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Top 10 Football Clubs With Most Champions League Titles

Tue 28 July 2020 | 7:02

Europe's top club competitions have been affirmed to return. Let’s review top clubs with most Champions League titles.

The UEFA Champions League

is an annual football cup competition organized by the Union of Europe. It was first held for the 1955-56 season. The competition was called the European Cup or European Champions' Cup (officially European Champion Clubs' Cup)

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until 1992.

Real Madrid

hold the record for

the most Champions League trophies

, having won the competition 13 times, including the inaugural competition in 1956.

A total of 22 clubs have won the tournament since its inauguration in 1955, with Real Madrid being the only team to win it thirteen times, including the first five competitions. Only two other clubs (



Bayern Munich

) have reached ten-plus finals.

A total of 12 clubs have won the tournament several times, including Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Liverpool, Ajax, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Manchester United, Benfica, Nottingham Forest, Juventus, and Porto.

Clubs from ten countries have been the tournament champions. Spanish clubs have been the most successful, winning a total of 18 titles.

England is second with 13 and Italy is third with 12, while the other multiple-time winners are Germany with seven, Netherlands with six, and Portugal with four.

The only other countries to provide a tournament winner are Scotland, Romania, Yugoslavia, and France. Greece, Belgium, and Sweden have all provided losing finalists.

Reaching the final of the Champions League is an astonishing achievement, something only 39 clubs have ever done. Only 22 have ever won the tournament.

Read on to find out which clubs have the most Champions League final win:

It seems that some clubs just have the habit of reaching the final only to lose since a total of 18 clubs have reached the final without ever winning the tournament!

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, meaning Royal Madrid Football Club, commonly referred to as Real Madrid, is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid, founded on 6 March 1902.

Real Madrid are known as the

highest Champions League winner

. They have been dominant on both the continent and at home, winning 13 European Cups, more than any other side by far.

Real Madrid dominate the UEFA ranking ahead of Serie A team Bayern Munich, Premier League club Liverpool, Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, and even their La Liga rivals Barcelona.

Real Madrid are the best team in the history of the European Cup. At the end of 2019, the Whites lead the standings in this competition prepared by UEFA according to a system that gives each team two points for a win and one for a draw in the matches they have played since the beginning of the tournament.

Real Madrid,

the club with most champions league titles

, lead way with 600 points, beating Bayern Munich (474 points and five titles) and Barcelona (446 points and five titles).

2. AC Milan

Associazione Calcio Milan, commonly referred to as A.C. Milan or simply Milan, is a professional football club in Milan, Italy, founded in 1899.

AC Milan have won 7 Champions League titles (the first in 1963 and the last in 2007). Milan was the first Italian club to qualify for the European Cup in 1955.

AC Milan are the most successful Italian team when it comes to Champions League. Milan are the only club with second

most champions league trophies

won in their total 120 year history as football club with their most recent champions league victory coming in 2007 against Liverpool in Greece.

In total, AC Milan have won the champions league 7 times in their history only behind Real Madrid’s 13 trophies.

The club won its 1st title in 1963, 2nd title in 1968, 3rd title in 1989, 4th title in 1990, 5th title in1994, 6th title in 2003, and 7th title in 2007.

The club fans are desperately waiting for them to regain their power and show to the world football that they are one of the greatest clubs in the world.

3. Liverpool


Football Club is a professional football club in Liverpool, England, founded in 1892. Liverpool are among the five clubs with five-plus

Champions League titles

, trailing only A.C. Milan and Real Madrid.

Since 1964, the club have won fourteen European and Worldwide trophies, more than any other British club, including the UEFA Champions League title six times.

Unfortunately, The Premier League leaders were knocked out of the competition this season by Spanish side Atletico Madrid.

The game at Anfield finished 3-2 to Atletico, meaning the aggregate score of the two games was 4-2 to the Madrid team, who had won the first game 1-0.

Therefore, the current title holders won't be lifting the trophy for a second consecutive season.

4. Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich

are a football club based in the city of Munich in Bavaria, Germany, founded in 1900.

Bayern have been competing in UEFA competitions since the 1960s and have become one of the most successful teams in Europe.

They have won seven major continental trophies, including five Champions Cup/Champions League titles and are ranked joint fourth among all clubs across the continent in this regard.

Bayern Munich have underlined their dominance of the Bundesliga by winning

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UEFA Champions League five times.

They have reached ten European Cup/UEFA Champions League finals, winning their fifth title in 2013 as part of a continental treble.

In addition to being undisputedly the most successful club in Germany, they are third on All-Time Club World Rankings.

5. Barcelona

FC Barcelona

is a Spanish professional football club based in Barcelona, founded in 1899. The club first participated in European competitions in 1910, and from 1955 onwards, they spent every season in one or more European competitions.

The CATALAN club have won the UEFA champions league 5 times as listed below.



1992 (against Sampdoria, 1–0)



2006 (against Arsenal, 2–1)



2009 (against Man United, 2-0)



2011 (against Manchester United, 3–1)



2015 (against Juventus, 3–1)

As La Liga title contenders, the club has been one of the most successful teams in Spain. They have been ranked joint fourth among all clubs across the continent among the highest Champions League winners.

6. Ajax

Ajax Amsterdam

, or simply Ajax, is a Dutch professional football club based in Amsterdam that plays in the Eredivisie, the top tier in Dutch football. The club was founded in 1900.

Ajax is one of the most successful football clubs in Europe. They have won the European Cup/Champions League four times, and are one of the three clubs that have won the competition three times consecutively.

Ajax won its first European Cup after defeating Milan in the 1995 UEFA Champions League final 1–0, with the winning goal scored by 18-year-old Patrick Kluivert. They reached the final one year later, but were defeated on penalties by Juventus.

It is interesting to know that the only player to have won the UEFA Champions League with three different teams (Ajax, Real Madrid, and AC Milan) is Clarence Seedorf. He considers himself to have a special bond with Europe's premier club competition.

7. Manchester United

Manchester United

Football Club is an English football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, founded in 1878.

The team have won the Champions League title three times so far. First one was in 1967/68 when United beat Benfica 4–0 (Goals from Bobby Charlton x2, Brian Kidd, and George Best) at Wembley Stadium.


UEFA Champions League title

was against Bayern Munich. The third and also last time Man United won the Champions League was against Chelsea in 2008.

Manchester United have reached the European Cup/Champions League final on five occasions, losing twice. They reached the final of the competition in 1968, 1999, 2008, 2009, and 2011.

The first three times they reached the finals, they won the competition, with their losses in 2009 in 2011, both coming against Barcelona.

8. Inter Milan

Football Club

Internazionale Milano

, commonly referred to as Internazionale or simply Inter, and known as Inter Milan outside Italy, is an Italian professional football club based in Milan, Lombardy, founded in 1908.

Inter has won the Champions League three times; two back-to-back in 1964 and 1965 and then another in 2010.

The last completed an unprecedented Italian treble with the Coppa Italia and the Scudetto. The club has also won three UEFA Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup.

9. Juventus


Football Club, colloquially known as Juventus and Juve, is a professional football club based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, founded in 1897, that competes in the Serie A, the top flight of Italian football.

As one of

the most titled clubs

, Juventus is Italy's second most successful team in European competitions, fifth at continental level, and eleventh club with the most official international tournaments won in the world, having won eleven official trophies, and the UEFA Champions League  twice.

10. Porto


, commonly known as FC Porto or simply Porto, is a Portuguese professional sports club based in Porto, founded in 1893.

They have won two

UEFA Champions League titles

(in 1987, as the European Cup, and 2004), two UEFA Europa League titles (in 2003, as the UEFA Cup, and 2011), one UEFA Super Cup (in 1987), and two Intercontinental Cups (in 1987 and 2004), for a total of seven international trophies.

Two other clubs who have won UEFA Champions League titles twice are SL Benfica and Nottingham Forest. Celtic, Chelsea, and Dortmund have won Champions League titles only once.

It’s worth mentioning that the total revenue of the UEFA Champions League amounted to over € 2.1 billion in the 2017/18 season, a significant jump from the revenue of just under € 1.1 billion in the 2009/10 season. Total revenue of the 2018/19 season was € 2.82 billion.

With the club competition being one of the most popular tournaments in the world, the rights to broadcast the games are unsurprisingly worth a lot of money. In the 2017/18 season, the competition generated revenue of over € 1.71 billion in broadcasting rights and a further € 390 million in commercial rights.

While soccer still has a long way to go, it appears that interest in the sport is starting to grow. A total of two million U.S. viewers tuned into the Champions League final in 2018, an increase from 1.68 million in 2016.

Quite surprisingly, an American audience of 1.51 million viewers represented a slight fall from the two million viewers who watched Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in the 2018 final.


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