The Top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019

Wednesday12 August 2020 | 15:30
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What follows, is a rundown of football best left-backs who are represented the top 10 in 2019:

Across the different leagues, we've been captivated by the most perfect left-backs in football. We've taken a look at them to provide with you a list of them to follow, including the latest details and data. We have passed the time when the left-backs were the goal protectors and the strikers used to attack and score the goals.

Football has changed a lot and now it has gotten progressively different, by and by a left-back protect their box just as helping their midfielders and forwards to score goals and that is the reason finding a perfect left-back is troublesome.

In the present football time, a left-back must have dribbling capacity similarly as pace to overcome every one of the rivals in front of them and give a perfect cross or net the goals when you're in a better position. It is unquestionably not an easy role for a full 90 minutes when taking care of both protection and attacking at the same time.

In our journey to consider the most recent profiles on brilliant footballers across worldwide leagues, we've run over the 10 best left-backs on the planet. From the Premier League to Serie A and Bundesliga, football is being overwhelmed by these greatest left-backs with strength, pace, and attacking abilities.

The Top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019

Let’s countdown to the Top 10 best left-backs of 2019.

10- Danny Rose

  • Name: Daniel Lee Rose
  • Position: DF-MF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 85% Left
  • Height: 173cm
  • Born: July 2, 1990 (Age: 29-205d) in Doncaster, England, United Kingdom
  • National Team: England
  • Club: Tottenham Hotspur

All things considered, the full-backs role has experienced a significant change in the course of the most recent decade, as one could claim for a full-back attacking ability currently being as significant if not of more significance than their defensive role nowadays.

The Englishman has suffered various vicissitudes during the recent few seasons at Tottenham, including long knee injuries,Contentions with his director in regards to the club's transfer approach, and getting criticism from media and writers the same. Disputable remarks like this from fans: "I'd prefer to see two or three players and not the ones you have to google and say, who is that? In other words, world-class players"

However, regardless of that, He deserves a notice of his advancement since the distressing 2017 season. As a dynamic defender, the Englishman has ascended from the droops to turn into one of the best left-backs in the Premier League.

He can contribute easily to the strikers, and his pace permits him to compensate for any protective omissions that result. A quality that has likewise been seen by his Gareth Southgate.

Notwithstanding all the discussions encompassing Danny Rose during recent seasons, his slow and consistent advancement is a praiseworthy job. At the point when both Pochettino and Gareth Southgate selected him, he had demonstrated his pace, tackling, and aerial capacities.

This 29-year-old has gained enormous ground in the last seasons forming into ostensibly the best all-around left-back in the PL. Because of his wonderful advancement, the 29-year-old Englishman has demonstrated incredible levelheadedness both in terms of defense and attack. He has additionally improved his situating without the ball, guaranteeing that he once in a while would not get caught out of his place.

Danny Rose is tough, and won't let himself be beaten either by dribble or speed. He has generally excellent tackling, monitors the game well, and will even do his best to support the full-backs. An awesome Champions League run saw one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019 and Tottenham in the Final, where they lost against Liverpool.

9- Alex Telles

  • Name: Alex Nicolao Telles
  • Position: DF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 92% Left
  • Height: 181cm
  • Born: December 15, 1992 (Age: 27-039d) in Caxias do Sul, Brazil
  • National Team: Brazil
  • Club: Porto

Clearly, the perfect left-back can do both with equivalent capability. As usual, our top ten depends on current demonstrations, however, that doesn't mean current form, in other words, we're not simply taking a gander at their last ten games yet vice versa.

Football has developed extremely quickly to an open arrangement, which expects teams to be significantly adaptable. As the sport has developed, the roles and duties inside the team especially the full-backs have gotten progressively essential to their team.

It is somehow shocking that Alex Telles is still with Porto At 27 years old. The former Galatasaray player landed in the Primeira Liga in 2016, and he has been remarkable from that point forward. He has made the Primeira Liga Team of the Season in two back-to-back seasons and as the club won the Primeira Liga title was even named as FC Porto's Player of the Year.

Obviously, there will be the individuals who state well it's just fine doing that in Porto, however, it's not so much a genuine challenge of a player to make a seven like this, yet those individuals aren't right. Telles is an extremely skilled all-round left-back, who is fast, innovative and a great crosser of the ball down the left, just as being estimated, clever and easy at the back.

Porto proved they’re a decent side by going unbeaten and topping their group during the Champions League group stages, and Telles is arguably their best player. As you can tell, we rate him highly, and the former Inter Milan loanee comes in at fifth for us.

Porto demonstrated they're a nice team by going undefeated and topping their group during the UEFA Champions League, and the uncapped Brazilian left-back is seemingly their best player. As should be obvious, we rate him profoundly, and the previous Inter Milan loanee is one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019.

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8- Benjamin Mendy

  • Position: DF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 92% Left
  • Height: 186cm
  • Born: July 17, 1994 (Age: 25-190d) in Longjumeau, France
  • National Team: France
  • Club: Manchester City

Indeed, even with that development in present-day football, there is as yet a deficiency of good left-footed players. Therefore, the responsibility of the cutting edge left-back has been more difficult to fulfill now, to defend, help midfielders, press and afterward rush forward to join the attack on each open door accessible. To do this for an hour and a half isn't a simple undertaking, particularly with all the running and following included.

The 25-year-old Benjamin Mendy was one of the best soccer left backs of 2019. has spent an enormous part of his Man City football career uninvolved, with hamstring and cruciate anterior tendon injuries keeping him from the activity.

Be that as it may, the exhibitions we have seen by Mendy for the Citizens under Pep Guardiola demonstrate precisely why he has the potential and ability to be one of the world's best left-backs.

The Frenchman is an outright machine down the left side, equipped with speed and power, but at the same time can deliver exact passes in the pitch.

A progressively praiseworthy quality he has, and maybe the one that stood out for Guardiola, is his way of defending.

He uses his positional mindfulness and strength to oversee rivals and rarely dives into tackles. combine this with his dribbling capacities and it's truly clear why he has the inclination to advance considerably more with the Citizens.

Man City great left-back Benjamin Mendy is an additionally decent attacker and his offensive performance when fit has been phenomenal

7- Nicolas Tagliafico

  • Name: Nicolas Alejandro Tagliafico
  • Position: DF (CD-FB, left)
  • Footed: 90% Left
  • Height: 172cm
  • Born: August 31, 1992 (Age: 27-145d) in Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina
  • National Team: Argentina
  • Club: Ajax

Full backs are the strength of any modern football team. It isn't only keeping forwards under control, yet a visionary situation where you ought to have the option to perceive what the rivals are doing in another half.

At the point when you find yourself in Semifinals of the UEFA Champions League, having shown outstanding exhibitions against incredible clubs like Juventus and Real Madrid to arrive, and afterward earn the Dutch Eredivisie trophy in one season, you are a fantastic footballer with no doubt. That is actually what Taglifico has done.

Nicolas Tagliafico is a left-back that loves to go ahead and join strikers. He's not pleased with simply influencing his own position absorbing pressure, he loves put rivals under pressure and does that by getting into the center to intercept and make an attacking force for his side.

He has a great pace and when you pair that with his mentality you have a left-back that is continually running up and down the left-hand side of the field, defeating rivals simultaneously.

A decent recipient of the ball in tight positions, he has the good contacts of a play-maker, and it is that sort of mentality that permits him to hold the ball, trusting that his partners will situate themselves to get the ball in attacking zones. Tagliafico who is one of the top football left-backs of 2019 is hot on the move target rundown of various clubs, including Arsenal and Chelsea.

6- Faouzi Ghoulam

  • Position: DF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 89% Left
  • Height: 188cm
  • Born: February 1, 1991 (Age: 28-356d) in Saint-Priest-en-Jarez, France fr
  • National Team: Algeria dz Other: France
  • Club: Napoli

Maybe it'll be all the more astounding to realize that Faouzi Ghoulam has been noteworthy for various years with Saint-Etienne in France. However, having made the transfer to Naples, the left-back is presently getting the consideration and applause he deserves.

In spite of facing severe injuries in the course of the most recent couple of years such as a broken kneecap and a sprain to his knee tendons which prompted medical procedure and surgery, Ghoulam is superb down the left-hand side of the field.

at full fitness, fast, tough and a stupendous crosser of the ball, the Algeria international is a force to be dealt with. His speed and specialized capacities, which additionally includes a merciless long throw, make him an integral asset on the left-hand side.

Be that as it may, beating Yacine Brahimi and Riyad Mahrez to be named as the 2017 Algerian best player of the Year, positively demonstrates his value. Faouzi Ghoulam has been perfect for years and is without a doubt one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019

He is one of the god gifted left-backs who appreciate moving the ball ahead and over the span of this dominates with regards to making superb crosses for his team's strikers. Considered one of the most grounded Serie A sides, Napoli having an attacking style that pairs speed with ball control. Through his specialized capability, Faouzi Ghoulam has prevailed with regard to adjusting to this splendid style of play.

Faouzi Ghoulam isn't just a standout amongst other left-backs in Serie A, yet on the planet. The 28-year-old has appeared more than 150 times for Napoli since landing at the Stadio San Paolo in 2014 and helped the club win the Coppa Italia in his initial campaign.

Faouzi Ghoulam is an ally to injuries yet when he is fit, he bulldozes rivals. He likes to keep strikers into his pocket. Ghoulam is presently a significant part in the recovery of the Italian side Napoli.

5- Alex Sandro

  • Name: Alex Sandro Lobo Silva
  • Position: DF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 92% Left
  • Height: 180cm
  • Born: January 26, 1991 (Age: 28-362d) in Catanduva, Brazi
  • National Team: Brazil
  • Club: Juventus

How top teams like Barcelona, Liverpool and Juventus are working from the back offers knowledge to the significance of extraordinary full-backs. It's anything but a simple job to be an LB. In any tactic and strategy, they assume a significant job.

Left-backs are typically praised for the specialized capability they demonstrate in defending against rivals and collaborating with their teams' attacking strength. Other than their essential job as a goal protector, a left-back team up with strikers particularly by producing significant crosses to them.

Juventus presently has a solid defensive line, having Matthijs de Ligt, Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci securing Gianluigi Buffon as one the most prolific goalkeepers in the world.

However working on the left-hand side, Sandro is vital to keeping up the consistent switching between Juve's protection plan and striking strategies. his ease inside that job makes him truly outstanding in the left-back position. With an impeccable specialized capability and speed in wide positions, strikers like Paul Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo in the box have surely got it was simpler to score.

Signed for under €10 million, Porto sold Sandro to the Old Lady for €26 million, yet that was as yet a true bargain for Juve. The Brazil international is one of the most complete full-backs on the planet. So comfortable with a ball at his feet, Sandro has incredible technique, he's fast and he can beat a player easily. The other way, his pace is miraculous but at the same time, he's solid to be dealt with.

Sandro is a left-back who can likewise play as a midfielder, such is his ability with the ball. The Brazilian left-back is truly outstanding on the planet at the present time and positively the best in Serie A this season.

He utilizes his speed to routinely run against rivals and likes to contribute the attack as frequently as would be prudent. He is likewise capable of dribbling his way through the left half of the field. This season Sandro is a generally excellent passer of the ball and has a successful passing record of practically 86% on average.

He prefers to produce crosses as well and furthermore can hold the ball. Sandro is a vital member of the Juventus defensive plan and is one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019.

Alex Sandro is one of the key figures in Juventus’ strong defensive line. Though he often came off the bench during the latter part of 2017, Alex Sandro proved to be an important player. Prior to that moment, his performances had clarified that he is one of the best left-backs in the world. Sandro’s quickness and technical proficiency constitute the factors that make him a perfect player that should adapt to any defensive line.

In the previous mid-year move window, Alex Sandro earned enthusiasm from Chelsea and statements have it that Sandro may leave Juventus toward the finish of the Serie A season. Before landing at Turin, Sandro played for Porto yet today, his splendid spell at Juventus is likely what has given him a spot among the world's best left-backs. He won league trophies with Porto and Juventus.


  • Name: Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior
  • Position: DF-MF (FB-WM, left)
  • Footed: 86% Left
  • Height: 175cm
  • Born: May 12, 1988 (Age: 31-256d) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • National Team: Brazil
  • Club: Real Madrid

El Loco has asserted several La Liga trophies, Champions League titles, Copa Del Ray titles But it's his exhibitions and style of play in the left-back position that will stay as an imprint on the substance of world football, not the abundance of trophies he earned.

Marcelo likes to go forward on all record, going up and down on the left-hand side, and cutting in to produce great passes. Throughout the years, innumerable crosses from him have discovered the head of Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, such was the significance of his presence in the team, particularly in 2017/18.

As an innovative player working on the left-side, Marcelo's attacking abilities were likened to a number 10, permitting him to pile on the assists over the recent campaigns. The Brazilian's specialized skills and pace additionally implied he was similarly as skilled in his own protective field.

In the event that there was ever any need for covering or following back, the 31-year-old would be back towards the defensive line. To be sure, it's the sort of exhibition he's shown at the beginning of this season, in spite of his team performance. Having Marcelo in 4th place never could be truly in question. Marcelo has been working at a great level for such a long time now.

The explanation for that Alex Sandro has just capped 13 and Alex Telles hasn't yet played for Brazil international team is on the grounds that Marcelo has been so impressive for over 10 years. The first choice for both Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team is a genuine talent on the left side.

Marcelo's touch seldom allows him to down and his precise crosses and passes contribute to the strikers well. He isn't the fastest player in the list, however, he has an incredible pace who's strong runs and dribbling ability make him a genuine outlet down the left side.

Be that as it may, in terms of defense Marcelo still leaves a little to be ideal, despite the fact that he has improved in that regard gradually. Presently matured 31, The Brazil international has made 5 times the FIFPro World XI which is a great record among left-backs.

Marcelo probably won't end up being the best while keeping up a defensive style of play yet nobody would question the way that he is one of the best left-backs while collaborating with strikers. his noteworthy exhibitions earned him plenty of approvals and this dominated a few people's ideas that the Madrid star regularly dedicated defensive mistakes In 2017. Marcelo is clearly among the best left-backs on the planet.

Real Madrid won the UEFA Champions as well as the Spanish La Liga in the previous season and it was evident that Marcelo’s presence contributed massively to the team’s success. In that season, the 29-year-old left-back created 10 assists in the Spanish La Liga.

Marcelo is acclaimed for his technical proficiency and the ability to move the ball forward especially in helping his team’s attacking force. Recently, Real Madrid hasn’t been able to fight Barcelona closely for the Spanish La Liga and the fact that they are 18 points adrift of their toughest rivals means they might not win the Spanish La Liga this year. Nevertheless, Marcelo’s presence has strengthened Zinedine Zidane’s squad both in the Spanish La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Marcelo has demonstrated that he can be a fantastic player in spite of everything that is going on at Real Madrid. His technique, strength, balance, and dribbling keep on being world-class.

The 31-year-old is a legend and one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019. There are a bunch of wonderful feelings simultaneously when you think about Marcelo. His forward scramble, attacking attitude, set-pieces, and interceptions are stunning. Marcelo is one of those rare footballers who can make football look simple.

3-David Alaba

  • Name: David Olatukunbo Alaba
  • Position: DF-MF (CM-FB, left)
  • Footed: 88% Left
  • Height: 180cm
  • Born: June 24, 1992 (Age: 27-213d)
  • National Team: Austria
  • Club: Bayern Munich

The 27-year-old is as yet betting as a standout amongst other left-backs on the planet, in spite of the numerous injuries and difficulties he's faced. Be that as it may, with his abilities and skills in the attacking third to couple world-class shielding, there are not many in the game equal to Alaba.

Without a doubt, the Austrian has gotten acclaim from everywhere throughout the world for his exhibitions, like: ‘" David has faced lots of injuries throughout his career and still remains as one of the best players in the world. Few players are at his level" stated Hasan Salihamidzich.

Seemingly the best thing about his abilities is that he can join with the aggressors and create goalscoring opportunities. Undoubtedly, the partnership that the Austrian had with Bayern Munich's legend Franck Ribery down the left side was the reason for scoring many goals.

Furthermore, no one could overlook the supernatural left-foot he has cutting in from the left-hand side. Alaba's set-pieces and volleys on that side of the field are a thing of genuine magnificence, and there aren't many footballers to challenge his position in this specific rundown. With Joshua Kimmich on the correct side, Bayern Munich appears to have their fullbacks all together.

A footballer of an extraordinary family, David Alaba was likely broadly viewed as the best left-back on the planet at 22 years old, and it looked just as he should remain there for the following years of his career. However his form faltered following the Pep Guardiola exit, and his excellent flexibility and a vast range of abilities began to neutralize him.

Alaba started playing as a midfielder, especially with the Austrian international team, and maybe just overlooked a portion of the basics of his game as a left-back.

During the last term, Alaba brought that defensive robustness once again into his game, and he looks an undeniably complete player. He is now playing as a center-back under Flick and we hope he sticks at left-back, where he can be a really special footballer and keeps on continually improving.

The 27-year-old has everything to be the best left-back on the planet. He has a marvelous work rate, he is a world-class competitor and he is a talented player. David Alaba is one of the significant players in the back four of Bayern Munich and he adjusts rapidly to new strategies of the team. In 2016, FIFA positioned him as the best left-back yet now, clearly, the Austrian has dropped to the third position.

For the way that the 27-year-old left-back has been combating injuries, the explanation behind his decline is clear. Other than his splendid defensive demonstrations, Alaba is better appreciated as a center midfielder because of his passing accuracy and the manner in which he keeps ball ownership.

Bayern Munich's man is maybe the most grounded left back on the planet. He is a dangerous one while going ahead with his technique and dribbling ability, yet is significantly dependable in defense too, and has even been played as a center back previously as rightnow.

He is a certain wagered in any 50 – 50 challenge, he has a mix of power and capacity to seize any player regardless of how good he is, the great jumping capacity to stop aggressors sneaking in behind him with long balls, and he is so comfortable on the ball. Besides, David Alaba isn't one to lose under tension, he will find a way to co-ordinate his team quite well.

David Alaba included in the senior team of Austria at 17 years old, which is as yet a record. At 27 years old, he is the best in his game. There is no uncertainty that he will go down as one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019, He can defend, attack, and can play in any place.

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2-Andrew Robertson

  • Name: Andy Robertson
  • Position: DF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 92% Left
  • Height: 178cm
  • Born: March 11, 1994 (Age: 25-318d) in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • National Team: Scotland
  • Club: Liverpool

Just wow! Second place in our top 10 best left-backs list goes to a player who’s emerged from the third division of Scottish football and recently earned UEFA Champions League trophy.

The Liverpool man has had a quick ascent to noticeable quality after Jurgen Klopp signed him from Hull City in 2013 for a true bargain of 8,000,000£. In the wake of 6 years, he's played in 2 Champions League finals back-to-back, with one medal.

Andrew Robertson was at his top for Liverpool last campaign, assuming an important job in their way to the Champions League final, with an exceptional display in Liverpool's 4-0 win against Barcelona. Robbo has surprised the Premier League since playing as beginning XI at Liverpool. He was vital to Liverpool's incredible form lately, as they arrived at the Champions League for the second time in succession.

The 24-year-old is outstanding in terms of high work rate and generally excellent crosses from the left-hand side. His capacity to get forward, great passing, the ability of marking, and a decent feeling of awareness defines one of the top 10 best Left-Backs of 2019.

The Scottish posses all the necessary things to be the absolute best in his position in the world and has been a great advantage for mentor Jurgen Klopp and the team. Having Alexander-Arnold and Robertson on the same team, Liverpool have brilliant full-backs.

Liverpool signed Robertson from Hull City in 2017 for a reported fee of £8m, and the Scotland international has become an integral part of Jürgen Klopp’s squad. With Alexander-Arnold and Robertson in the team, Liverpool have got great full-backs.

1-Jordi Alba

  • Name: Jordi Alba Ramos
  • Position: DF (FB, left)
  • Footed: 85% Left
  • Height: 170cm
  • Born: March 21, 1989 (Age: 30-308d) in Marmolejo, Spain es
  • National Team: Spain es
  • Club: Barcelona

Jordi Alba is a great player and has been one of the greatest of the Catalans team during recent campaigns. Alba has constructed a brilliant association with Lionel Messi as of late and their mix has been exceptionally productive for Barcelona.

Alba is a dexterous left-back who feels comfortable around the field with or without the ball. He is loaded with running desire and invests the greater part of his energy either attempting to running into open spaces in the rivals half.

He is extremely helpful in the counter, where the incredible Barcelona midfielders effectively detect his runs and Jordi Alba quite often makes the rivals pay. Yet, the Spaniard additionally pays attention to his guarding duty very well. He is magnificent in defense as well.

The Spaniard can spot a pass very well and it is not a wonder that he had amassed 10 assists from 40 games in all competitions. Alba had also scored 2 goals, and on that form, was the best left-back of 2019.

Alba can detect a pass well indeed. His presence on the left-hand side permits Lionel Messi to team up and either score or produce assists for teammates. He normally loves attacking. At whatever point Messi starts his runs ahead, Alba gets a move on the left side, constantly eager to participate. With his fantastic pace, it's much simpler for the 30-year-old to change from back four to attack, and the other way around.

With Alba, Messi consistently thinks that its simple to have the left flank in attack when cutting-in to cross or shoot, without a doubt making him truly outstanding in his position. Barcelona's style of play is substantially more attacking and he adjusts rapidly to this and even falls back early enough at whatever point there is a need to do as such.

The 30-year-old possesses a fantastic pace and this makes it simple for him to switch quickly from defense to attack and from attack to defense. With him, it's consistently easy to utilize the left side in attack plans.

A portion of his characteristics involves a feeling of mindfulness off the ball, an aspiration to get advance and make something, the speed to complete the job, the capacity to take on a couple of markers, great crossing skills, and a praiseworthy scoring skill for a left-back.

Jordi Alba has been a starting player in the team that has won consecutive La Liga trophies. He is a veteran footballer, a demonstrated resource for any club. The left-back has played for the Catalans more than 300 times, winning La Liga four times just as a Champions League, having likewise won Euro 2012 with Spain before landing at the Camp Nou.

His fast and intelligent runs and counterattack is an alarming prospect for the rivals. Alba is technically superb, has extraordinary touches, the scope of passing, and an incredible nullifier of the rival attacks. Alba can intercept passes exactly at the opportune time.

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