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Top Facts You Need to Know About Roberto Firmino

Here is a look at the top facts you need to know about Roberto Firmino.

Born on 2 October 1991, the Brazilian professional footballer Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira plays for


and the Brazil national team as an attacking midfielder, forward, or winger. He managed to spend four and a half campaigns in Hoffenheim after starting a football career with Figueirense in 2009. 

He won the Breakthrough Player prize in the league for his 16 goals in 33 matches in 2013–14 season. He signed for the Reds in July 2015. He gained warm applause at Liverpool for his cleverness, scoring skills, and technical ability, to the extent that Jurgen Klopp refers to Firmino as the "engine" that facilitates the counter-attacking framework of the team.

In the 2018–19 campaign, the

UEFA Champions League

and UEFA Super Cup were secured and the next campaign, Liverpool won the first league trophy in 30 years. In November 2014 Firmino debuted for the

Brazil national football team

. At Copa America 2015, the FIFA World Cup 2018, and Copa America 2019 he was a member of the Brazilian squad.

In this article, we provide you all the facts you need to know about Robert Firmino's religion, salary, personal life, lifestyle, net worth, career, Instagram account, tattoo, and much more.


Top Facts You Need to Know About Roberto Firmino

Here is a look at the top facts you need to know about Roberto Firmino

He was born in a very poor family

Firmino was raised in a very poor family, like many Brazilian soccer players. His mother and father were only rich enough to afford the family little food. However, with the support of their neighbors saying, "Let him go, he's born with a talent, His success is a chance for us to avoid poverty and suffering" they allowed their son to play soccer on the street.


He is all his family ever had

After a string of spectacular displays from his Brazilian team, Germany scout identified Roberto Firmino. This made his family really proud. While he moved from his home to Germany thousands of miles, the 16-year-old was always glad. At the point when the news came, he said, "My family never needs to work anymore." his family had to accompany him to Germany.


Roberto Firmino's wife: He is married to a Brazilian model

Larissa Pereira is the happiest girl who stole the heart of Firmino. In 2013, they met in a famous disco in Brazil. Until now, the glamorous love couple has significantly shared photographs on social media of that hugging, training, and wearing matching accessories.

Long since his entrance to Liverpool in 2015, the lovers got married. The wedding was held at the old hometown of Firmino in Maceio, Brazil. In that time

Philippe Coutinho

, his old team-mate in Liverpool, did his best duty. Their two kids are Valentina Firmino and Bella.

Roberto Firmino along with his wife Larissa Pereira is an extremely good looking couple. They are recognized for their flashy clothes and It's like David and Victoria Beckham's new edition.  Firmino loves to buy and wear new products and fashions. He once stated, "I'm flamboyant while choosing what to wear.


Roberto Firmino's tattoo: He loves tattoos

Roberto has become one of those footballers who enjoy tattoos extensively. Some revealed his commitment to his families in his collection of tattoos. One of them reads: "Family, endless love." In the Greek, he had a second one that reads: "God is trustworthy."

The Brazilian has even a tattoo named "Valentina Firmino," his youngest child. Firmino's right arm has a picture of his family members. There's the word "Love" on his right shoulder. Roberto has a red love rose on his right arm as well.

Around his hand, there is a religious symbol. The year 1991 is the year that he was born and he has it on his knuckles. Firmino has a picture of his beloved Larissa in his left arm, with the word love added below. The player's neck even has a Portuguese tattoo that stands for God, "Deus."

Roberto Firmino was found by a dentist

Firmino entered the Brasil football academy team de Regatas at the age of fourteen. In local tournaments, he began playing for their youth side. The eye of the dentist Marcellus Portella were captured by his impressive displays there.

The dentist then suggested Firmino to his friends responsible for the youth academy of

Figueirense FC

and they signed Firmino at the age of seventeen. Due to his skills and quality, he made a professional debut for them soon and become a member of the first-XI in Figueirense.


A man of many positions

The striker is a priceless asset for his side since he can play in multiple positions. Roberto is in his essential nature an "offensive player." During his career, he has been appearing in many offensive roles.

He was a striker, an attacking midfielder, a false nine, and even a winger. He was played by his mentor in the youth team days as a defensive midfielder. In an interview, Jurgen Klopp once called him the engine of his side.


A fan favorite player

Since his arrival, Roberto Firmino has been a fan favorite at Anfield. It's Due to his love for the Reds and how he performed a vital role in the success of Liverpool. 

The ultra fans of Liverpool often call him "Bobby" that is how people in England address "Robert". The supporters of Liverpool even sing to their favorite Bobby, which goes as follows: "There’s something that the Kop wants you to know, the best in the world is Bobby Firmino." 

This chant is made for Firmino by the most famous stand in Anfield which is reserved to the most faithful supporters of Liverpool.


Roberto Firmino car collection

Firmino has a wide variety of luxurious and awe-inspiring sports cars. He seems to be an enthusiastic fan of the automobile and his cars are still seen spinning around the city. 

Firmino possesses a white Rolls Royce Wraith. The red Ferrari 458 is already in his collection. In his list, he has even a golden Lamborghini Urus. Roberto has a Porsche Panamera, a Range Rover Sport SVR as well as a Porsche Cayenne GTS. The player is clearly a fan of the car. His collection is worth nearly $1.5 million!

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Brand endorsement

The striker is signed to Adidas using boots and shoes. He was a big participant in many Adidas campaigns and was presented with




, Zidane, etc. in many advertisements. He was also one of the most important names for Adidas' "NEMEZIZ" campaign.


Style of play

Roberto Firmino mainly played as an attacking midfielder or second striker for


. However, he also played as a forward, winger, or central midfielder thanks to his speed, ball control, and awareness. After beginning his spell in Premier League as a left-winger under Brendan Rodger, new head coach Jurgen Klopp used him as a second striker in the beginning.

But Firmino registered his name as the first choice in 2017–18 season after satisfying displays under Klopp's pressing system.

Ian Doyle

did refer to him as "a true Liverpool number nine" along with Harry Kane and

Sergio Aguero


"He can dribble and shoot, he has a decent shot. He can play a great game with and without the ball and his assists are excellent as well as is heading in spite of his small stature". his former teammate, Ryan Babel stated about him.  The player's special quality is noted by journalist and ESPN blogger Michael Cox him. Babel additionally praised Firmino's mentality and attitude.

His former head coach Hemerson Maria also mentioned that he was touched by his "great personality and mentality." Firmino was also praised for his link-up play, mobility, smart moves and the prospect of attacking off the ball, which often draws defenders out of the ball, as well as his technical abilities and creativity, passing and goalscoring skills.

Klopp has called Firmino the "engine" to drive the team's unrelenting counterattacking mechanism because of his strength and tactical work rate. "If he makes an error he battles for it again. When the ball is lost again, he battles for it. It seems like Firmino is the engine of the team." Firmino was named "Liverpool's most valuable player" many times between 2016–17 and 2017–18 campaigns due to the worthiness of Firmino's playing style to Klopp's strategies. 

Thierry Henry portrayed Firmino as "the most complete striker in the League" because of his diverse set of abilities. Firmino is also renowned for the "no-look" goals. The FIFA Video game FIFA 19 contains one of his most famous celebrations, the 'Matador.'


Roberto Firmino's personal life

Larissa Pereira married Firmino in Brazil in June 2017. The couple has  two children. The Liverpool fans and footballers gave Firmino the honorific name "Bobby" that stands for "Roberto" in England.  

Firmino was arrested in December 2016 for drunken driving. In February 2017 at the Liverpool District Court, he was charged 20,000 pounds and had his driving licence restricted for one year.


Roberto Firmino's stats: National team

In November 2014, Firmino debuted for Brazil against Turkey. He enjoyed a 4-0 victory for Selecao playing the last 17 minutes. He has played 44 matches and netted 13 goals since then.

His 2015 display was one of the few promising points in an unsatisfying team performance in the competition.

In a proper collaboration with Philippe Coutinho and Neymar, the Brazilian attack becomes extremely strong. At Copa America 2015, the FIFA World Cup 2018, and Copa America 2019 he was a member of the Brazilian squad.Firmino played all 90 minutes of the final as Brazil won 3-1 against 


to secure their ninth Copa America trophy .


Roberto Firmino's stats: Club career

Thanks to the outstanding performance with a decent quality of talent and strength in Figueirense, the German club Hoffenheim picked him. Firmino took minimum time to grow accustomed, and began to consistently produce good performance and to net important goals.

He began to draw the big clubs' attention as he moved on with his development. However, it was the amazing season of 2013/14 when Firmino proven his potential by netting 16 goals in the league becoming the fourth best goalscorer in the campaign.

He moved to Liverpool in 2015 with a high profile transfer. At first, his high price was criticized and his play style questioned. But Firmino began to prove the they were wrong after a poor beginning. He was one of the leading actors in recent seasons and is central along with

Mohamed Salah


Sadio Mane

's attacking trio.


Firmino has been accused of racism

Roberto Firmino had a tense moment with


defender Mason Holgate during the third-round FA Cup match between Liverpool and Everton at Anfield. The two had a verbal exchange after


moved Florimo to the advertisement panels.

It appeared that Firmino has offended Holgate verbally. The Jamaican-born Holgate said Firmino harassed him racially. Firmino rejected allegations.

The FA investigated this occurrence the next day. Approximately after two months the FA revoked the accusations for "lacking of substantive evidence" after discussions with multiple players, referees, and two Portuguese lip-readers.


He has been arrested for drunk driving

Firmino was stopped for speeding and drunken driving on Christmas Eve 2016. The police officers did stopped him on Strand Street with his Range Rover at 3.00 a.m. Four weeks later, he pled guilty in a Magistrates’ court and was fined £20000. His driving license was also suspended for a year.


He scored Liverpool’s 1000th goal at Anfield

On 19 January Liverpool welcomed

Crystal Palace

at anfield, an entertaining head to head battle. With

Andros Townsend

goal, Palace took the lead in the 34th minute. Yet Mohamed Salah leveled the game in the 46th minute for Liverpool. 

Naby Keita

crossed a ball the box in the 53rd minute to Roberto Firmino where he scored the second goal finding the back of the net against

Julian Speroni

. That was Firmino's 61st goal for the Reds. In the Premier League history, that goals was the Liverpool's 1000th goal at Anfield. Liverpool ended the game winning 4-3 following two more goals netted by Salah and Sadio Mane.


Roberto Firmino’s teeth

Robbie Hughes is the man who has been behind Liverpool players' smiles. The specialist said: " It was not that easy job, as I am used to, what comes to the choice of color, is the shades of  4-3, 2 , 1 having number 1 the whitest one. He met Firmino when the the Brazilian paid him his visit along with his former team mate and current Barcelona player Phillipe Coutinho.

Hughes said to the BBC," Roberto just needed a new smile. It wasn't that simple, though."We've created his special color beyond one when Firmino saw the shades chart." The specialist who is a fan of Liverpool, was at first asked to help

Martin Skrtel

when the defender needed a dentist after a training ground incident.

The treatment grabbed the attention of

Lucas Leiva

, Alberto Moreno, Firmino, Coutinho,

Jordan Henderson

und Sadio Mane as they were attracted by the fellow Anfield star. The good fortunes of the Reds under the lights are partially an effort to explain their bright smiles, confirms Hughes: " Jurgen Klopp asserted he enjoyed Roberto's teeth when he came to see us. He didn't want to go that white however he liked the changes.


Some fast facts about Roberto Firmino

  • Full Name

    : Roberto Firmino Barbosa de Oliveira

  • Nickname

    : Firmino, Bobby

  • Father’s Name

    : Jose Roberto Cordeiro

  • Mother

    : Mariana Cícera Barbosa de Oliveira

  • Brother

    : None

  • Sister

    : None

  • Date of Birth

    : 2 October 1991

  • Birth Place

    : Maceió, Brazil

  • Age in 2020

    : 28

  • Height

    : 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)

  • Weight

    : 76 kg

  • Shirt number

    : 9

  • Hair color

    : Dark brown/Short Hairs

  • Eye color

    : Dark Brown

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  • Profession

    : Soccer Football player

  • Position

    : Forward

  • Club

    : Liverpool FC

  • National football team

    : Brazil

  • Marital status

    : Married

  • Wife Name

    : Larissa Pereira

  • Girlfriends

    : Larissa Pereira

  • Children

    : Valentina Firmino

  • Marriage Date

    : 2014

  • Roberto Firmino's religion

    : Catholic

  • Nationality

    : Brazilian

  • Zodiac Sign

    : Libra

  • Best Friend

    : Philippe Coutinho

  • Debut in profession

    : 2014

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  • Hobbies

    : Playing football, Watching Movies, Video games, Swimming

  • Roberto Firmino's Net worth

    : $30 million

  • Roberto Firmino's salary

    : £100,000 a week

  • Earnings Sources

    : Club deals/contracts

  • Income Sources

    :ponsorship/Endorsement deals

  • Car collections

    : BMW, Range Rover, Sports cars

  •  House location

    : Brazil/England

  • Smoking

    : No

  • Drinking Alcohol

    : Yes

  • Charity

    : Helps charity foundations, Special kids

Roberto Firmino's Instagram

: https://www.instagram.com/roberto_firmino


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