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Facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, Mario Gotze's wife

Tue 15 September 2020 | 10:00

How much do you know about the happiest WAG of the 2014 World Cup? Let us get to know more about the German model Ann-Kathrin, Mario Gotze’s wife.

It was at the 2014 World Cup in


that we got to see and live some of the most historical, emotional and memorable moments in football. From the Brazilian fan Clovis Fernandes’ tears after


7-1 thrashing of Brazil, to Gotze’s injury time half-volley goal against


 in the final, which was celebrated by a kiss on the lips by his then girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brömmel.

The former Borussia Dortmund and

Bayern Munich

striker Mario Gotze and Instagram model Ann-Kathrin Brömmel were rumored to be dating after somewhat of an embarrassing photo of the two on a yacht in Ibiza emerged on the Internet back in 2012. The photo quickly became national news as people were starting to wonder who their new wonderkid’s girlfriend is.

The German footballer is currently without a club after his contract with

Borussia Dortmund

ended in July, 2020. However, Brömmel used to be considered to be the happiest and maybe the luckiest WAG of the decade when her then boyfriend was the crown prince of Dortmund and scored the winning goal to snatch the victory and win the 2014 World Cup that was held in Brazil.

Many might have forgotten about the celebratory kiss after the goal, or might have even completely forgotten about Brömmel herself. So let us get to know about the German model and her life with her now husband Gotze and their 3-month-old newborn whom they have named Rome. Here are some of the

facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel

that you need to know.

9 need-to-know facts about Ann-Kathrin, Mario Gotze’s wife

Let’s get to know 9 facts about Ann-Kathrin that surely many of you have been wondering about.

Ann-Kathrin age

It seems that in the modern world, many men including, or even especially those that are celebrities or football stars have tended to break free from ancient traditions by finding partners who are older. They even end up marrying them in the end. There are many instances in the world of football, which also include Ann-Kathrin’s age difference with her husband.

Three of the most notable ones are as follows: the first instance is the Real Madrid captain

Sergio Ramos

(34) marrying Pilar Rubio who is 42 years old. The second being the Barcelona centre-back

Gerrard Pique

(33) marrying Shakira, one of the most famous singers in the world, who is ten years older than her husband, and of course Mario Gotze (28) who is married to the 30-year-old German singer Ann-Kathrin, who was born on December 6, 1989.

Although the age gap between the last couple isn’t as much as the former instances, which is why

Ann-Kathrin age

is considered to be proper even by the traditionalists. The fact that The singer is older than her significant other is certainly one of the interesting

facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel

that we came across.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel net worth

It seems that even being somewhat of a local or national celebrity isn’t as glorious and prestigious as being a world-renowned one, still pays good enough for the person to be considered quite loaded.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel’s net worth

is estimated to be around $35 million which is an astounding figure considering her music career can’t be considered as much of a career as even she has admitted that she sings and makes music videos as mere hobbies.

Taking Mario Gotze’s net worth of $50 million, the couple’s net worth adds up to $85M which is much more money than we could ever see in our lives. There are many

facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel

to know about, but her mouth-watering net worth is certainly one of the more important ones as we get a glimpse at how much celebrities are paid for what they actually do and create.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel Instagram

Social platforms such as Instagram are nowadays used to get closer to family, friends, fans, crushes and celebrities, which is why many superstars tend to use said platforms to promote their brands and earn money through signing luxurious deals with the world’s biggest brands and industries.

However, there are other celebrities whose social media pages have turned into their main source of income as they get to be named ‘Instagram influencer’ or ‘Instagram Model’.

Ann-Kathrin Brömmel Intagram

page is definitely one of the high-tier influencer pages as she earns an exorbitant amount of money through endorsements and paid-partnership deals.

One of the surprising facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel is that she has actually changed her surname to Gotze on her Instagram page, and she is now known to many as Mrs. Ann-Kathrin Gotze. However, there are thousands of other fans who know her by her maiden name. Mrs. Gotze seems to have a couple of aliases for herself, as she uses Ann-Kathrin Vida as her stage name.

Before becoming an Instagram model, she used to be contender in ‘Germany’s next top model’ show which wasn’t as successful as she hoped it could be, considering her dream is to model for the Victoria’s Secret brand. Her dedication is worthy of applause as she has managed to stay in a modelling shape even after giving birth to a baby.

I’m not Gotze’s Girlfriend

We have now reached one of the more personal facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel. Back in the days when the two lovebirds were in the dating phase of their relationship, and surely after their famous kiss in the Finals of the 2014 World Cup, Ann-Kathrin’s name was searched by hundreds of thousands of people curious about this beautiful lady’s identity.

However, Mrs. Gotze was not as well-known as she is today, which only meant one thing. “She is Mario Gotze’s girlfriend.” That is the name people knew her by, everyone was talking about Mario Gotze’s girlfriend, not about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel or her achievements. That is why she finally got tired of all the talks about “Gotze’s girlfriend” and the “happiest WAG of the World Cup”

“Someone whose purpose in life it is to be the wife of someone I cannot understand,” she told in an interview in September 2013. "Although I am also the girlfriend of Mario Gotze, but I have my own personal goals I want to achieve. Otherwise I could not be more happy.” You could clearly understand from her interview that she wants to change her status from “Gotze’s girlfriend” to Ann-Kathrin Brömmel.

It is one of the more interesting facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel that she actually succeeded at making a name of her own by founding a company for herself while also becoming a model for her own company and of course on Instagram.


The now called Mrs. Gotze’s company was mentioned as one of the facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel. But to ask the real question here, what is Brömmel’s company about? Per her interview a couple of years ago, it was revealed that one of her dreams for at least a decade was to be a Victoria’s Secret model, which hasn’t been realized to this day.

What do you do when you don’t get the chance to work for such a global brand? You found the competition. That is exactly what the German model and singer did. She founded the women’s swimwear and bikini line called Vidaswim.

Of course while it will never be able to reach the heights of brands such as Victoria’s Secret, but it has been able to achieve relative success considering the size of the investment.

Vidaswim’s Instagram page

currently has 7.5K followers which is quite satisfactory for a such a new swimwear brand. We will have to wait and see if she and her brand can break through the ranks to become one of the most famous brands in the world to compete with the likes of Marysia and Eres.

Vidaswim was founded in 2018 and mostly offers simple but elegant swimwear to ladies all around the world. The more interesting bikini type on its website is the “Exotic” type, which has various models with quite clever cuts in clever places, where the Halterneck-style wrap bikini top and panties are finished with metal rings in matt gold.

Rome Gotze

Mr. and Mrs. Gotze had their first baby just about three months ago. The lucky couple named their firstborn son “Rome”. Ann-Kathrin Brömmel posted a heartwarming picture of her holding their baby with the following caption: “almost 3 month old and this little guy makes life so much more precious. I would have never thought that something so little can make our life so full and so much more beautiful”.

We surely hope to see Rome grow up and maybe someday follow his father’s footsteps, scoring memorable goals for some of the best teams in the world or even for his country at the World Cup.

Trina B

Not everyone has the gift of music or singing, which is why not many people can sing as beautifully as Celine Dion, Beyonce or Andrea Bocelli. But having the gift doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy whatever you have and whatever you can and share it with the ones you love and the ones who love you.

That is certainly the case with Ann-Kathrin Brömmel as she did in fact release a couple of terrible pop songs under the alias of Trina B which were utterly disappointing and were also heavily criticized by the media back in the day.

It is of course brave of her to admit that her work did in fact lack quality, further adding: “Music is just a hobby of mine. I sing because I enjoy it. And not because I have a voice like Beyoncé.” After all, what matters most is that we enjoy the time we have on earth doing what we love alongside whom we adore.

The Crying man smiled again

World Cups have always been about drama, excitement and thrilling moments. But it was in the 2014

World Cup

Semifinals that something extraordinary happened. Germany did the impossible by beating Brazil 7-1! Such a result would pull down every country’s players’ heads down in shame as they could not stand a six goal deficit against another team.

But that was what happened to one of the best and most famous national teams of football history, and the fact that Brazil were actually hosting the competition that year certainly didn’t help their situation. The stadium was silent, people so much in shock that they had stopped reacting to the things happening around them, not being able to believe what they were seeing with their own eyes.

Brazilians were angry and quite utterly broken at that moment. But there was one particular fan who stole the viewers’ hearts and gained their sympathies even through the magic box as he was seen hugging his trademark FIFA World Cup trophy replica and crying his eyes out after seeing his national team be humiliated in front of the eyes of Billions.

This man’s name was Clovis Fernandes also known as "Gaúcho da Copa", who sadly passed a year after the 2014 World Cup and couldn’t follow his country’s soccer stars around the globe anymore. It brings tears to everyone’s eyes to know that he gave his trophy replica that he had for years to a German fan after their disappointing defeat.

One of the more heartfelt facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel is that she actually got the trophy back to our sweet old grandpa for the next game as he was once again seen with a smile on his face, no matter how genuine it was.

A true Harry Potter fan

Many of us read books as a way of escaping reality, or to gain knowledge about the things we are interested in. Many around the globe are also more of an extreme reader than others, who are called bookworms to be exact. One of the facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel is that she is a fan of the Harry Potter series, and to be honest, who isn’t?

With some kind of a teenage taste in novels, Ann-Kathrin Gotze has revealed that she loves teenage tearjerkers such as The Fault in Our Stars which received critical acclaim when it was first published and even managed to land a movie based on its story.

These were some of the facts about Ann-Kathrin Brömmel that were important for getting to know the Instagram star a little bit closer than before. Mrs. Gotze has had quite an interesting journey from the 2014 World Cup excitements to this day as she has given birth to a healthy baby boy who means everything to her and her husband. Of course we will have to wait and see if her significant other Mario Gotze would choose another club to play for again or not. After all he used to be the golden boy of Germany, as Ann-Kathrin Brömmel was the happiest WAG of the World Cup.




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