Asensio explains his fitness issues last season

Thu 08 July 2021 | 17:19

Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio has talked about his poor performance last season.

Marco Asensio

, who has been at


training camp to get ready for the Olympic games, has talked about his performance for

Real Madrid

last season, claiming that he has played some games with pain, but he is in good shape now, and he is ready to start the season.

“It was a different type of season,”

Asensio told Agencia EFE about his situation after recovering from an ACL injury.

“It was the first complete season after the injury. There were bad moments, with pain, and certain periods where I could not train, but after four or five months, I already began to feel good. There was no more pain. The operation is totally forgotten and there is no need to talk about my injury anymore. I am physically at 100% and mentally I am prepared for everything that will come. I have a lot of excitement. This season will be very important for me”.

He has also talked about playing for Spain’s Olympic team, insisting that he is proud of being able to be a part of the team.

“It is a dream to be able to play in the Olympic games. I am not thinking about vindicating myself, I am only thinking about doing the best I can and helping my teammates. The only thing in our head right now is to try and bring back the gold medal for Spain,”

Asensio explained


Many people have been worried about Asensio’s ability to return to his best form after the injury, and he thinks he can be even better as he already has improved mentally.

“When the injury happened, the only thing I had in my mind was not only to be what I was before, but it was to improve. I have improved in many aspects, especially mentally. There have been some hardships and pain that I have had to overcome, which are normal after an injury of that magnitude, but that is already forgotten — I am fully recovered. I am now just focused on performing at 100% because now I am prepared for it,”

Asensio revealed


source: SportMob