The top 10 female soccer players in history

Here's a look at the greatest female soccer players.
The top 10 female soccer players in history

These 10 ladies have left their mark on football's history until the end of time. motivation, aggressiveness, and certainty, these footballers encapsulate the characteristics of unadulterated athleticism and merit all the acknowledgment and festivity they can get. The primary ladies' soccer World Cup was held in China in 1991, and in under 30 years, the game has built up a rich and celebrated history. 

Here's a look at list of the best female soccer players of all time: 

Players from everywhere throughout the world who have astonished us with their capacity on the pitch:

10-Kristine Lilly

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: United States 
  • Position: Striker 
  • Years played: 1987-2011 
  • Honors and achievements: Two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup championTwo-time Olympic gold medalist. Four-time NCAA champion. Capped 354 times by the U.S.  

Over a profession that extended from 1987 to finished only nine years prior, Kristine Lilly capped the amazing world record of 352 times scoring 130 goals and 105 assists. She Periodically gets ignored on the rundown ever extraordinary American players, yet there's no denying her place as one of the best in the business. Lilly just continued running and running. Lilly most likely will be best recalled by football fans with her headed clearance off the line in stoppage time of the 1999 Women's World Cup final. 

We couldn't disregard Kristine Lilly not to mention a player who began in 330 of her 352 caps. Lilly is the most capped player in history. She was the first footballer to make 100 caps. What's more, she has played an aggregate of 28,700 minutes during her brilliant career. At the club level, she played for Boston Breakers for 4 seasons and is currently an associate mentor there. she surely merits a spot on this list.

Teams: U.S. ladies' national team(1987-2010), University of North Carolina (1989-92), Tyreso FF (1994), Washington Warthogs (1995), Delaware Genies (1998), Boston Breakers (2001-03, 2009-11), KIF Orebro DFF (2005)

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9-Nadine Angerer

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: Germany
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Years played: 1995-2015
  • Honors and achievements: FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year. Two-time Women’s World Cup champion. Two-time UEFA Women’s champion. Capped by Germany 146 times.

One of the best goalkeepers ever, Nadine Angerer won the FIFA Women's Player of the Year prize, turning into the first historically goalkeeper to win the prize. She has been additionally the precedent for most continuous minutes without permitting a goal at 540 minutes. Angerer played the whole 2007 World Cup without a goal. 

She was likewise the number one for Germany that won the UEFA Women's Championship in 2009 and 2013. When last number one goalkeeper Silke Rottenberg missed the 2007 Women's World Cup due to knee injury, Nadine Angerer had her spot and Germany didn't think twice. Also, Germany conceded no goals in six matches on the way to the second back to back world title. Angerer additionally stood against one the best in the history, Marta, on a penalty shootout to save a clean sheet in a 2-0 triumph in the final game against Brazil. 

She is a specialist in a penalty situation. In the wake of Prinz resign in 2011, Angerer became the skipper and made two crucial penalty saves against Sweden to push Germany to the 2013 European title. "Angerer is a great leader in her team, 
 a great hero to follow," said previous USA mentor Tony DiCicco, who was a goalkeeper himself. Since resigning in 2015 She's been the goalkeeper mentor for Portland Thorns FC.

Teams: Brazilian ladies' national team(2002-present), Vasco de Gama (2000-02), Santa Cruz (2002-04), Umea IK (2004-08), Los Angeles Sol (2009), Santos (2009-10), FC Gold Pride (2010), Santos (2011), Western New York Flash (2011), Tyreso FF (2012-14), FC Rosengard (2014-17), Orlando Pride (2017-present)

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8-Homare Sawa

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: Japan
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Years played: 1991-2015
  • Honors and achievements: FIFA World Player of the Year. FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. Olympic silver medalist. Capped 201 times by Japan.

Homare Sawa is one of the most prominent playmaking midfielders. Sawa made her senior club first presentation game at 12 years old and only three years after the fact was called to earn her first cap for Japan. As skipper of Japan pursued her football career right to the Summer Olympics of 2012.

She likewise supported her side en route for the triumph in both the Golden Ball and Golden Boot. Plus, she was named the Women's World Player of the Year by FIFA in 2011 and the previous summer in London she helped her side to an Olympic silver award. Sawa was a legend of longevity for her national team. She retired at the age of 37, netting 83 goals in 205 matches, both Japanese records. Sawa was unable to repeat the lightning-in-a-bottle success of 2011, though she still closed her international career in impressive fashion with runner-up finishes at the 2012 Olympics and 2015 World Cup.

Teams: V Beleza (1991-99), Japanese national team (1993-2015), Denver Diamonds (1999-2000), Atlanta Beat (2001-03), Nippon TV Beleza (2004-10), Washington Freedom (2009-10), INAC Kobe Leonessa (2011-15)

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7-Sun Wen

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: China
  • Position: Forward
  • Years played: 1989-2006
  • Honors and achievements: FIFA Women’s Player of the Century. World Cup Golden Ball winner. World Cup Golden Boot winner. Capped 156 times by China.  

During China's brilliant period of soccer, Sun Wen is an exceptional one. Chinese footballer, who is one of the best footballers ever just because of her huge grants and achievements during her football. As the winner of the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot in 1999, Sun Wen was the top player just as the top scorer of the tournament. She additionally was skipper of the national side of China and the Atlanta Beat. Sun Wen turned into her team's leader when they required a goal. She surely didn't baffle, netting 106 times in 152 national games. Sun, who had the capacity to help with passes for her teammates, was great to the point that she pulled off the rarest of doubles at a significant competition. Winning the Golden Ball and Golden Boot At the 1999 Women's World Cup. Sun's awards came in amount, yet quality was the best as well.

After the forward scored free-kick from 32-yard against the USA at the Sydney Olympics, April Heinrichs, at that point the American lead trainer, gave Sun high praise. "I like to pay for her to come to play in the United States in the Women's United Soccer Association," she said. "She's so balanced. She's made and an extraordinary leader who shows others how it's done for 90 minutes."Sun's portability that the game was covered by a knee injury. However, she discovered approaches to make life hard for the US. Sun always lost a significant competition as China completed second to the USA in the 1996 Olympics and was runners-up to her adversaries.
At the point when the American ladies stood against the powerhouse group of the 1990s, China developed as imposing opponents on account of the particular talents of its nation's most prominent player. It was Sun Wen who about powered miracles of the U.S. at the 1996 Olympics and 1999 World Cup with her 7 goals during the last competition bringing about Golden Ball and shared Golden Shoe awards.

Moving among forward and midfielder positions, Sun was prestigious for the speed and innovativeness that set up chances for teammates and prompted an amazing 106 goals scored in 152 international matches. While her career was almost wrapped up when she displayed her abilities expertly in the U.S. in the mid-2000s, her effect on the game was with the end goal that she was named FIFA co-player of the twentieth century. 

China were one of ladies' soccer's first perfect team, taking Olympic silver in 1996 and losing the World Cup final to the United States in 1999, 4 years after a 2-0 loss on account of a similar side at the elimination round stage

Teams: Shanghai (1989-2000), Chinese national team (1990-2006), Shanghai SVA (2003, 2006)

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6-Abby Wambach

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: United States
  • Position: Forward
  • Years played: 1998-2015
  • Honors and achievements: FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year in 2012. Women’s World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist. Capped 256 times by United States.


With an amazing record of 237 matches playing and 184 goals netted to her career, Abby Wambach is one of the most commended footballers ever due to her finishing capacity. She holds the record for international games among both female footballers and male. She played and scored in four FIFA Women's World Cups and two Olympic competitions which is as it should be. Furthermore, she was likewise granted the FIFA World Player of the year in 2012. 

What's increasingly great here is that the vast majority of Wambach's goals are scored on the greatest stages. She has played in three World Cups just as three Olympics. She is likewise the first footballer to win the AP Athlete of the Year and the main American lady to win the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year.

An overwhelming power utilized her size, quality and attack ambitious to turn into the untouched leader. She joined the national side in 2001, however, she wouldn't win a Women's World Cup until her last worldwide challenge in 2015. Wambach completed her vocation as the world's driving goal scorer in the world

Teams: University of Florida (1998-2001), U.S. women’s national team (2001-15), Washington Freedom (2002-03), Ajax American Women (2005), Washington Freedom (2009-10), magicJack (2010-11), Western New York Flash (2013-14)

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5-Christine Sinclair

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: Canada
  • Position: Forward/midfielder
  • Years played: 2000-present
  • Honors and achievements: Two-time NCAA champion. Two-time WPS champion. Two-time NWSL champion. 14-time Canada Soccer Player of the Year. Capped 281 times by Canada.


Sinclair is second on the international best goal scorers list with 181 and inside a striking distance of Abby Wambach's record 184 times. Sinclair positively influenced American soccer in school, winning two national titles at the University of Portland.  Canadians put her on a stamp, and she has delegated an Officer of the Order of Canada. 

Things being what they are, we know how exactly awesome is Christine Sinclair Maybe Abby Wambach said all that needed to be said quite a while back: "I believe she's the best ever player on the planet … We think she is presumably the most misjudged player in the entire world." actually, if there is one player who has taken shots at Wambach's scoring record, it's the 33-year-old Sinclair, who enters the Rio Olympics with 162 goals in 230 games. At the point when she is at the highest point of her game, Sinclair can be unstoppable, playing like a midfielder, presenting the ball towards the defense. In the same way as other of her counterparts, Sinclair made her international introduction game as a wondered aging 16-year-old.

Her most significant exhibition may have been her hat trick in that exceptional 4-3 semi-final loss against the USA at the 2012 Olympics when Canada won the bronze. Sinclair suffered from a frustrating Women's World Cup in her own nation in 2015, scoring twice as Canada were lost games in the quarter-finals. She and her teammates absolutely can compensate for it in Rio.

Teams: Canadian national team (2000-present), University of Portland (2001-05), Vancouver Breakers (2001-02), Vancouver Whitecaps (2006-08), FC Gold Pride (2009-10), Western New York Flash (2011-12), Portland Thorns FC (2013-present)

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4-Michelle Akers

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: United States
  • Position: Midfield/forward/defense
  • Years played: 1985-2000
  • Honors and achievements: FIFA Women’s Player of the Century. Two-time Women’s World Cup champion. Olympic gold medalist. Capped 153 times by United States.


As a standout amongst other female soccer players generally popular for her memorable years as a Women's World Cup winner Michelle Akers prime were 1991 and 1999. During the 1991 tournament, she even earned the Golden Boot, which is granted to the top scorer of the tournament. Sometimes Known to be perhaps the best player ever, she was named to the FIFA 100, alongside Mia Hamm, as one of the two recorded female footballers of the living soccer players and was likewise named the FIFA footballer of the Century. 

Akers was a previous leader of the United States national team. scored an incredible record of 39 goals in only 26 international games. This is significantly noteworthy because of the way that Akers was playing as a midfielder, rather than a striker. Akers got FIFA's most noteworthy conceivable respect in 1998 and She presently holds her place among the Greatest Female Soccer Players ever.

Akers finished her career with 105 goals in 153 international matches, an exceptional output considering she spent the late long stretches of her career doing combating constant exhaustion and resistant brokenness disorder. She was respected as co-player of the century with Sun, yet the best awards may have originated from the partners and mentors who fit up with her for a considerable length of time. "She was a warrior," said Hamm. "She was our beginning and end."

Teams: U.S. women’s national team (1985-2000), University of Central Florida (1985-88), Tyreso FF (1990, 1992, 1994), Orlando Lions (1992)

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3- Mia Hamm

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: United States
  • Position: Forward/midfield
  • Years played: 1987-2004
  • Honors and achievements: Two-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Two-Time Women’s World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist. Four-time NCAA champion. Capped 276 times by United States


Despite the fact that she has been retired since 2004, Mia Hamm keeps on being the substance of the game for football fans. Two times the FIFA World Player of the Year, she was a member of the United States team that won the Women's World Cup in 1991 and 1999 and the Olympic in 1996 and 2004. She is the second-best goal scorer with 158 international goals and was one of only two ladies to be remembered for the FIFA 100. Regardless of every honor of her World Cups and Olympic gold medals, Hamm is maybe more than everything else, viewed as a leader figure in ladies' soccer as well as in ladies' sport face in the US history.

One of the most celebrated and effective female footballers and a symbol for ladies' soccer, she is undeniably a member of in any rundown that discuss the best female soccer players ever.

Mia Hamm who was the first international superstar of her business likewise was the icon of the 1999 World Cup-winning squad that changed ladies' soccer from an activity to a sport with resilience in the U.S. Be that as it may, for all her Nike magazine spreads, it's anything but difficult to overlook the predominance she once showed on the pitch, her speed, ball control and vision creating 158 international goals and 144 assists both of them as records. Over the hill as a scorer when she turned into a commonly recognized name, Hamm still affected games enough to win the initial two FIFA Player of the Year Awards, and in 2004 she joined Akers as the main ladies to acquire FIFA 100 list of the game's most noteworthy living players.

Teams: U.S. women’s national team (1987-2004), University of North Carolina (1989-93), Washington Freedom (2001-03)

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2- Marta

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: Brazil
  • Position: Forward
  • Years played: 2000-present
  • Honors and achievements: Six-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Won 2007 Women’s World Cup Golden Ball and Golden Shoe. Capped 120 times by Brazil


Brazilian footballer Marta is one of the most gifted skillful footballers ever. She was named the FIFA World Player of the Year for an amazing record of 5 back-to-back times since 2006. Moreover, she likewise now holds her position among the most favored soccer players at this moment. She likewise helped Brazil wrap runners up in the 2007 World Cup. Plus, she won the Golden Boot and Golden Ball for the best player and best goal scorer in that tournament. She presently holds the position of top scorer of Women's World Cup with 17. 

Marta even had the pleasure of carrying the flag of Olympic in Rio. On the off chance that Hamm was soccer's first Wonderwoman, at that point Marta was the person who increased present expectations to show that ladies were fit for the brilliance and flair once thought to be credited only to the men's down.

In the wake of rising to earn five consecutive FIFA Player of the Year Awards, the dangerous forward caught the international stage with an astounding seven goals during the 2007 World Cup. While drawing analysis for powerlessness to win a definitive prize in the World Cup or Olympics, Marta demonstrated her enduring magnificence by winning a 6th FIFA Best Player Award in 2018 and in 2019, increased her record World Cup count to 17. Furthermore, if there's any uncertainty about her commitment to glory, the wearing symbol conveyed a persuasive message for the ages after the misfortune that thumped Brazil from the '19 World Cup. 

Teams: Brazilian women’s national team (2002-present), Vasco de Gama (2000-02), Santa Cruz (2002-04), Umea IK (2004-08), Los Angeles Sol (2009), Santos (2009-10), FC Gold Pride (2010), Santos (2011), Western New York Flash (2011), Tyreso FF (2012-14), FC Rosengard (2014-17), Orlando Pride (2017-present)

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1-Birgit Prinz

The top 10 female soccer players in history
  • Country: Germany
  • Position: Striker
  • Years played: 1993-2011
  • Honors and achievements: Three-time FIFA World Player of the Year. Two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. Three-time Olympic bronze medalist


Birgit Prinz as a thrice FIFA World Player of the Year is the most capped non-American footballer ever. She drove Germany to the World Cup title in 2003 and 2007 and has won three Olympic bronze awards in. She is additionally tied for FIFA Women's World Cup's best goal scorer ever with 14 goals. At club level, she has earned 8 Bundesliga titles and 3 UEFA Women's Cups. In spite of the fact that she retired in 2011, her inheritance as one of the record-breaking best in the sport is entrenched. Other than her tremendous abilities, she additionally holds her place among the most extravagant female soccer players ever. Birgit Prinz has won two World Cups and three IFA World Player of the Year. As extraordinary compared to other female footballers, she has played for the German national team, Carolina Courage and FFC Frankfurt. All through the whole of her profession, she scored 262 goals before 2011 when she declared her retirement. 


A pinnacle of intensity in the shape of Wambach and Akers, Birgit Prinz was the relentless power who conveyed teams at the national and club levels to extraordinary accomplishment from the 1990s ahead. She won the first of five European titles with Germany in 1995. Prinz verifiably has a place in her nation's football pantheon nearby men's greats like Franz Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller. The best ladies' soccer player in Germany scored 128 goals in international tournaments and 282 goals in her clubs. After retiring in 2011 at 34 years old, Prinz went to work as a sports psychologist for men’s and women’s teams in Bundesliga, the highest level of pro soccer in Germany.

Teams: FSV Frankfurt (1993-98), German national team (1994-2011), 1 FFC Frankfurt (1998-2002, 2003-11), Carolina Courage (2002-03)



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