Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

We will know lots of incredible facts about the best footballer of all time; Diego Armando Maradona.
Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

Diego Maradona has without a doubt become famous as perhaps the best player ever to play the sport of football, however, discussion encompassed his profession, and he has become one of the most infamous football players at any point seen, just as one of the most celebrated.

The Argentinian icon started his football in his country, where his victories resulted in a transition to Barcelona, however, his move was not even close as effective as that of Lionel Messi, his countryman, and otherworldly successor.

He had an altogether unique story in Napoli, where he earned love or his accomplishment in national tournaments where he netted 34 goals in 91 matches and won the 1986 World Cup practically without any assistance.

In any case, it's away from the pitch that he has stopped people in their tracks, which is astounding thinking about his abilities. He was as often as possible controversial, constant issues with well-announced drug addiction and nearly killed himself with his poor way of life decisions.

Diego Armando Maradona played his last tribute game, in Buenos Aires On November 10, 2001. He played for nostalgic fans in which companions of the regarded player run around the pitch, permitting him to experience one greater snapshot of greatness.

Maradona's tribute was perfect, with legends presences like Hristo Stoichkov and Eric Cantona, befitting a player who was once viewed as the best on the planet.

In his prime, Maradona would flit past rivals without any difficulty, yet now, at 41, he was fat, with terrible knees and awful lower legs, and had been battling drug use for about twenty years.

This time, his rivals humored him, moving to one side as he lumbered by. He netted twice that day, both penalties against Higuita, who obliged his old companion by leaping off the beaten path. In the wake of the two goals, Higuita and Maradona embraced each other.

Awesome facts about Diego Maradona you probably did not know

What follows, is a list of top amazing facts about the iconic Argentina footballer

Here are the most interesting facts about Diego Maradona:

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- Diego Maradona was born on the edges of Buenos Aires on October 30, 1960. 

- Maradona capped 91 times for Argentina and scored 34 goals. 

- He featured in 4 FIFA World Cup competitions for Argentina. 

- He assisted Boca Juniors to earn the title in 1982 preceding making a transition to Barcelona. Yet, he moved to Napoli in 1984 and assisted them to win their two Serie A championship in 1987 and 1990. 

- He captained his national team on 16 games and holds the record for showing up as skipper of any nation in the FIFA World Cup.

- Altogether, be that as it may, Maradona featured in World Cup competitions 21 times. 

- He made his first expert introduction to the football on October 20, 1976, for Argentinos Juniors when he was 15.

- In Japan, Maradona was a member of the Argentina team that earned the 1979 Youth World Cup. 

- In Buenos Aires, On February 27, 1977, Diego Maradona made his first global presentation against Hungary in the Bombonera arena at age 16. 

- One of the cool facts about Diego Maradona is that he sniffed cocaine on the pitch. Reportedly this occurrence happened following he scored the triumphant goal in a worldwide All-Star game in Pasadena a month after the finish of the 1986 World Cup. While celebrating he sniffed something off his hand which is accepted to be cocaine. 

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Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- Maradona holds the record for enduring the most number of fouls during the 1986 World Cup with 53 times. 

- He additionally holds the record for the most number of fouls endured in one match, in 1982 against Italy where they fouled him 23 times.

- Maradona captained Argentina to win World Cup in 1986, defeating West Germany 3-2 in the last game. 

- Maradona additionally earned the Golden Ball award for being the competition's remarkable player. 

- One of the fun facts about Diego Maradona is that he scored with his hand against England in the quarter-final of the 1986 World Cup. At the point when he was asked about the goal, he stated it was the hand of God.

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- In 1987, He earned Serie A title with Napoli, an accomplishment that would be rehashed in 1990. In 1989 He likewise won the UEFA Cup. 

- Maradona played just two matches and scored once in the 1994 World Cup as he was sent home subsequent to a doping test. 

- In 1989 Diego married Claudia Villafane, however, he parted ways with his wife in 2004 in Buenos Aires. 

- One of the fun facts about Diego Maradona is that he began featuring a Television program on Argentinian TV called, La Noche del 10 In 2005. Surprisingly regardless of their contention, Pele was his guest on his absolute first show and they showed no signs of the rivalry on the show and even enjoyed a game of head tennis.

- in October 2008, He was hired as the director of Argentina's national team.

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- He won the first game debut as manager on November 19, 2008, against Scotland.  On that day, his side took on Scotland at Hampden Park and emerged successful with a 1-0 triumph. 

- Maradona criticized the Jabulani ball On June 22, 2010, stating: "I would request that all FIFA chiefs quit discussing me and to begin taking a shot at having a legitimate football. This ball is futile. It's difficult to control." 

- In a public interview preceding the primary knockout round in the 2010 World Cup, Maradona hopped over the boundary to hug his previous Napoli friend Salvatore Bagni. Following that welcome, Bagni stated: "In any event, knowing him as I have done every one of these years, Diego consistently plans something for shocking you." 

- Maradona eagerly safeguarded Lionel Messi after Argentina losing against Germany in the 2010 World Cup when he stated: "Anybody saying he didn't have an incredible World Cup is stupid." 

- In 2006, the previous teammate Jorge Valdano said of him: "He is somebody numerous individuals need to imitate, a questionable figure, adored, hated, who blends extraordinary change, particularly in Argentina. Focusing on his own life is nonsense. Maradona has transformed his life into a show, and is presently carrying on an individual trial that ought not to be imitated." 

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- His performances actually had the Argentina number 10 shirt retired as the Argentine Football Association put in a solicitation to FIFA to retire the No.10 shirt to pay tribute to Maradona. However, The solicitation was denied. and it's perhaps true to claim that Lionel Messi was delighted with that result.

- Estadio Diego Armando Maradona is the name of Argentinos Juniors arena after Maradona.

- In the 1986 World Cup, in the wake of winning against England Maradona stated: "Maybe we had beaten a nation, something other than a football team." 

- In 1996 Maradona honestly confessed: "I was, I am and I generally will be a drug addict. An individual who engages in drugs needs to battle it consistently."

- FIFA planned to have a player of the century prize for the new thousand years in 2000. After in the end conclude that Maradona and Pele would share the honor, Pele stated: "In the event that he believes he's the best player of the century that is only his concern." 

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- "Maradona and 10 others." is what Argentina director Carlos Bilardo said while faced the question to name his XI in 1990.

- From 2005 to 2006 he was the sports vice-president of Boca Juniors.

- Emir Kusturica is the Serbian movie producer who has made a narrative documentary about Diego Maradona, which showed at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 for the first time. 

- One of the fun facts about Diego Maradona is how Sir Bobby Robson hailed him in 1986 : "Arsenal could have won the World Cup With Maradona." 

- In 1978, the England iconic defender Phil Neal said of an 18-year-old Maradona: " he is simply mind-boggling, he is the best I have ever observed." 

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- In 1998, Maradona Fans founded a "Church of Maradona" in Buenos Aires.

- In the quarter-final of the World Cup in 1986, he scored the goal of the century. Maradona's second goal against England where he dribbles past England defenders and Peter Shilton to make the score 2-0. 

- Maradona has a copy manikin in the French show 'Les guignols de l'info'. 

- In 1991, Diego needed to leave Napoli in the wake of failing a drug test for cocaine. 

- The Argentine rejected the invitation to the opening festival of the 2006 World Cup, stating: "I'm not here to take a gander at ridiculous Pele strolling around." 

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Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- In a progressing war of words with Pele, the Brazilian contended during Maradona's rule as Argentina national team chief: "However it isn't Maradona's mistake. It is the deficiency of whoever put him there." Diego hit back after, stating: "Pele ought to return to the historical center of the museum. What's more, remain there." 

- Italian authorities uncovered in 2009 that Maradona owes them €37 million.

- Maradona arrived at the midpoint of 0.52 goals per game in local club tournaments. 

- He is the 5th-best with the most goals for Argentina, behind Messi, Batistuta, Aguero, and Crespo. 

- The Tartan Army, the Scottish fan team have a serenade in appreciation of Maradona for eliminating their neighbors from the 1986 World Cup. 

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- "Footballers have all got square feet. They resemble Robocops, they have more need of grease than kneading. I don't accept the competition could be more terrible." Diego expressed about World Cup 1998.

- In 2006, The Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Spirulina Against Malnutrition selected Maradona as its Goodwill Ambassador. 

- "Maradona is our most extreme term of reference. Nobody encapsulates our quintessence better. Nobody bears our image all the more respectably. To no other, over the most recent 20 years, have we presented such a lot of energy. Argentina is Maradona, Maradona is Argentina." An Argentinian analyst and writer Gustavo Bernstein noted In a book on Maradona in 1997.

- Maradona is the main player throughout the entire existence of football to have broken the move fee record twice. 

- One of the cool facts about Diego Maradona is that Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi described him as the hardest player they had ever played against. 

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- Maradona and Messi are the main footballers to have earned the Golden Ball award at both the FIFA U-20 World Cup and FIFA World Cup. 

- He visited Ali Bin Nasser, the Tunisian referee who refereed the game where Diego netted two goals against England in 1986 and paid tribute by showing a signed Argentine shirt On August 17, 2015.

- He distributed his personal history naming "Yo Soy El Diego" In 2000. the name signifies "I am the Diego." and donated the book to Cuban people. 

- Maradona was granted for his commitment to sports by Argentine-based Konex Foundation conceded him the Diamond Konex Award in 1990. It is one of the most renowned social honors in Argentina.

- "I did it with the hand of reason." He stated in the wake of the crushing a reporter's vehicle for being meddlesome.

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Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- "He is a defective superstar who has now become a master who is imperfect." Bob Wilson said of Maradona.

- He dribbled past goalkeeper Agustin and defender Juan Jose ahead of opening goal In a match against Real Madrid and He was praised by the rival fans. This is one of only barely players to have gotten such applause. 

- Maradona, Giordano, and Careca formed the magic Napoli trio and assisted them to lift their second Serie A title in 1989-90. They were known as the 'Mama Gi-Ca'

- One of the cool facts about Diego Maradona is that during his time as head coach, in World Cup qualifiers Argentina equaled their most noticeably terrible ever loss by losing 6-1 to Bolivia. This prompted Maradona taking a considerable lot of analysis and criticism. Maradona would not take criticism well, In the wake of accumulating a great deal of analysis and criticism from the Argentinian fans during the 2010 Word Cup, Maradona ensured they secured their place in South Africa. Afterward, He broadly advised the Argentina boo young men to "suck it" and "continue sucking it." Furthermore, FIFA restricted him for two months as when his team qualified for the competition.

- 17-year-old Maradona didn't make the 1978 World Cup group as by then-mentor Cesar Luis Menotti was viewed as excessively youthful.

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- One of the cool facts about Diego Maradona is that the specialists at the Azteca Stadium manufactured a statue of him scoring the Goal of the Century and put it at the entrance of the arena as a tribute to Maradona's greatness. 

- lawfully, Diego has fathered two kids."My genuine children are Dalma and Giannina. The rest are the results of my cash and mistakes." He once confessed about parenthood. 

- Maradona gave a signed shirt having a message of assistance to the individuals in Iran, and it is shown in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs In December 2007.

- "I asked myself, 'Who is he? Who is this footballing legend, this Sex Pistol of global football, this cocaine victim who left the trouble behind, looked like Falstaff and was as powerless as spaghetti?' Maradona is somewhere in the range close by Marilyn Monroe and Mao Tse-Tung. I'm persuaded that on the off chance that he wasn't soccer player, he'd've gotten a revolutionary." Kusturica once said of Maradona.

Awesome Facts About Diego Maradona You Probably Did not Know

- Maradona was highlighted as a legendary player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 and FIFA 18. 

- Regardless of the contention among Argentina and Brazil Diego Costa was named out of appreciation for "Diego" Maradona. 

- Diego was featured in the music video "Waka" by Shakira to the 2010 World Cup where he was lifting the 1986 World Cup.

- One of the facts about Diego Maradona is that he has a tattoo of Che Guevara. He has declared that the entirety of his tattoos means everything to him, he stated once: "I convey Guevara on my arm and in my heart. I took in his story; I figured out how to cherish him. I think I know reality with regard to him.

- It is of extraordinary significance to take note of that Maradona's net worth isn't just comprised of money gotten from the sport yet additionally different businesses outside the game. His net worth is as of now assessed to simply be over $1m.


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