Football players who have dated the same women

Have you ever wondered what if football players had a love triangle of some sorts? Well today is your lucky day, as we name some of the world’s famous footballers who have dated the same people.
Football players who have dated the same women

Some might believe that football is the only interest and purpose in footballers’ lives, but most of us know about the truth. High-tier football players earn exorbitant amounts of money, and they always find new ways to spend it.

 One of the ways famous footballers tend to spend their free time is by dating other celebrities, models, athletes or influencers, which might sometimes cause a little bit of awkwardness since some of these players might end up dating the same person at various points in time. That is why we have created a list of footballers who have dated the same women for you to enjoy.

Soccer stars who have dated the same people

Now to the interesting and sometimes dramatic part of the story. Let us have a look at some of the stars who have dated the same women.

Sergio Ramos/Sergio Sanchez - Elisabeth Reyes

Football players who have dated the same women

It might seem difficult to picture Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos with someone other than his wife Pilar Rubio after they had their fourth child “Maximo Adriano” a couple of weeks ago. But the Spanish international actually dated the Spanish model Elisabeth Reyes for about nine months from 2007 to 2008.

Football players who have dated the same women

Years later she admitted that the reason they broke up was that they were too young to be in a serious relationship. Ms. Reyes seems to have a thing for footballers and specially defenders however, as she later dated Real Racing defender Alexis Ruano, and is now married to the 34 year-old Cádiz CF defender Sergio Sánchez Ortega.

Mesut Ozil/Matteo Ferrari – Aida Yespica

Football players who have dated the same women

As a model, actress and television personality, the Venezuelan Aída Yéspica has had her own share of fame and fortune. But it seems like she’s had her own share of famous footballers as well, as she is known to have dated two of the well-known footballers of the modern era, Mesut Ozil and Matteo Ferrari.

The two players could be placed in the list of football stars who have dated the same women. There are varying reports about the nature of Yespica and Ozil’s relationship however, as the Venezuelan model had once denied the existence of any kind of relationship between the two.

Football players who have dated the same women

Yespica and Ferrari on the other hand, have solid proof of their relationship, and his name is Aron Ferrari. Yes, the two stars have a son from their relationship which lasted from 2007 to 2009. Aron was on 27 November 2008.

Ozil is now married to the Turkish-Swedish 2014 Miss Turkey winner actress and model Amine Gülşe. She also represented her country at the Miss World 2014 pageant.

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Samir Nasri/Freddie Ljungberg/Keiran Richardson/Darren Bent/Jermaine Pennant – Anara Atanes

Football players who have dated the same women

If all the rumors are to be true, then no one could have more of a taste for football players than the now 32-year-old British singer Anara Atanes, who has allegedly dated quite a number of famous footballers.

We could even thank Ms. Atanes, as she might have created a whole list of football stars who have dated the same women all by herself.

If you take a look at her list of romantic interests, you can spot Arsenal great Freddie Ljungberg, on whom she is said to have cheated with Kieran Richardson as the pair were spotted at a club dinner.

Atanes’ love interests don’t stop there however, as she has also dated other football players such as Samir Nasri and Darren Bent.

Wayne Rooney/Mario Balotelli – Jenny Thompson

Football players who have dated the same women

We might have to use the terms ‘romantic relationships’ and ‘dating’ a bit loosely this time. This is because Manchester United legend and then England captain Wayne Rooney had a couple of liaisons with Miss Thompson whilst his wife Coleen Rooney was pregnant with their firstborn son.

Football players who have dated the same women

This was not the only time Thompson had been involved in such affairs and scandals though, as she was reportedly having a fling with the Italy international Mario Balotelli, whose affair was outed by his teammates in a bid to help him avoid being blackmailed.

This affair ultimately led to the footballer’s breakup with his then girlfriend the Italian singer and model Raffaella Fico.

Ryan Giggs/Jermain Defoe – Imogen Thomas

Football players who have dated the same women

Next on our list of footballers who have dated the same woman, we have Ryan Giggs and Jermain Defoe. The 37-year-old 2003 Miss Wales award winner Imogen Mary Thomas is a Welsh model who, back in the day in 2011, was the talk of the media for her notorious extramarital affair with the Manchester United Icon Ryan Giggs.

The news was especially interesting for the media due to the fact that Giggs had obtained a gag order to keep his identity a secret, and protect himself from further allegations as he was married to his now ex-wife Stacey Cooke.

Football players who have dated the same women

This suppression order was to no avail as the legal order was restricted to the UK and could not extend to media outside the UK borders. Giggs, as one of the most famous footballers of history, might have lost a few of his fans to this drama. He divorced his wife in 2017.

Thomas had also briefly dated English professional footballer and then Sunderland player Jermain Defoe who now plays for the Scottish Premiership side, Rangers F.C. She claimed that the reason she and the now 37-year-old striker broke up was that she wanted to stay at home and relax, while Defoe liked to go out a lot and have fun outside.

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Cristiano Ronaldo/Marcus Bent – Gemma Atkinson

Football players who have dated the same women

The two professional footballers might not be on the same level on the football field, but both of them surely qualify for the list of footballers who have dated the same women.

Cristiano has proven himself to be a superstar both on and off the pitch, from his hunger to break any remaining records he can break at the dusk of his career, to the famous supermodels he usually dates.

Football players who have dated the same women

There is a lot to say about his romantic relationships with his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk, to his current girlfriend and ‘baby mama’ Georgina Rodríguez. But one especially catches the eye of the media as she was the love interest of more than one football player, and her name is Gemma Atkinson.

Gemma Louise Atkinson is a 35-year-old English actress and former glamour model who played Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks and its three spin-off series, and is currently in a relationship with Gorka Marquez.

Atkinson dated the Real Madrid legend and now Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2007 while he was a starlet at Manchester United under the wings of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Unfortunately, this relationship did not last longer than a few months, just like most of Ronaldo’s previous relationships.

Before dating Ronaldo, Atkinson had dated former Everton striker Marcus Bent. In fact, the now 42-year-old former professional footballer used to date Danielle Lloyd before getting back together with Atkinson.

Football players who have dated the same women

The two stars were also engaged for a brief period, but had to break up, after which Bent said in an interview that he did not like the media attention he got from dating her and Lloyd.

Cristiano Ronaldo/Sergio Ramos – Nereida Gallardo

Football players who have dated the same women

Next in line in our list of soccer players who dated the same people, we have Ronaldo and his ex-teammate Sergio Ramos, who both were allegedly in a relationship with Nereida Gallardo.

Of course in Ramos’ case, it was nothing more than a simple fling or even a hook up as he met the beautiful lady at a nightclub in Madrid back in 2007. You might remember that before meeting his wife Pilar Rubio, Ramos used to be a bit of a playboy.

Football players who have dated the same women

Gallardo is also said to have met Ronaldo back in 2008. The two allegedly dated for a few months and were even pictured together on vacation.

Real Madrid fans could also be thankful that neither of their legends had been in a serious relationship with this lady, as it could have made things a bit awkward between the two footballers after Ronaldo’s iconic move to the Spanish capital back in 2009.

Karim Benzema/Axel Witsel – Analicia Chaves

Football players who have dated the same women

The Belgian footballer who now plays for Borussia Dortmund dated model Analicia Chaves (AKA Ana Montana) for three years before meeting his wife Rafaella Szabo Witsel and marrying her in 2015.

It was also revealed that Chaves had moved on to another football player, after she posted a series of photos and videos of herself alongside Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema on Instagram.

Football players who have dated the same women

This matter qualifies Benzema and Witsel for our list of footballers who have dated the same woman.

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Kevin de Bruyne/Thibaut Courtois – Caroline Lijnen

Football players who have dated the same women

There might be many footballers on our list of football stars who have dated the same woman, but only a few could be as controversial as the love triangle between Belgium internationals and then Chelsea teammates Kevin de Bruyne and Thibaut Courtois, and KDB’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Lijnen.

Lijnen and de Bruyne were in a romantic relationship back in KDB’s Chelsea days as the Belgian was slowly gaining a reputation for himself, showing the world what he had to offer.

Football players who have dated the same women

The fairytale began to crumble in April 2013 when the rumors about Lijnen and Courtois’ affair first began to spread. The rumors were believed to be true when de Bruyne and his girlfriend finally broke up.

It was later revealed by Lijnen in an interview that the reason she cheated on today’s one of the most famous footballers was that de Bruyne actually cheated on her first, and what’s worse is that he had an affair with one of her friends as she claims.

Football players who have dated the same women

Lijnen had even decided to give her boyfriend another chance to make amends, but then Courtois appeared. The two met when she visited Madrid during his loan spell at Atletico Madrid.

While de Bruyne had allegedly been unfaithful and didn’t engage in meaningful interactions and conversations with Lijnen, she believed that Courtois was a complete gentleman, preparing her a meal with classy bottles of wine, and that was when the two got intimate.

Whatever the quarrel, we are happy to see that things have calmed and it’s all water under the bridge now. We see the two Belgians chat, joke and share moments with each other during their international breaks.

Mauro Icardi/Maxi Lopez – Wanda Nara

Football players who have dated the same women

Who could talk about controversial scandals, back-stabbings, quarrels and drama and not mention the Wanda Derby? Many in the world of football know about it, many have talked about it, and many have analyzed the situation for hours and even days.

This particular drama was (and might still be) between the PSG striker Mauro Icardi and the Crotone striker Maxi Lopez. One significant difference between this case and all the other cases is that Wanda Nara was in fact married to Maxi Lopez from 2008 to 2013.

Football players who have dated the same women

The two countrymen both used to play at Sampdoria and supposedly had a close relationship. But this friendship quickly turned into a love triangle between the two footballers and Maxi Lopez’s wife Wanda Nara, who is a showgirl, a media personality, and also a football agent.

The details of the relationship between Lopez and Nara are unknown, but what’s known is that Icardi was only a friend of the family, until Nara decided to leave Lopez for Icardi. What was interesting for the Paparazzi was that Nara had in fact had an extramarital affair with Icardi.

Football players who have dated the same women

Yes, she was still married to Lopez at the time of her liaison with the PSG footballer. That’s what sparked a global controversy which has lasted until now.

All of the drama was fueled even more in a showdown in 2014 when Sampdoria took on Inter Milan, which would later become known as the ‘Wanda derby’. The game received its name after Lopez refused to shake Icardi’s hand.

Icardi later spoke out about the situation, addressing the problems he’s had with his compatriot, claiming that he was not on the wrong as he had only fallen in love and that love is not wrong

Football players who have dated the same women

This is not the only part of the drama however, as Icardi had the courage to have Lopez and Nara’s children’s faces tattooed on his arm, which didn’t help calm the situation between the two footballers.

All of these events, and the amount of notoriety they brought didn’t help the Inter Milan wonder kid at all, as they might have even affected his performance when he had a fallout with Inter manager Antonio Conte. The series of events led to him being loaned out to the Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint-Germain on deadline day.

Football players who have dated the same women

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi got married in 2014, only a year after she divorced Maxi Lopez. The couple is now in the French capital, where the footballer is playing for PSG and his wife is active as his agent.

Whatever the details, 27-year-old Icardi and 33-year-old Nara are now happily married and have two children together.

That ends our shortlist of footballers who have dated the same women, but the drama doesn’t end here as these were only half the items on the list. So stay tuned for more.

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