Brazil with Neymar is going to be very tough - Messi

Fri 09 July 2021 | 12:47

Messi and Neymar will face each other in the Copa America final on Sunday, but before the final match, the Brazilian star believes that some people may be better than him.


I don't know if I can answer that,


recently told Oh my Goal. “

 With all the humility in the world, I consider myself one of the most technical players in football today. [But it’s] Messi, [Marco] Verratti, [Eden] Hazard, [Kevin] De Bruyne, I'm


missing one? More technical than me... Thiago [Alcantara]!


The iconic Argentine believes that it will be very difficult to win Brazil with a star like Neymar.

Brazil with Neymar is going to be very tough,”


told Sport.

“We know his potential, of what ‘Ney' [Neymar] does individually


The six-time Ligue 1 champion Marquinhos has vowed to stop Messi because he thinks Neymar deserves to win the trophy.

"We'll try to stop him [Messi] achieving this objective," Marquinhos swore. "As much as Messi, we also have players that deserve this title, like our own 'Ney' who wasn't there for the last Copa.”

"Brazil versus Argentina is much more than a simple game of football,” Marquinhos added. “These jerseys make the world stand still to watch their games. That represents the history of Brazil-Argentina.”



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