Best female soccer players in 2020

Sat 05 September 2020 | 6:30

Are you still one of those people who think soccer is a sport of men? If you are not, what are the names on your list of best female soccer players in the world in 2020?

That big green rectangle is where the female soccer players can prove their physical ability and the fact that they don't have anything less of the men. Just like other social or political domains, when it comes to sport, women can be as powerful as men. They can be a real representative of womanhood with all its beauty and glory, and at the same time, they can prove that it is not at all true that the strength of women's bodies is not comparable to men's.

Although the history of the FIFA Women World Cup backs to 1970, each and every day people get more interested in women football and enthusiastically follow their news. Besides, ordinary people and more important the government from all over the world, get to understand the importance of the business aspect of women football and now this domain can be considered as one of the best platforms for investment.

In the following article, we are going to survey the

best women soccer players in 2020


The best female soccer players in the world in 2020

It is worth mentioning that, the year 2020 is not finished yet and the following list is created based on the comments of critics and the footballers' performances.

Lucy Bronze

Lucia Roberta Tough Bronze was born on 28 October 1991 in Berwick-upon-Tweed in north-east England to a Portuguese father and an English mother. Following her interest in football, she joined Sunderland at the under-12 academy level and joined the senior team when she turned 16 in 2007. She knew that for a glorious future she had to work hard, so as she was playing for Sunderland, studied sports science at Leeds Metropolitan University, and took different part-time jobs. This female football star has even the experience of working in a pizza parlour- that during the 2019 World Cup changed the color of its shopfront to bronze in her honor.

Her professional career got more serious as she joined Everton in September 2010. She continued her journey by playing for some other famous football clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Olympique Lyonnais. When she was playing for Liverpool, she was awarded PFA Women's Players' Player of the Year- which is an annual award given to the player who is voted to have been the best of the year in English women's football.

This right-back footballer has lots of honors proving the fact that she is worth including as one of the best female soccer players in 2020 or lets us say in the world. In 2018 and 2020, she was named BBC Women's Footballer of the Year and in 2019, she became the first English footballer to win the UEFA Women's Player of the Year Award. She was the one and only defender who won the precious award.

Lucy is one of the most important footballers for her national team. As a senior on 26 June 2013, she made her debut- as a substitute- for England in a friendly match and scored her very first goal for her homeland team on 14 June 2014, in a 3–0 away win over Belarus in World Cup qualification.

Since then, she became a pillar in the England national women team and had been selected for the World cup. There, she condescended her great football talents and proved to the team authorities that choosing her for the world cup was indeed the best decision. During the world cup in 2015, she was widely praised as one of the best performers for the England team.

Lucy- this tight-back star- is the visualization of the fact that women can play as perfectly as men, as her first football memory she once said that:

"Playing with the boys, and one of the boys on the other teams laughing at playing against a girl; needless to say, he came off the pitch crying by the end."

We continue our list of the

best women football players in 2020

, with another star from the United States of America.

Julie Ertz

Julie Beth Ertz was born on 6 April 1992 in Mesa, Arizona. American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) introduced her to the football world. Maybe at that time, the people in charge predicted the shining future of her and estimated that several years later she would become one of

the best female football players in 2020

. As a teenage girl she joined Sereno Soccer Club in Phoenix, and according to her, joining Sereno was the best decision ever. She stated that: "it ended up being the best decision ever made."

In 2013 she was called to play for her homeland and made her debut on February 9, 2013, in a match against Scotland. She continued her journey in the endless world of football and on January 17, 2014, by signing a contract with Chicago Red Stars, her breakthrough accrued.

She had great performances in her club matches and it was the time to inform the world that a new star is on her way to break all the boundaries. Two years before the 2019 FIFA World Cup, her coach-Jill Ellis- changed her position and shifted her center back to a defensive center midfield position. This reformation suited her and later that year she won the award of the US Soccer Female Player of the Year.

Based on her great performances and talents, she had been nominated for BBC Women's Footballer of the Year in 2020 along with

Lucy Bronze


Sam Kerr

,<a href="https://sportmob.com/en/player/5cd1f3b287664b41b45c2353/vivianne-miedema">

Vivianne Miedema

, and

Megan Rapinoe,

but the award went to her rival Lucy Bronze. Due to her success and popularity, she was starred along with her national teammates in the EA Sports' FIFA video game series in FIFA 16. It was the first that a women team has a part in this game.

She proves her football talents not only to her country but the people from all over the world. Now, Julie-the USWNT and Chicago Red Stars midfielder- has become one of the most influential female players in the US.

The third spot of the best female soccer players in 2020, would be placed by an Australian star.

Samantha Kerr

Samantha May Kerr was born on 10 September 1993 in East Fremantle, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. His father-Roger Kerr- is Anglo-Indian and that's the reason for her Indian-like appearance. Being a professional footballer is a heritage in her family, her father and his uncles were pro footballers in the West Australian Football League.

Sam's brother was a professional Australian rules footballer- which is completely different from normal football- so was Sam. But this sport was only for men and due to gender restriction; she turned to soccer which she hated before.

At the age of 13, Bobby Despotovski- Perth Glory striker - spotted Sam and described her "athleticism and raw talent as exceptional". Maybe bobby's comment was the trigger that turned on the fire of football in Sam's heart. She started her debut in Western Knights in 2006 and after a long journey in 2019 she ends up in Chelsea. Prior to joining Chelsea, she had scored 19 goals in 23 games and so was the NWSL's Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2019.

This proven star made her debut for the Matildas- Australia women's national soccer team- when she was 15 and scored five goals at the 2019 World Cup and later on became a finalist for the Best Women's Player at the 2019 FIFA Football Awards as well as being a Ballon d'Or nominee.

The captain of the Australian national team is the first Australian (male or female) to score a hat-trick at a World Cup and was named as the 2017 Asian Football Confederation's Women's Footballer of the Year and received the awards for Best International Women's Footballer and the Best Player in the NWSL at the 2019 ESPY Awards. According to the Guardian newspaper's annual list for 2019, she is the best women's player on the plane. So that's the right decision to put her name on our list.

The fourth-place of our list of the best female soccer players in 2020 would be for a Dutch woman.

Vivianne Miedema

Anna Margaretha Marina Astrid Miedema was born on 15 July 1996. This 24-year-old Dutch forward is the one who has scored more goals at the international level for the Netherlands than any other player, both in the women's and men's teams. Hats off to her.

She started her football career at the age of 14 in SC Heerenveen and became the youngest ever player in the Eredivisie Vrouwen-the highest professional women's football league in the Netherlands-and scored 39 goals which brought her the top-scorer award.

In June 2014 she signed a contract with Bayern Munich and helped them to the title in 2014-15. Her great football acts were compared to her countryman

Arjen Robben

-who was the former winger of Bayern Munich. In May 2017, she decided to go to England and play for Arsenal and in the first match of the 2018–19 season, she scored a hat-trick against Liverpool.

Miedema in her international career had also a great influence. In 2013 coach Rodger Reijners gave Miedema her first appearance for the senior Netherlands women's national football team. Her performance was such a blast and just in a year she helped her homeland team at the 2014 UEFA Women's Under-19 Championship to the title

THE 2017 UEFA Women's European Championship was the golden time for Vivianne to prove her values. The Netherlands won that championship. We should probably say that 2017 was her breakthrough. the most gifted striker in Europe,- the given title to her- was elected in the final squad for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France and later on became the all-time top scorer of the Netherlands women's national football team after scoring her 60th goal in a 3–1 win against Cameroon at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

This humble, laid-back character repeatedly claimed that "she does not set herself goalscoring targets, that all she wants to do is to contribute to the team's success". Jen O'Neill, chair of the FWA's women's sub-committee, described her as a worthy winner and a world-class performer. She is only 24 and has a long journey ahead.

Who would be our fifth on the list of the best female soccer players in 2020?

Megan Rapinoe

The emblematic and enigmatic Megan had defeated her rival- Lucy Bronze- and won The Best FIFA Women's Player in 2019. That's huge!!

In our list of the

best female soccer players in 2020

, Megan is the oldest. She was born on 5 July 1985 into a big family. As a kid, her older brother was her hero and when she was only three started playing soccer just like her brother.

Since then, she gradually started her pro-life career as a female footballer and in the early years of her activity, she only played in the teams coached by her father. Time passed and she found her way into Chicago Red Stars. She was selected second in the 2009 WPS Draft for the inaugural season of Women's Professional Soccer (WPS), the highest division of soccer in the United States at the time.

At the same time, from 2003-2005 she played for United States under-19 team and later on in 2006 made her debut for the senior team on July 23. She had the experience of playing in different clubs- as a winger- but now she is the captain of OL Reign. She is also the captain of the US national team.

The fame of energetic Megan- Winner of the Ballon d'Or Féminin- is not limited to her football talents. She is also an activist. Coming out as a lesbian, she started supporting gay/lesbian freedom and she also got involved in the women's team's equal pay complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission since 2016, she also filed a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation and accused them of gender discrimination.

The winner of the Best FIFA Women's Player in 2019, as an activist and advocate of LGBT organizations, believed that FIFA doesn't care about women's soccer. It is so paradoxical, isn't it?

Her side-activities don't end up here, she has done several philanthropic works and now she is the ambassador for Athlete Ally- a nonprofit organization- which exclusively focuses on terminating homophobia and transphobia in sports. She was also one of the female footballers who featured along with her national teammates in the EA Sports' FIFA video game series starting in FIFA 16. She is also active in the fashion industry, in 2020 she signed a contract to be the spokeswoman for international luxury fashion brand Loewe.

The sixth-place of best female soccer players in 2020 would go to Ada Hegerberg

Ada Hegerberg

She was born on 10 July 1995 and was the first-ever recipient of the Ballon d'Or Féminin, the top prize in women's football.

This 25-year-old footballer has lots of honor in her active years since 2010. She made her debut as a female footballer in Kolbotn in 2010. After two years, in 2012, she moved to Stabæk and right after the match against Fart in May 2012 as she scored five goals during the first half of Stabæk's 8–2 win match, she was considered as one of the biggest talents in Norwegian women's football.

Ada's breakthrough was in the summer of 2014, as she transferred to Olympique Lyonnais. In France, she showed a great performance and on 27 September, she scored a hat-trick in Lyon's 5–0 win match against their traditional rival PSG and consequently became the first player to score a hat-trick against PSG since Julie Morel in October 2008.

In the 2015-2016 season, she was selected UEFA Best Women's Player in Europe. She was also The 100 Best Female Footballers in the World Winner in 2016. In 2017, she won the prize of the BBC Women's Football Award. But 2018 was different, not for but for all women worldwide.

2018, was a perfect and memorable year for female footballers, Ada on 3 December 2018 received the very first Ballon d'Or Féminin. That night, this Norwegian striker went home with that trophy which was not only an award; it was a definite sign demonstrating the high-class of women's football.

The next person on our list of the best woman footballers in 2020 is an American well-known soccer player.

Alex Morgan

Alexandra Morgan Carrasco was born on 2 July 1989 in the Los Angeles County suburb of San Dimas, California. She was a gifted, multi-sport athlete. She started her soccer with AYSO- American Youth Soccer Organization- when she was only a kid.

Like her rival Megan Rapinoe, her first coach was her father. Alex started her career club at the age of 14. On 14 January 2011 Western New York Flash chose her as their new footballer. But she stayed there just for a year and for the 2012 season she joined Seattle Sounders Women and due to her great importance and influence for her national team, she earned her first Olympic gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic. She had three appearances in Seattle and scored 2 goals.

This American striker-continued her journey and had the chance of playing in different clubs including Portland Thorns FC, Lyon, and Orlando Pride. Her international debut was postponed due to her ACL injury and she couldn't be a part of her national team until April 2008. She made her first international debut at the 2008 CONCACAF Women's U-20 Championship in Puebla, Mexico.

We might consider the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup as her breakthrough, during that competition she was the youngest and placed second in the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup. A year later, in 2012 due to her excellence in the field, U.S. Soccer announced Morgan as the 2012 Female Athlete of the Year, and later on, she was nominated for Ballon d'Or but unfortunately, she gained the third place.

Alex had gone through a difficult journey in this male-dominant filed and mentioning her name as one of the best woman football players in 2020 is indeed the right choice.

Amandine Henry

This top-ranked midfielder in 2019 is the eighth one on our list of best woman footballers in 2020.

Amanda was born on 28 September 1989 in France and made her club debut in 2004 with Hénin-Beaumont. She had such great progress that just after three years she signed a contract with Lyon-the most successful women's team in France.

Although she couldn't play football for almost a year and half due to her injury, she had a blast come back and in the following years, she gained lots of international and club honors. She was the 2nd Best Player at the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup and won the Silver Ball Award. Her ability to pass, score, and be a crucial cog for the most successful club in France made her the all-round midfielder.

The ninth rank on our list of

best female footballers in 2020

belongs to another French girl.

Wendie Renard

Wéndèleine Thérèse Renard was born on 20 July 1990 in Martinique, a French island in the Lesser Antilles. She started her club career in 2006 by signing a contract with Lyon and up to the present moment, Lyon is her home.

Her international commencement was in 2011 when she made her debut for France women's national football team. This highest-ranked center-back is the captain of the most successful women club in Europe since September 2013, so no one would dare to underestimate her high-class techniques. Based on her physical strength, high speed and brilliant techniques she is compared to the Dutch and

Liverpool FC


Virgil Van Dijk


Our list of the best female footballers in 2020 has still one open-spot.

Rose Lavelle

Rosemary Kathleen Lavelle was born on 14 May 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rose started soccer as a kid in different clubs and local leagues but her professional career started in 2017 as Boston Breaker selected her. There, she played in eight games and scored two goals and consequently named Player of the Month for April.

In 2018, she had been transferred to Washington Spirit. But unfortunately due to her injury, she couldn't show her real talents. On 18 August 2020, she claimed that she had signed a contract with Manchester City to continue her pro-life career.

Although the frustrating run of injuries kept Rose behind and she couldn't show her real techniques, having signed a contract with Manchester city would prove her glorious future, the winner of FIFA Women's World Cup Bronze Ball is still 25 and there are lots of roads not taken.

Our list of the

best female soccer players in 2020

ends up here. Our survey was based on their performances up until this very moment and consisted of the top ten female footballers, but there are so many others. Women football is still developing and with these perfect and breath-taking female footballers, we should be waiting for a golden future that opens the doors of opportunities for every girl from all over the world.

In your opinion, who are the best female soccer players in 2020? What do you think of women's football?

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