Pulisic receives death threats after social media controversy

Mon 12 July 2021 | 13:30

The Chelsea star has been criticized for posting a stunt video that involved a goliath grouper fish.

Christian Pulisic

has been subjected to online abuse after one of his Instagram videos became viral for all the wrong reasons. The USMNT winger, who is spending his vacation in Florida, filmed himself performing football tricks on a boat above an endangered fish. The 22-year lost his balance while doing the stunt and landed on top of the fish, which can be seen flailing about in the water. Pulisic’s father claimed his son has received death threats after the release of the video.

"He is off Twitter during the season but he knows what’s going on and the harshness of it after having a bad game. He doesn’t look at it a lot.”

He told Alex Goldberg's YouTube channel

The Byline


"What hurts him more is the cancel culture. If he wants to post something on the internet, and idiots are hiding behind computers. People are just waiting to hate because of their jealousy. That bothers him a lot more.

"Whether it is regarding guns or regarding going fishing and having a hook in a fish's mouth. He didn’t even realise it but he is just trying to have a good time.”

"It’s the most ridiculous thing. Christian is such an animal lover. He has horses, he doesn’t want to see animals hurt. Unfortunately, he has got death threats regarding it and it's got to the point where people are saying they want him in jail."

Pulisic’s post was reposted by a self-funded, volunteer group known as the

Blue Planet Society

, who published the video on Twitter with the caption:

"Abusing a threatened goliath grouper for a social media video is a new low.”

Perisic’s father added:

"People need to not wait for someone with notoriety to do something wrong. It is pretty idiotic. If you want to say he has had a sh*tty game, then go for it.

"But if you don’t know Christian as a person and what happened on the boat? Then shut your mouth."

Pulisic will soon head back to London to join


’s pre-season camp. The Champions League winners will face


in the UEFA Super Cup on August 11.

source: SportMob