathing bag or anything, it's super comfortable. Let's see what happens when the gyms open.

She would like to tell us to put aside the excuses such as “I don't have time”, “I don't feel like it”, “I don't have willpower”, because if you don't have time or will to take care of the place where you are going to live all your life, what it's your body, in the long run it's not good. That they take that first step, which is the most important, because once you see how your health, your body aesthetics and your head improve, training becomes an essential activity. Also emphasizes that once you have the habit, it is very important to listen to your body. And if there are days when you feel without desire, without strength, you don't have to.

Criticisms against Agustina Gandolfo

Agustina Gandolfo is growing like ‘influencer’. The fantastic fact about her is that in recent months, sharing her training and feeding routines, but this success in the networks has also caused her to recently receive some criticism on Instagram for her work, until the Argentine has said enough and exploited against a fan.

She keeps fans’ spirits up with sexy bikini pictures in lockdown – The Sun Under her most recent snap, she wrote: "Happy because almost everything has already opened and this nightmare is ending." She has revealed her happiness that the coronavirus "nightmare" is slowly ending.

One fan replied: "You give us hope by telling that normality is returning there."

Another said: "Opening does not mean that the virus is going ... they're opening because the world will explode so you have to take care of yourself."

A third simply added: "What a goddess Agustina!"

Criticism again!

The model Agustina Gandolfo, girlfriend of the soccer player Lautaro Martínez, uploaded a photo in a bikini to her Instagram and a user criticized her body, for which she was outraged and responded immediately.

"If you are going to edit the qlo (sic), at least edit it well. That's how I think it is better," said the girl in the post that Agustina had accompanied with the word "Peace." But the influencer did not take long to answer and put: "Hahaha my love, the last thing I need to edit is that."

In fact, a few minutes before receiving that criticism, the Mendoza woman who was studying Business Management before meeting Lautaro, had uploaded some stories working her buttocks with a band, one of the many exercises she does on a daily basis.

"Is that the model, to whom Wanda Nara introduced the Inter Milan footballer, shows daily on her networks how her body works daily with demanding exercises and also tends to expose her diet, always accompanied by vegetables and with foods that complement the physical activity you do almost every day?"

This is probably one of the reasons why Gandolfo got angry with the user who criticized his supposed editing of the photo and who he also sent to exercise. "Go do some squats you want," he added to his answer.

On her Instagram profile, the influencer, who has over 700,000 followers, constantly exposes her slim and wiry body and sometimes makes recommendations for physical exercises for those who look at her posts. Agustina Gandolfo, Lautaro Martínez's influencer girlfriend who met thanks to Wanda Nara: "Let whoever wants to look at her".

Criticism again!

The Argentinian Lautaro Martinez is one of the great objectives of Barca to reinforce the squad for next season and in case the striker Inter de Milan arrive in Barcelona will do so accompanied by your partner Agustina Gandolfo, with whom he lives in Italy.

After sharing his latest photograph, one of the users criticized her that “Isn’t the money your boyfriend earns enough?” as to promote fashion or aesthetic products and Agustina Gandolfo He has answered him bluntly.

“Don’t look if you don’t like it, it’s called work, asshole. You could try it too”, replied Agustina.

Martinez’s net worth

Martinez’s net worth Per year is €2,700,000 that is about £2,300,000. Amazing fact about Lautora Martinez’s net worth is that his income per second is €0.09 that is about £0.07.

What do you think about her job as a clothing advertiser? Her pregnancy as a fashion styler? And her boyfriend? Are they going to marry because of the baby?

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