Top facts about Lorena Bernal, Mikel Arteta's wife

Tuesday08 September 2020 | 19:30
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Mikel Arteta has been married to his partner, Lorena Bernal, who didn't like football before meeting him.

Mikel Arteta, who has been in charge of the Gunners since November 2019, intends to bring


back to the pinnacle of glory. Mikel Arteta has unique personality traits. He is known among football fans as a person who acts very harshly and ruthlessly when competing, but at the same time has a high ability to adapt.

Another of his moral qualities is that he has little desire to disclose his personal and family information and, as far as possible, respects his privacy and does not disclose certain information about his personal life.

For example, not much information is available about his grandparents, or his uncles and aunts. This makes it difficult for curious fans.

But today we intend to divert our attention from the young coach's brilliant career, and instead focus on his family relationships, especially some interesting facts about Lorena Bernal, the charming wife and mother of three children of Mikel Arteta.

Lorena Bernal's fame, which dates back to before she met Mikel Arteta, not only did not diminish after her acquaintance and marriage with him, but also became more and more day by day because of Lorena's professional activities, and on the other hand, because of the strength and stability of their relationship.

The followings are some lesser-known facts about Lorena Bernal, Mikel Arteta’s wife:

Mikel Arteta's wife, Lorena Bernal, is a well-known model, actress, and performer.

Dating and marriage

The first interesting fact about this loving couple is that Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal have been in a close relationship since late 2002 and have been faithful to each other for more than 17 years despite many ups and downs.

The next fact that is a little hard to believe is that Lorena claims that at the time of their first meeting in 2002 she did not know that Arteta was a footballer


In the other side, that it is said that Arteta did not have a steady girlfriend until she met Lorena. But it's as hard to believe as Lorna's claim that she didn't know about Michelle's professional background at the time of their acquaintance!

Mikel Arteta has been married to his partner, Lorena Bernal, for 10 years. Arteta and Bernal were officially married at a private wedding party attended by all their friends and family in Mallorca, Spain


The acquaintance story of this couple is very interesting and dreamy. "Mikel and I first met in December 2002 in San Sebastian," says Lorena. "Mikel lived in Glasgow at the time and I was in Madrid, but we both traveled to San Sebastian, the city where we grew up, to spend a few days with our family for Christmas.

Although we both grew up in the same place, we had never seen each other before. Our friendship began two months after our first meeting, and a few months later, I practically moved to Glasgow, traveling from there to work every week."

The love story of Arteta and Bernal is really commendable, because they are both famous and successful celebrities in their field of work, and this sweet fact that they have been committed to each other for almost 20 years, inspires many people


However, let's take a look at

Lorena Bernal's biography

and facts from other aspects of her life


Lorena Bernal age

Lorena Bernal Martin was born on May 12, 1981, but the fact that she is 39 does not have much effect on her attractive appearance


She was born San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, but when she was one year old her parents immigrated to San Sebastian, Spain, and Bernal spent his childhood in Spain


Given that Mikel Arteta celebrated his 38th birthday a few days ago, another less common truth about

Lorena Bernal's age

is that she is more than a year older than her husband.

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Childhood of Lorena Bernal

When Bernal reached school age, she went to school at the French LycéeFrançais de Saint Sebastiénin France and then went on to study at the Maurice Ravel school in Saint Jean de Luz across the border in France


Lorena Bernal has been working as a model since she was 7 years old. However, this brunette beauty decided that she wanted to be more than a model and had an acting dream


At Bernal's request, her parents enrolled her in drama classes at the age of 13


Another interesting fact about Lorena Bernal is that this attractive lady became Miss Spain at the age of 17, but due to her young age, she could not represent Spain in the Miss Universe competition. 

This young Argentine actor was no stranger to the world of fame. Twelve months later, she traveled to London to attend the Miss World event. Lorena performed very well in this competition and even managed to be among the ten finalists.

After this event, Lorena Bernal took her acting career seriously andhas established a very successful career as a performer and actress. She has appeared on many Spanish television programs, series and movies.

Lorena was chosen as Miss Spain just three years before she first met Mikel Arteta.

Another interesting fact about Lorena Bernal is that, according to her, she had no interest in football before meeting Mikel Arteta. She says that although she comes from an Argentine family who has a lot of enthusiasm for their country's national football team, she herself never watched football matches until she met Arteta and only watched the World Cup matches.

Lorena Bernal height 

As we said before, Bernal also works as a professional model, which means thatshe has to be high enough. The height of the Lorena Bernal is 173 cm (5 feet 8 inches


Lorena's slender and well-proportioned body makes her perfectly ideal for the modeling job, but the interesting thing is that Lorena, despite her elegance and perfect fitness, does not fall into the category of bony pannos and too thin. She is one of those people who emphasizes on having a balanced body and health.

Lorena Bernal in social media

As expected from a popular model, actor and presenter who is also the wife of a famous footballer, Bernal is also very active on social media. She often shares her photos on her official Instagram account, where she has more than 41,500 followers. Another interesting fact about Bernal is that in most of the photos she shares on social media, she looks natural and lovely


Lorena Bernal Net worth


interesting fact about Lorena Bernal

is her net worth.

Lorena Bernal's net worth

is said to be around £5 million, but there is no official information on this claim


However, there is information on Mikel Arteta's net worth - £15m


Family of Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal

Mikel Arteta and Lorena Bernal have three children


In 2009, Lorena gave birth to Mikel Arteta's first son, Gabriel Arteta. Their second son was born in 2012 and was named Daniel Arteta


In 2015, Lorena became pregnant for the third time, giving birth to their third child, Oliver Arteta, in Spain


But these days Arteta, who took over at Arsenal in December from interim manager FredyLionberg, won the Copa del Rey with the Europa League quota to make up for some of his failures in the Premier League, which finished eighth in the season. It does not appear that he will be sacked from Arsenal any time soon and will have to relocate. Mikel and Lorena and their children now live in a luxury home in London.

Despite a busy schedule, Lorena is still able to pursue a successful career, attending classes with her two older sons, taking careof her younger child, and watching the Arsenal plays closely. The challenge may seem daunting, but as she says in an interview with Arsenal magazine, she was lucky enough to have her most perfect partner, Mikel Arteta, by her side.

"Mikel has changed and evolved a lot over the course of his career. Now he is more able to get away from football a little bit, even though football is a big part of his life and he thinks about it almost constantly," she says. "He is a wonderful father; he spends afternoons as well as holidays with children and loves to play with them. He owes children homework and many other things."

Another interesting fact about Lorena Bernal is that she cares a lot about preserving the originality and roots of the family. Lorena says about her children growing up in England:

"We speak only Spanish at home. This is their mother tongue and family. At school they speak only English and also have all English friends. When your parents are of different nationalities, it is not easy to be original, you were born in one country and you grow up in another."

"We try to teach them to enjoy every city and culture and to think very openly about the differences between countries. But we are careful to recognize San Sebastian as their birthplace because we believe that it is emotionally necessary to have a known birthplace."

Lorena Bernal's professional background

Another striking fact about Bernal is that this attractive model, performer and actress is fluent in three languages: Spanish, French and of course English


Mikel Arteta himself is multilingual too. He is fluent in Spanish, Basque, Catalan and English, and speaks French, Italian and Portuguese.

Bernal began her acting career in Spain in several films and television shows, but she also starred in an episode of the American television series "Chuck". Bernal also starred in the TV series CSI: Miami


This popular series shows a collection of files that are referred to the Miami City Police.

Among his films, the following can be mentioned


  • Stiletto (2008).

  • Unnatural causes (2006


  • The Deal (2005).

  • El Kibris (2004).

  • Mendigares (2001).

  • Menosesmás (2000).

Bernal has also appeared in the following television series


  • Chuck (2007).

  • CSI: Miami (2007).

  • See Jayne Run (2007).

  • Homozapping (2005).

  • El Comisario (2005).

  • El pasadoesmañana (2005).

  • Aida (2005).

  • La sopaboba (2004).

  • Se puede? (2004).

  • Luna Negra (2003-2004).

  • Paradise (2002-2003).

  • Ala-Dina (2002).

  • The Secret (2001-2002).

  • El Señorío de Larrea (1999).

In addition to the above, Lorena has appeared in numerous commercials and has hosted various television shows on Spanish-language channels


But despite her brilliant professional background and innate talent, Lorena has done very little in recent years and has been involved in very few projects. With three children, Lorena's priority is now caring for her family and raising her children, and since her professional career requires her to be on the set of projects and stay away from home, she has chosen to stay away from the world of acting for a while.She says in this regard:

"Pursuing a personal career is not always easy, especially if you live in a foreign country and have children. I'm focused on family right now. I accept offers of work that take me away from home for one night, but I turn down any other offers. I have traveled to Los Angeles twice and reviewed some interesting projects that were offered to me there. In any case, I know that in the not-too-distant future, I will be able to resume my job, and Mikel will support me in that direction."

Mikel Arteta's Covid-19 test

Arteta's wife's reaction to Arsenal boss Corona, "I was a little scared!"

These days, new news is being spread every day about the pawn of the Covid 19 virus around the world and the infection of famous and well-known people with this virus, which often causes concern for the fans of these people until the news of the recovery of the infected person officially To be announced.

But what is not usually said is how these expressions of anxiety and side effects affect the family and friends of these famous people with Covid 19.

The affirmation of Mikel Arteta's coronation test was the pretext for the Arsenal Journal to interview his wife, Lorena Bernal. In the following, we will share a brief conversation with Lorena in this regard.

"Mikel Arteta had symptoms of a virus. In fact, if the Corona virus had not been prevalent, we would have thought it was a normal virus. "He did not take time off work. He had a slight fever but not more than 38 degrees. He had a headache. He felt weak but he was fine. He eats and leads a normal life."

Lorena Bernal says she was not scared at first, but when she received thousands of alarming messages and news of Mikel Arteta's coronation test, she said: "I was fine, but when the news broke, there were a lot of calls. I received it and many people warned me that my husband had coronary heart disease. At first I was a little scared. I thought to myself, "My husband is infected and maybe my children and I were infected." "I was more concerned about all the warnings that were given."

"What we have been told and everyone agrees with is that this is not a serious virus. It is a normal virus and there may be some more symptoms, and some fewer symptoms," she concluded.

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