Football players who are related to each other that you didn’t know

What are the chances of two talented, professional football players coming from the same family? Apparently, it happens more often than you may think for two professional players to share their last names, or at least be somehow related to each other.
Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Do you know any two football players who are related to each other? This question may not be that important to a lot of football fans, but it’s interesting to think that some people work really hard their whole lives, yet they never get a shot at playing at a professional league, however, some families have not one but two pro footballers in them!

There are and there have been many families in professional football. Some of these players are siblings, some are cousins, but they’re all rivals. These football players aren’t always on the same side when they are on the pitch, so even if they are nice to each other in family gatherings, during the game their relationship is not that amicable.

Football players who are related to each other

Let’s read through the article and find out how these footballers are related!

Jerome and Kevin-Prince Boateng

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Apart from his one season at Manchester City Jerome Boateng's career has always been consistently significant.

Jerome spent his time playing in Bundesliga from 2000-2010, then joined Manchester City in 2010 before being transferred to Bayern Munich about a year later. Since returning to Bundesliga, he's accompanied Bayern in over 300 games and has helped it win seven consecutive Bundesliga titles.

Jerome’s brother, Kevin-Prince, who is two years older than him, has been moved in between many teams, playing for 13 different clubs over the past ten and a half years, which include FC Barcelona, Portsmouth, and AC Milan.

It is interesting that despite the fact that they are half-brothers, they represent different nations. Kevin-Prince is a citizen of Ghana, his father's homeland, but Jerome, a citizen of Germany, where they were both born.

Lionel Messi and Bojan Krkic

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Football players who are related don’t always end up the same. It's quite surprising that at one point in time both Messi and Bojan were seen as football prodigies at Barcelona, and played alongside each other.

While Messi ended up as the greatest player of the La Liga giant, FC Barcelona, Krkic, who’s Messi’s distant cousin, didn’t enjoy the same level of success.

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Fabio and Paolo Cannavaro

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

The Cannavaros began their careers at Napoli before both of them moved to Parma. But during their time in Napoli Fabio's career took off and he surpassed his brother in a short time. Fabio continued his career playing for Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and Juventus, and in 2006, after leading Italy to win the World Cup he received the Ballon d’Or award which was a first for a defender.

Paolo, however, returned to Napoli, where he played for seven seasons before concluding his career while playing for the Italian football club, Sassuolo. Currently, the two both coach the Chinese Super League team Guangzhou Evergrande.

Fabio and Rafael Da Silva

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

The two brothers, Fabio and Rafael both joined Manchester United after they played in the Brazilian team, Fluminese in 2008. And although they weren't Sir Alex Ferguson's top picks in the next few years, they each contributed to the team, but just because these are football players who are related to each other who played for the same team, doesn’t mean they played at the same level.

Rafael in particular, played in 169 games for the club over the next seven seasons, helping Manchester United win three Premier League titles and the Champions League. Fabio, on the other hand, made just 56 appearances in half a decade. About half of those occurred in the 2010 season when he helped United win the Premier League and the Community Shield.

Today, both of them are furthering their careers in France, Fabio with Nantes, and Rafael with Lyon.

Lucas and Theo Hernandez

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

So far, the Hernandez brothers are the youngest pair of football players who are related, yet they both already have impressive careers. Theo has been a member of Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, and the most recent team he played for is AC Milan, where he made a name for himself as one of Serie A's top fullbacks.

Lucas, who is 2 years older than Theo, spent the early days of his career with Atletico Madrid before Bayern Munich recruited him for the amount of $88 million last summer. He was also a crucial part of the France national team as it won the World Cup in 2018.

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Shaun and Bradley Wright-Phillips

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

The sons of Arsenal icon Ian Wright have both become successful players in 2 different parts of the world. These football players who are related to each other, are carrying on their father’s legacy by becoming professional players.

Shaun Wright-Phillips was an integral part of Manchester City’s roster between 1999 and 2005 and won the Man City’s Young Player of the Year award on four occasions, and the Player of the Year award once. In addition to those awards, he won the Premier League title while playing in Chelsea, and played 46 games for England.

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Although these are two footballers who are related, they have made different choices regarding their careers. Bradley Wright-Phillips, became successful in America after his career failed to take off in his home country.

Bradley, who is 35 now, joined the New York Red Bulls in 2013, where he scored 126 goals in the duration of seven seasons to become the club's leading scorer. He moved to Los Angeles FC at the beginning of this year. He is considered by many to be one of the best players in MLS history.

Diego and Gabriel Milito

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Diego and Gabriel Milito both played at the Spanish football club Real Zaragoza from 2005 to 2007, but apart from that, the two football players who are related, by the way, spent most of their careers as bitter rivals.

Both brothers began, and ended, their careers playing for opposite sides of Argentina's Avellaneda derby with Diego playing for Racing Club and Gabriel for Independiente.

These two soccer players who are related, also faced each other a few times while playing for Inter Milan and Barcelona, most notably during the 2010 Champions League semi-finals, when Inter won 3-2 over two legs, with Diego scoring one goal.

Jordan and Andre Ayew

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Jordan and Andre Ayew’s identical last names suggest that these two are football players who are related to each other. They are the sons of African footballer and two-time winner of the African Footballer of the year, Abedi "Pele" Ayew. Both Andre and Jordan Ayew have had successful careers in France and England, in addition to the success they have had playing in the Ghanaian national team.

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

The two were part of Marseille's impressive roster of the early 2010s, before both moving to England in 2015 with Andre moving to Swansea and Jordan to Aston Villa. Andre, who is two years older than Jordan, spent a year in Swansea before being transferred to West Ham United, but he went back to the Welsh club in 2017, where he’s been playing since.

Jordan remained in Villa for two years before moving to Swansea in 2016. He played alongside his brother for 6 months. Then after 2 seasons, Jordan joined Crystal Palace.

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Filippo and Simone Inzaghi

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Here are 2 footballers who are related to each other and are both strikers. Both Filippo and Simone have had successful careers as strikers, but one of the two brothers has scored more goals than the other.

Filippo, the older brother, scored 313 goals during his career playing for Parma, Atalanta, Juventus, and AC Milan, also he scored another 25 goals for the national team. He has won three Serie A titles, two Champion League titles, and also the World Cup.

Simone, however, scored only 95, most of which was for Lazio but he scored none for Italy. Yet he managed to earn eight different achievements, including one Scudetto decoration with Lazio, which is a title given to the sports teams that win the national championship in their respective sports. He has been the club's manager since 2016.

Thiago and Rafinha Alcantara

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Both Thiago and Rafinha, two football players who are related, began their professional careers with FC Barcelona, but the two chose distinctly different paths after that. After playing five seasons at the Camp Nou, most of which were spent on the bench, Thiago moved to Bayern Munich in 2013, where he has since got recognition as one of the world's best midfielders.

However, Rafinha remained at Barcelona, but he only plays occasionally and has had loan spells at football clubs like Celta Vigo and Inter Milan in the last couple of years. The brothers also decided to part their ways on the international stage, when Thiago chose to represent Spain, and Rafinha, Brazil.

Eden and Thorgan Hazard

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Belgian brothers Eden and Thorgan Hazard joined Chelsea FC in 2012, with Eden being previously a member of LOSC Lille and Thorgan, a member of RC Lens. As Eden went on to become a star for Chelsea and scored more than 100 goals and won two Premier League titles, Thorgan did not actually play for the Chelsea and was transferred to Borussia Monchengladbach in 2015.

During five seasons with 'Gladbach, Thorgan scored 46 goals, got a $28 million contract, and moved to Borussia Dortmund last summer. Coincidentally, that was just a week before Eden was transferred to Real Madrid.

These two football players who are related never got to play together for Chelsea, but they regularly play alongside each other for the Belgian national team.

Didier Drogba and Olivier Tebily

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Footballers who are related to each other, don’t always have a lot in common. Chelsea star Didier Drogba and the former Ivory Coast international Olivier Tebily are cousins.

However, Tebily was a defender and an Arsenal fan during his childhood, so we don’t suppose he and Didier got along very well. Tebily played for Sheffield United, Celtic and Birmingham City. In 2008 he decided to move to the MLS to join Toronto FC, but he only made four appearances because an ankle injury forced him into early retirement.

His cousin is still continuing his career in the MLS as a member of Montreal Impact; however, he was recently fined when he refused to play a match because he refused to start on the bench. The Ivorian footballer won his fourth Premier League championship with Chelsea in 2015 and is regarded as one of the greatest players ever to step in the Stamford Bridge stadium.

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

In 2012 he won Chelsea the Champions League as he scored a late goal and took the game to the penalty shootout against Bayern Munich. Both wore the Chelsea jersey with pride but at different times. The two are cousins from the Ivory Coast and their dads are brothers. Drogba carried the Tebily last name but changed it as he started playing professional football.

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Yaya and Kolo Toure

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Both of these football players who are related to each other are considered as big stars in the Premier League. Kolo appeared in 300 games for Arsenal in the 2000s and was an integral part of Arsene Wenger's "Invincibles" that brought them a Premier League championship in 2003-04 without losing even one game. He signed a contract with Manchester City in 2009, where a year later he got to play alongside his brother, and the two helped the team win its first Premier League championship in 2011-12.

Kolo decided to leave for Liverpool in 2013, but Yaya stayed at the Etihad football club and won the league title twice before getting transferred to Olympiacos in 2018. Yaya and Kolo, the two soccer players who are related, also won the African Cup of Nations with the Ivory Coast in 2015.

The Sturridges

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Seeing two professional football players who are related to each other is surprising enough, but knowing that three players all came from the same family is just impressive. For years the Sturridge family has dominated the Premier League and the English football fans are very well familiar with them.

Simon Sturridge began his professional career with Birmingham City in the late 80s and concluded his career at Shrewsbury Town. Simon’s younger brother Dean became a big force, Premier League, at Derby County, before moving to Leicester City and Wolves. But it was their nephew Daniel who achieved the most success in Premier League by playing for Liverpool and England.

Luka Modric and Mark Viduka

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Football players who are related to each other sometimes are not born or live in the same countries. The two may not even know each other very well.

Australian international footballer Mark Viduka and the Ballon D'Or holder and Croatian national team captain Luka Modric are cousins. Anyone who has looked at a map knows that those two countries are very far away from each other. Viduka has a Croatian ancestry, but his father Joe left Yugoslavia for Australia in the 1960s. It’s worth mentioning that Viduka started to play for Dinamo Zagreb in the mid-90s, the same club in which Modric started his football career.

Diego Maradona and Sergio Aguero

Football players who are related to each other that you didnt know

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero and Argentinian legend Diego Maradona are among the football players who are related to each other. In 2009 Aguero married Maradona's youngest daughter, who gave birth to their son Benjamin in Madrid.

Benjamin was the first grandchild of Maradona, so the former Napoli forward had to make sure that he was present when the boy was born. Aguero missed his training session at Atletico Madrid to be present during the birth of his son, therefore the La Liga decided to congratulate him by posting a message on their official website.

Unfortunately, Sergio and his wife Gianinna got divorced in 2012. So basically, Diego Maradona and Sergio Aguero used to be in-laws, and Aguero even got a son by marrying Maradona's daughter. That makes the relationship between the two footballers a little different from the rest of the soccer players who are related.

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