16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History

Here’s a look at the worst signings in football ever.
16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History

​A stunning transfer can be the contrast between disappointment and achievement. However, let's face it. The signings we truly recall are those which turn out badly. The transfer market offers football clubs the chance to reinforce the sides, with clubs making a special effort to purchase the best players who they feel are the best fit to assist them with accomplishing their desire. 
The market has been present for longer than a century with changes to a great extent, the nuts and bolts have to a great extent been the equivalent, with clubs paying stipulated charges for the signing of players much similarly as products are exchanged the open market. 
Expanding globalization of the game implies that there are additional funds in Europe accessible to the top football clubs and this has concordantly prompted increasing market costs, with players currently being sold for unbelievable sums. 
Each move is made to reinforce the side and by and large, better players go for higher sums, however, pricing doesn't generally mean execution and various expensive signings that tumbled in different Leagues.
Europe's best sides will all be linked with the absolute best footballers on the planet. In any case, if any move does occur, we ought to be vigilant that not every one of them pays off. 
Indeed, in the course of the most recent 20 years, we've seen some genuine stunners. 
The transfer market can have a significant influence on taking care of the eventual fate of the club. Top European clubs are monetarily equipped for spending as much as possible to pack the most wanted players of the world. Be that as it may, moves are determined dangers which may not generally go one's direction. Simply remember Chelsea club who paid 50 million pounds to get Fernando Torres and we know how that turned out. There have been various cases like Torres' which simply didn't turn out as arranged. 

16 of the worst transfers in football history:

Sportmob presents you the list of worst signings in world football ever:

16-Gaizka Mendieta
(Valencia to Lazio)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Bilbao
  • Citizenship: Spain
  • Height: 1,73 m
  • Position: Right Midfield
  • Caps/Goals: 40/8

Once upon a time, Valencia were regarded as one of the best sides in Europe, and Gaizka Mendieta was their hero. Mendieta was named greatest Midfielder in Europe by UEFA 2 years on the run, and when Lazio bought him in 2001, they made Mendieta the 6th most costly player ever. 

Mendieta had been a productive goalscorer for Valencia. Gaizka Mendieta was one of the greatest playmakers in his prime on the planet and featured with Valencia for 8 campaigns somewhere in the range of 1993 and 2001, assuming a key job in the triumphs delighted in by the club. however, he dismissed the chances to find the back of the net once in 31 matches for Lazio, who offered him to Barcelona after one campaign. He finished his profession with Middlesbrough, those long stretches of Champions League fame since quite a while ago overlooked. 
The Spaniard was bought to supplant the leaving Juan Sebastian Veron and Pavel Nedved, yet he turned into one of the worst transfers ever neglecting to take care of business and struggled to deal with the genuinely demanding Italian Serie A.

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15- Juan Sebastian Veron
(Lazio to Manchester United)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: La Plata
  • Citizenship: Argentina
  • Height: 1,82 m
  • Position: Central Midfield
  • Agent: KBM
  • Caps/Goals: 75/10

The Red Devils bought the Argentina international Juan Sebastian Veron in the late spring of 2001 for 28 million pounds to break the Premier League record. Veron came in with tremendous expectations after his accomplishment in Italy with Lazio. He began well in the Premier League and it appeared as though great business when he hit the ground running with 3 goals in his initial 4 Premier League games."Veron is a f*cking incredible player, and you're all f*cking blockheads," Alex Ferguson told the media, yet Veron gradually lost his feet. He would proceed to go through 3 campaigns with Man United playing in only 82 matches, however, Ferguson finally surrendered and permitted Veron to join Chelsea for a huge misfortune in 2003. The Argentine was no better at Chelsea.

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14- Andriy Shevchenko
(AC Milan to Chelsea)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Dvirkivschyna
  • Citizenship: Ukraine 
  • Height: 1,83 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Agent: Oscar Damiani
  • Caps/Goals: 111/48

Andriy Shevchenko penned the contract for joining Chelsea in the mid-year of 2006 in what is regarded as one of the most noticeably awful signings ever. Shevchenko was famous for being one of the greatest strikers in Europe after his adventures with AC Milan. Chelsea was a fan of him. Anyway, the transfer ended up being pointless as Shevchenko neglected to fulfill the exceptional standards of the PL. He scored only 22 goals in 2 campaigns for Chelsea ahead of returning to Milan and Dynamo Kyiv as his amazing football career tragically subsided.
​If ever there was a striker worth using up every last cent for, it was Andriy Shevchenko. A productive goalscorer in Italy, he had netted 173 goals for AC Milan, outperforming the 25-goal record in 6 of his 8 campaigns and in 2004 won the Ballon d'Or.

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13- Ricardo Kaka 
(AC Milan To Real Madrid)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Gama
  • Citizenship: Brazil
  • Height: 1,86 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Caps/Goals: 92/29

The absolute diamond who is along with Luca Modric the last footballer to beat Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to the Ballon d'Or award. He helped Milan to the Champions League title with some amazing exhibitions. In 2009, Kaka moved to Real Madrid for 56 million pounds. Anyway, he couldn't exactly satisfy his grand measures as he endured various long-term injuries all through his time at Santiago Bernabeu. In 2013, after a fruitless spell with Real, Kaka returned to Milan. be that as it may, he would never fully recover the form he once had during his spell with AC Milan

12- Dmytro Chygrynskiy
(Shakhtar Donetsk to Barcelona)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Iziaslav
  • Citizenship: Ukraine 
  • Height: 1,89 m
  • Position: Centre-Back
  • Agent: ProStar
  • Caps/Goals: 29/0

The Ukrainian defender persuaded Pep Guardiola to buy him from Shakhtar Donetsk as a replacement for Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol as he saved his side against Barcelona for 115 minutes until Pedro scored a late winning goal in the 2009 UEFA Super Cup. 
Dmytro Chugrynski became well known for his presentation for Shakhtar Donestk in the Ukrainian Premier League and this motivated Barcelona and Pep Guardiola to spend €25m to sign him, with the club certain that he would reinforce the side with his defensive skills. 
It appeared that they made the correct decision but Chygrynskiy played only 14 games for Barcelona, winning a trophy per seven matches, before coming back to Shakhtar Donetsk toward the finish of the campaign. His name stays a reference in a celebrated time of Barcelona's history. Perhaps he thought that it was difficult to adjust to the new culture and couldn't uproot the main XI pairing of Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique.

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11- Zlatan Ibrahimovic 
(Milan to Barcelona

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Malmo
  • Citizenship: Sweden
  • Height: 1,95 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Agent: Mino Raiola
  • Caps/Goals: 116/62

​Zlatan Ibrahimovic has netted goals wherever he has featured, and Barcelona was the same. he scored 21 goals during his single campaign in Barcelona. In any case, no one appeared to comprehend why Barcelona had exchanged €46m and the Cameroonian for a forward who was scarcely any superior to Samuel Eto'o. 
Ibrahimovic's character demands that he is the big cheese in any place he plays, however, that was not the situation at Barcelona. Compelled to play in the shadow of Messi, Ibrahimovic became baffled with Guardiola and lashed out at him in the wake of Barcelona's UCL loss against Inter. Finally, he was sent back to Italy at the end of the campaign.

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10- Ciro Immobile 
(Torino to Borussia Dortmund)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Torre Annunziata
  • Citizenship: Italy
  • Height: 1,85 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Agent: Gea World S.p.A.
  • Caps/Goals: 39/10

In 2014, when BVB sold Robert Lewandowski to their greatest opponents Bayern Munich, they expected to discover a player who could supplant the Polish striker. They selected Ciro Immobile, who had netted 22 goals for Torino in Serie A. 
Joining from the moderately steady pace of Serie A to the high pressure of Jurgen Klopp's strategies fell short for Immobile and he netted only 3 Bundesliga goals. Following quite a long while of exceptional achievement, Dortmund completed 7th that campaign and Jurgen Klopp left the club.​ 

9- Fernando Redondo 
(Real Madrid to AC Milan)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires
  • Citizenship: Argentina
  • Height: 1,86 m
  • Position: Defensive Midfield
  • Caps/Goals: 28/1

In the late 1990s, Fernando Redondo was outstanding amongst other holding midfielders on the planet In his prime and was a key figure of the Real Madrid and Argentina
Regardless of his defensive skills, Redondo additionally had the uncanny talent for offensive moves and made one of the godlike minutes in UCL history in the 2000 quarterfinal at the point when he demonstrated incredible expertise to dribble past Berg by backheeling the ball around him and assisting Raul to score the goal. 
For his brilliant performances in Bernabeu, AC Milan offered €15m to sign him, in spite of protests from Redondo and fans to stay in Madrid. 
A genuine physical issue occurred in one of his first training days with Milan and postponed his introduction by 2 years, forcing Redondo to choose to relinquish his wage and in spite of the fact that he contributed gently in his 3rd campaign, having shown up 33 times for the Rossoneri in 4 years, another injury compelled him to retire. 
In 2000, Alex Ferguson once praised him in that Redondo had magnets in his boots after an especially amazing exhibition for Real Madrid against Manchester United. Redondo was en route to winning the Champions League again, however, he was shockingly permitted to leave Madrid and join AC Milan. He won the Champions League again in 2003, however, had no impact in the final.

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8- Roberto Soldado 
(Valencia to Tottenham)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Valencia
  • Citizenship: Spain
  • Height: 1,80 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Caps/Goals: 12/7

In 2013, Roberto Soldado was made the most costly transfer in Spurs' history when the club bought him for £26m from Valencia. 
Soldado has been a goal machine in the Spanish Laliga and it was normal that he would carry out the same in England, yet he never truly got moving in North London and didn't find the back of the net from open play in the PL for more than 60 days. 
The development of Harry Kane put paid to his time and having scored only 7 goals from 52 PL matches, Soldado left Tottenham for Villareal for a total of £10m after only 2 campaigns.

7- Jonathan Woodgate
(Newcastle to Real Madrid)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Nunthorpe
  • Citizenship: England
  • Height: 1,88 m
  • Position: Centre-Back
  • Caps/Goals: 8/0

It is uncontentious that Jonathan Woodgate would have gotten one of the unsurpassed greatest players of all time if it was not for injury issues. 
Woodgate started his football with Leeds United and performed brilliantly in 5 campaigns at Elland Road to incite an offer to join Newcastle United where he played a single season ahead of leaving to join Real Madrid. 
He finished the paperwork of signing for £13.4m and notwithstanding being injured at the hour of his singing, Los Blancos felt that he would refind his feet soon. 
That, nonetheless, demonstrated not to be the situation and it took him longer than a year to play in a Real Madrid shirt. 
It ended up being a presentation game to overlook for him as he scored an own goal ahead of being sent off in the initial 30 minutes. 
Woodgate's time at Madrid was cursed by injury inconveniences and he played 14 times in his 3 campaigns with the club ahead of joining his old club in 2008. 

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6- Jackson Martinez
(Porto to Atletico Madrid)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Quibdo
  • Citizenship: Colombia
  • Height: 1,85 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Agent: Henrique Pompeo
  • Caps/Goals: 39/10

Jackson Martinez is a Colombian striker who played for Porto in the Portuguese Primeira Liga, scoring a lot of goals persuaded Atletico Madrid to sign him for  €35m. 
In contrast to his countryman Radamel Falcao, he, in any case, didn't find his feet at Madrid. He had an issue with Diego Simeone who was supposedly discontent with Jackson's lack of responsibility. He was offered to the Chinese Super League team Guangzhou Evergrande for €42m only 7 months in the wake of joining Madrid. Jackson Martinez scored 3 goals from 22 games for Atletico Madrid. 

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5- Leonardo Bonucci 
(Juventus to AC Milan)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Viterbo
  • Citizenship: Italy
  • Height: 1,90 m
  • Position: Centre-Back
  • Agent: Alessandro Lucci
  • Caps/Goals: 95/7

Subsequent to winning 6 back to back Serie A trophies at Juventus, Bonucci moved to AC Milan planning to reestablish the club to achieve the previous awards once again. 
Yet, that is not how it ended up. In the wake of being named skipper and penning a five-year contract, the Italian could just assist them to a 6th place. He came back to the Old Lady squad the following season.

4- Philippe Coutinho 
(Liverpool to Barcelona)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: BrazilRio de Janeiro
  • Citizenship: Brazil
  • Height: 1,72 m
  • Position: Attacking Midfield
  • Agent: Sports Invest UK ltd
  • Caps/Goals: 61/17

The Catalans demanded Philippe Coutinho to space in consistently close by Suarez and Messi at their forefront. Yet, that didn't occur, as the 27-year-old attempted to adjust to life in Spain and was unsuccessful. 
In eighteen months, he scored 21 goals in 76 games and has since been at Bayern Munich on loan and supplanted by Antonio Griezmann
The Reds, then again, are ex-European champions and should win the Premier League without their previous superstar.

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3-Angel Di Maria
(Real Madrid to Manchester)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Rosario
  • Citizenship: Argentina
  • Height: 1,80 m
  • Position: Right Winger

In 2014, Di Maria's expensive transfer to Manchester United had fans genuinely energized. In any case, after a strong beginning, he was played by Louis van Gaal sparely as a substitute. 
​13 years on from Juan Sebastian Veron, Man United indeed broke the British signing record to lure an Argentina international. Regardless of his brilliant performance at Real Madrid with considerable achievements, Angel Di Maria proceeded without shining at Old Trafford. 
In the wake of only a year at Old Trafford, the club cut their misfortunes and sold Di Maria on to PSG for under £44m. He's turned out to be an indispensable and productive striker for PSG since.
Angel Di Maria was the highest earner in the Premier League at that point and in appearing conviction of his skills, Di Maria was given the blessed shirt number 7. He, in any case, dismissed to become a new Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bryan Robson, George Best or David Beckham.

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2-Fernando Torres
(Liverpool to Chelsea)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Fuenlabrada
  • Citizenship: Spain
  • Height: 1,86 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Caps/Goals: 110/38

​On its essence, this resembled a mind-boggling bit of business for The Blues, purchasing one of the Premier League's most deadly center-forwards from opponents Liverpool on cutoff time day, yet his doomed spell with Chelsea never arrived at the productive statures he had accomplished at Anfield. 
Fernando Torres netted 45 goals for the Blues, including the goal against Barcelona which resulted in their place in the 2012 Champions League final, however, he never netted in excess of 8 goals in a PL campaign at Stamford Bridge before 2014 that he returned to the home. 
The Spanish striker joined Chelsea in the winter of 2011 for an expense worth around 50 million pounds. In the wake of his spell with The Reds where his exhibitions made his name as one of the World's Best Strikers, much was anticipated from him at Stamford Bridge. Anyway, Torres pitiably neglected to fulfill the desires. It took him 14 matches to score his first goal, scoring only 44 more in 172 matches for the blues. Anyway, the UCL title filled in as a significant silver covering for Torres during his time in London. In 2015, He eventually left Chelsea and in the end joined his childhood club, Atletico Madrid.

1- Andy Carroll
(Newcastle to Liverpool)

16 of the Worst Transfers in Football History
  • Place of birth: Gateshead
  • Citizenship: England
  • Height: 1,93 m
  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Caps/Goals: 9/2

The frenzy purchase to end all frenzy purchases. It wasn't that Andy Carroll was a terrible center-forward. he'd netted 11 goals in 19 matches for Newcastle United since assisting them to come back to the PL, yet signing him was such an indication that how ineffectively arranged Liverpool were for the exit of Fernando Torres. 
Andy Carroll netted only 6 Premier League goals in 44 matches ahead of leaving the Reds to join West Ham in 2013. Indeed, In the wake of ten years even in the markets of 2020, Carroll is as yet one of the most costly English strikers ever.​ The deal made him the most costly British player at that point and the eighth-most costly footballer in history. While finally Carroll struggled to score goals and went down as one of the most costly fails in Premier League history. 


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