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Best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020

In a season that was troubled by pandemic, who were the best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020, how many goals did they score and what qualities did they possess? We will try to answer all these questions in this article.

Over the years the Premier League has seen some incredible forwards, the likes of Alan Shearer, 

Wayne Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo

 and even the Legendary Thierry Henry. These players adapted to the hard conditions of English football and thrived in it. To be one of the best forwards of EPL, One must have exceptional positioning and finishing skills to be able to pull the trigger and score. That is the high standards required of the best strikers in the Premier League.

Nonetheless, we are here to talk about 

the best forwards in premier league of 2019-2020

 and we have compiled a list of 10 players. These were the players that, in this year’s tumultuous season, not only met the high demands required of them but also went above and beyond that and showed every one that they are the Premier League's best forwards. So without further ado here they are: 


The Best Premier League forwards of 2020

The Premier League has always boasted of having world class strikers. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons that makes this competition exciting and so enjoyable to watch. Although it may always be debatable, but the discussion around 

best strikers in the Premier League

 so often comes down to their goal contributions. Let's see the list below to find out who had more goal contributions this season?!

10. Sergio Agüero

Any list of

 the best forwards in EPL

 would be incomplete without mentioning the Manchester city legend 

Sergio Agüero

. Even though the Argentine International had a relatively quiet season, marred byinjuries and lack of playing time, his incredible goals per minute ratio has not been affected. With 16 goals scored in just 1460 minutes of playing time, his goals per minute ratio is 91 minutes, add to that his 3 assists and he ends up with an amazing record of registering a goal contribution every 76 minutes! 

After 9 years playing for 

Manchester City

, Agüero has only failed to score 20+ goals in all competition in a season, just once. His style is more about consistency in scoring goals than winning individual awards, Although he has won the Premier League Golden Boot once, Sergio Agüero’s prowess in the forward position comes from his lethal finishing and his ability to find spaces in the opposition’s defenses, which makes him deadly against any team who gives him even half a meter of space.

The 2019-2020 season was a special one for him as well, because he managed to pass Thierry Henry and Lampard in the all-time Premier League goalscorers table and now stands at the 4th place with an incredible 180 goals. He only needs 7 to beat Andrew Cole’s record and become the 3rd best goalscorer in Premier League’s history just behind Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer. 

Being a major part of every Manchester City team that won the league, his lack of presence on the field in the Premier League’s 2019-2020 season was a big factor in Manchester City’s weak title defense, which shows you how much of an impact he has on his team.


9. Raúl Jiménez

Raul Jimenez

 had a great season last year and was named Wolves’ player of the season. So the


, by paying a whopping club-record of £34m, awarded him with making his loan deal from Benfica permanent. For that price and a club like Wolves the move was always a gamble, but a gamble that seems to have paid off because he was one of 

the best forwards in premier league of 2019-2020

, scoring 17 goals and assisting a further 6.

His goal contributions, both in the Premier League and Europa League, helped them be strong competitors in either competition but, like his team, his formed dipped after the restart and he wasn’t able to help his team secure a European spot in the Premier League or reach glory in the Europa League.

Perhaps if Jimenez had a striking partner that helped him up front, his number of goals may have increased. but as it is, apart from being one of the best strikers in Premier League, he seems to like the role of

the Lone Wolf

 in the Wolverhampton's forward line.

Nonetheless, it was an incredible season for the Mexican and he was one of the best premier league forwards of 2020. With 29 years of age, Jimenez seems to be at the peak of his powers and has already garnered attention from top English teams but for Wolves to continue improving, it’s vital that they do not lose him this summer.

8. Harry Kane

Harry Kane may be the victim of his own accomplishments. The Englishman is certainly one of

 the Premier League's best forwards

 and he scored an impressive 18 goals this season, which was a goal more than he scored the season before, but considering he usually scores 25+ goals a season, this amount of goals seems like an underachievement.


is somewhat of a complete forward, the kind that is hard to find in today’s game. His goal scoring abilities makes him a dream to work with for any manager. Since he first emerged, has has shown that he can score with both his feet, his head, in close and from long range, from set pieces and open play. These qualities certainly make him one of the Premier League best forwards of 2020.

Although some England fans may criticize him for being selfish, no Spurs fan can really fault him. Afterall, he has already become one of their best players of all time. Basically if Harry Kane doesn’t have a good season, 

Tottenham Hotspurs

 isn’t having one too. But I digress, and like always his goals were crucial to his team’s success, securing them the 6th position in the league. That is if you can call reaching Europa League play-offs a success!

Spurs fans boast about their club experiencing a Golden Age but for them to win anything in this era, which they haven’t been able to as of yet, both Harry Kane and his teammates must be a lot better in the upcoming season.


7. Anthony Martial / Marcus Rashford

Ok, so this may seem like cheating but this Dynamic Duo were inseparable this season. With very similar game time, 




, each scored 17 goals in the Premier League, resulting in a 34 goal tally that made up 52% of the Red Devils goals this season. United’s attacking duo are certainly two of the best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020 and that seems to make any Manchester United fans happy.

For the longest time

the Red Devils

were struggling to find a world class forward that scores in the excess of 25 goals a season, but they have finally found the answer in these 2 top forwards, both of whom seem to be comfortable playing in the wide position as well as in the middle and they seem to be scoring from both positions with ease.

Throughout Premier League’s History Manchester United has had some of the best strike partnerships, including Andy Cole and Dwight York, van Nistelrooy and Solskjær as well as Rooney and Ronaldo. It will be interesting to see if Rashford and Martial can reach the heights that any of these predecessors did.

The addition of 

Mason Greenwood

 to this striking force was a welcome surprise but if Martial and Rashford want to show that they are among 

the best strikers in the Premier League

, they need to score this many goals next season, and perhaps even more, for United to have any semblance of a title challenge.

6. Sadio Mané

Being at the top of his game, and being one of 

the best forwards in EPL

 and on the back of being the joint Golden Boot winner the season before, Sadio Mané seems to be a mainstay for every list that involves the best forwards in premier league of 2019-2020. The Senagalese superstar had a dreamy season with Liverpool, which saw them win the Premier League for the first time, since the competition’s start in 1992.

Sadio Mané

 is a type of player that every football fan loves to watch. He not only scores goals, but he scores them with flair and beauty. He can showboat but seldom does so, opting instead to help his team. He had an average of 2.2 shots per game, which is low compared to Mohammad Salah’s 3.9, an indication of him being a team player.

He is also extremely fast, which makes him deadly in counter attacks. Like many of Liverpool’s attackers, he is very good at pressing the defenders high and forcing them into making mistakes, mistakes which he and his striking partners then take advantage of.

Klopp's style of so called "Gegennpressing", that he is been wanting to use since taking the helm at Liverpool, is only made possible by utilizing Mané's abilities and in turn, by scoring 18 goals and assisting 7 more, Sadio Mané was instrumental in 


’s title win.

5. Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling was perhaps The player that improved the most under Pep Guardiola’s management. His goal tally of 6 or 7 per season was significantly imrpoved to 17 or 18 goals per season and even that improved more, culminating in this year’s incredible 20 goals. With Aguero not being present for nearly half the season, the burden of goal scoring seemed to be thrust upon


’s shoulders and he didn’t shy away from it.

Although he is not an out-and-out striker, 

Manchester City

’s playing styles allows him to score many goals making him one of the best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020. In fact, City’s styles often result in very training-esque goals with a lot of passes and creativity that bypasses the opposition’s defenses and sees them practically walk the ball into the goal.

With this style of play, Manchester City scored more than any other team in the league this season and Raheem Sterling made the best of it, so often finding the ball in the 18 yards and putting the ball past the keeper. He was certainly one of the best premier league forwards of 2020.

Considering he had less game time than any other player in this list’s top 5 players and the fact that he is not traditionally a forward but is more of a winger, his 20 goal tally seems even more impressive, making him one of the first names on the England’s team sheet in the next Euros.

4. Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian King

’s first season in 


 without a Golden Boot resulted in him winning the Premier League and scoring 19 times. Considering he has only been there for 3 years and won two Golden Boots and a League title, it is of no surprise that Mohamed Salah is so beloved amongst Liverpool fans.

Playing in the right wing of Liverpool's attack,


’s 19 goals were not his only contributions to Liverpool’s historic title win. He also assisted 10 times which makes his goal contributions a goal or an assist every 99 minutes. That sort of numbers combined with Liverpool’s strong defense makes for a strong title challenge, which they hope to replicate in the next season.

Salah shares some attributes with Sadio Mané, With both being among 

the best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020.

 Both players are good Dribblers and also have an incredible amount of speed at their disposal but Salah has that X-factor that so many great players seem to have. That ability to score a goal out of nowhere by dribbling past 3 or 4 defenders or putting the ball into the back of the net from close angles or from long distance.

This was Salah’s supposed “Quiet Season” which saw him nearly win the Golden boot for the third time in a row and that alone speaks to his incredible amount of talent and consistency. One would guess that winning the Premier League in style is better than winning any individual award.

3. Jamie Vardy

Perhaps the first real surprise of this list would be the inclusion of this year’s Golden Boot winner at number 3. Be that as it may the fact is that Vardy scored more penalties than those above him and also won the Golden Boot with only a marginal difference. Nonetheless, with 23 goals scored this season, he was always going to be high on the list of Premier League's best forwards.


Jamie Vardy

 was the savior of Leicester City again this season, as has been the case every year, and his partnership with 

James Maddison

 reached new heights this season and propelled 


 to good results, including a historic 9-0 win over Southampton.

At 33, Vardy seems to have all the qualities of an “English Forward”, tough as nails and ready to take advantage of even the smallest mistakes, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. And as Premier League fans like to joke, he can even do it on a cold night at Stokes!

2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

In the last 5 years, there are few players in Europe’s top leagues that have been scoring as consistently as Arsenal’s 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

. In fact, after his debut for Arsenal in the Premier League back in January 2018, no other player has scored more goals than him. The Black Panther, as the


fans so lovingly call him, has been one of the few bright spots in 2019-2020 league campaign that every Arsenal fan would rather forget, scoring his usual 20+ goals. An amount that looks like he is due, season after season.

At 31 he is still one of the fastest players in football, an ability that he uses to its full advantage by chasing down every loose ball, starting blistering counter attacks and making effective runs into teams with high defense lines, the latter of which he did numerously against Chelsea and Manchester City in the backend of the season, albeit in the 

FA cup

, which resulted in two victories for Gunners and 4 goals for him.

Apart from being one of the best forwards in EPL and his technical qualities on the pitch, Aubameyang is also a great leader, the sort of player that puts the team and his teammates first. He showed that earlier in the season, by giving a penalty to Nicolas Pepe. A penalty that if he himself took could as well have made him the the best forward in Premier League of 2019-2020 season. and the top goalscorer. But giving Pepe the confidence of scoring his first goal for Arsenal was much more important to Aubameyang.

His attitude and leadership along with his technical abilities is what puts him so high on the list of the best forwards in Premier League of 2019-2020, scoring 22 goals this season and losing the top spot, as well as 

the Golden Boot

, only by a hair!

1. Danny Ings

Danny Ings

' accomplishment this season at Southampton is nothing short of miraculous. His story of resurgence is just an inspiring tale of overcoming the odds and a real sporting fairytale.Like many English forwards that play for the Premier League’s mid-table clubs, Dany Ings paid his dues in the Championship and got promoted with Burnley. Though after a decent first season in the Premier League with Burnley he got his dream move to Liverpool.

The change of managers and injuries severely impacted his 3 year stay at Anfield. He even lost an entire season because of injuries. Everything seemed stacked against him and in the end he had to leave the club with only a handful of games and 3 Premier league goals to his name.

His loan move to 


 seemed like a logical transfer and the 7 goals he scored in the 2018-2019 season was something that everyone expected of him. But then the 2019-2020 season came and he took the league by storm. Scoring 22 times and just about losing the top spot to Jamie Vardy.

His numbers seem even more impressive by looking at his season stats which show that Danny Ings scored an incredible 43% of Southampton’s 51 goals this season, only one of which was a penalty.

considering the quality of players around him, which are good but not that great, and the fact that if not for him, Southampton would have been fighting for their life in the relegation zone, Danny Ings’ 22 goals make his accomplishment even more impressive.

The term “One Man Team” should always be used lightly in football, but if there ever was one, that team would be Southampton, and The One Man, Danny Ings, who is certainly the best forward in Premier League of 2019-2020 season.


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