Japan captain Yoshida: Why is the Tokyo Olympics behind closed doors?

Sun 18 July 2021 | 10:56

It was announced that the Tokyo Olympics men's football tournament will be played without the fans present in the stadium, but Japan’s Maya Yoshida would like to know the reason behind the decision.


men's football captain

Maya Yoshida

has asked


organizers to give another thought to having the Tokyo Games behind closed doors.

They have made the decision earlier this month as Japan’s capital has been dealing with rising Covid-19 cases.

However, spectators can go to other sporting contests in the country, like their friendly against Spain in Kobe on Saturday.

During their 1-1 draw, fans, who followed the social distancing rules, were present at the stadium and Yoshida wants to know why they are not allowed to attend these matches.


I think a lot of people's tax money is going to hold these Olympics,"

Yoshida is quoted as saying by the



"Despite that, people can't go and watch. So you wonder about who the Olympics is for, and what it is for. Of course athletes want to play in front of fans."

Tokyo 2020 officials pronounced a Covid-19 case at the Olympic Village on Saturday, with two players testing positive for coronavirus.


Our families have sacrificed and put up with things, they supported us when we were competing in Europe,"


defender Yoshida added.

"It's not just the players who were competing, but the family members, every one of them.

"So if they can't watch the match, well who and what is that match for, there is that question. I really hope we can reconsider that seriously."

Japan will go against South Africa in their Group A opening clash on Thursday, before locking horns with Mexico and France. The first two teams will go to the quarter-finals.

source: SportMob