‘Milan stability can be an advantage’ – Paolo Maldini

Fri 09 July 2021 | 6:51

Milan technical director Paolo Maldini hopes the club’s stability can be an advantage over other teams who are having a lot of changes in their staff.

The Rossoneri began their pre-season preparation with



, who had presumably been around the end a couple of times before finishing second in Serie A last season.

“The sensations are of continuing a very positive year and mainly confirming what we’ve done so far,”

director Maldini told Milan TV


“We earned a certain stability both at the club and sporting level. Having a young team, the objective is to improve the overall performance and build on the stability, which can be an advantage over many teams who are changing a great deal.”

Only eight managers have remained in charge of their club from last season, and Serie A heavyweights








, and


all had changes in their coaching staff.

The Rossoneri finished second in Serie A last season, securing a return to the Champions League after a seven-year absence.

“We are in a very competitive division, but the emotions of the Champions League are always something else,”

noted Maldini


“That is where we can evaluate just how far some young players have really come. We also hope to play in front of as many fans as possible, because while they have been wonderful and fired us up, having them in the stadium gives players a different motivation.”

source: SportMob