The reason Joaquin missed Betis’ clash against Wolves

Wed 28 July 2021 | 11:12

The two-time Copa del Rey winner has proved worthy of his reputation as one of La Liga’s biggest jokers.


has been respected on the pitch during his career but off the field, he isn’t as serious as expected.

Not a lot of players can enjoy a long career like Joaquin, with the winger still heading to

Real Betis

being 40 years old.

However, his secret to the longevity he has is not like

Cristiano Ronaldo

’s training regime or diet.

He has been following a fruitful recipe of fun through the years and prioritized having fun this past weekend.

He missed Betis’ pre-season friendly clash against Wolves on Saturday which was due to ‘hangover’.

Just a few days after his 40th birthday, he preferred to hit the beers before Betis’ battle in Cadiz and could not make an appearance in time.

source: SportMob