Maradona Junior: Those who criticize Messi don’t understand football

Tue 13 July 2021 | 12:38

Maradona’s son says people should stop comparing Messi with his father.

Lionel Messi

managed to get his hand on his first major international silverware as the talented forward helped Argentina defeat Brazil in the final stage of Copa America on Sunday.

Despite numerous individual and collective awards Messi has won, Barcelona superstar has found himself in a constant comparison with Argentine legend,

Diego Maradona


Maradona’s son, Diego Maradona Junior has now backed the 34-year-old star, saying Messi has ‘suffered a lot’.

"Diego was Diego and Messi was Messi,”

he told

TyC Sports


"The one who criticizes Messi does not understand anything about football. He suffered a lot when they compare him with my father."

He added:

"I adore Messi, I love him.

"There has never been one in the history of football that has his quality.

"I see him so happy now that he achieved this title with the national team. It makes me very happy."

source: SportMob