7 funny football Christmas stories

Merry Christmas everyone. May all your wishes come true, and your favorite football club gets to be the champions this year.
7 funny football Christmas stories

Christmas is the best time of the year when families sit around and share love, joy, and happiness.

The time you can use to do your favorite activities, not worrying about your job or other responsibilities.

To all the football lovers it is the same as they can play or watch football or even read about it.

7 funny football Christmas stories

That’s why we’ve decided to tell you about some funny football Christmas stories.

Are you ready to hear about them? Let’s go on then.

Funny Football Stories

7 funny football Christmas stories

Here’s the first story…

Football as a part of Christmas

7 funny football Christmas stories

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, and also relaxing in your sitting room, watching TV, and especially if you are a football fan, watching the Boxing Day matches, and enjoying being around your family.

That is while Christmas Day is entirely a football-free zone, but did you know that it wasn’t the same in the past?

In the Victorian era and up until the 1950s, football was traditionally played on Christmas Day.

7 funny football Christmas stories

In fact, before the invention of television, it wasn’t possible to stay inside all day long.

As a solution, people planned to do other stuff on Christmas day, and what was better than watching a fascinating match played by your favorite teams and players?

That is why there was a full program of fixtures on Christmas Day and then another one on Boxing Day. Interesting. Huh?

Now not only we know that people loved football a lot in the past, but we also know that football was very much a part of Christmas in the past.

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Everton faced 3 teams in 2 Days!

7 funny football Christmas stories

Back in 1888, Everton fans were gifted by two wins on Christmas Day.

Interestingly, in that year, the team went against two teams on X-Day and then another one on Boxing Day.

All three matches took place at Everton’s pre-Goodison home, which was Anfield.

Their first match came on Christmas morning as the team played a Lancashire Cup tie against Blackburn Park Road, and won 3-2. 

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7 funny football Christmas stories

Then in the afternoon, they played an annual exhibition match against Ulster FC, winning 3-0. It is also pleasing to know that the team’s goalkeeper, Charles Jolliffe was the one to score the third goal.

However, the Boxing Day match against Bootle was less exciting, as it ended in a goalless draw.

The First Football League Match on Christmas Day

7 funny football Christmas stories

Can you believe that in 1889, 9,000 spectators postponed their turkey dinners to see the first Football League match played between Preston North End versus Aston Villa on Christmas Day?

The match began full of excitement, and just before the half-time, Ross gave Preston an early lead, but Villa hit back with two goals. In the second half, Ross hit a hat-trick and made it a 3-2 win to Preston, who went on to win the league for the second season running.

Foggy Christmas

7 funny football Christmas stories

Christmas has always been full of surprises. One of the most interesting stories about the day goes back to Christmas Day in 1937.

In that year, Britain was covered in a thick grey fog, forcing many league games to be postponed or abandoned. However, the game between Chelsea and Charlton at Stamford Bridge went ahead.

In the first half, both sides scored a goal, but it was in the second half when the fog thickened and so they had to stop the match.

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Christmas, Football, and World War

7 funny football Christmas stories

Christmas Day football did not even stop during the Second World War.

Here is a very interesting story about it:

Back in 1940, on December 25, Brighton & Hove Albion had to face the Norwich team. It is interesting to know that Brighton arrived with only five players to the visitor’s city; one senior, three juniors, and a loanee.

So they collected their squad using volunteers from the crowd. Norwich won that match with a result of 18-0, with Fred Chadwick scoring six.

A Drunk Team

7 funny football Christmas stories

Imagine a drunk soccer team playing on Christmas Day! Oh! Wait! You don’t have to use your imagination.

It seems like in the past some people did so. In fact, in 1931 Clapton Orient striker Ted Crawford, later a popular manager and raconteur, recalled his entire team turning up drunk for a Christmas Day match against Bournemouth.

Interestingly the team got drunk, using a barrel of beer provided by their manager. As a result, Clapton lost the match 2-1 to Bournemouth. However, they won the Boxing Day return match 1-0.

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Football on Christmas TV and Radio

7 funny football Christmas stories

It is interesting to know that before the Premier League era, football rarely appeared in Christmas TV and radio programs. It was back in 1930 when BBC provided a Boxing Day treat from Arsenal versus Manchester City match.

7 funny football Christmas stories

Later on December 26, 1946, the first Christmas full match was broadcasted.

The match was between Brentford and Sheffield United. Brentford won the game 2-1, and live matches soon became a regular feature of Christmas radio listings.

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