Sterling: ‘one comment that one person says can be on your mind’

Tue 06 July 2021 | 15:20

Critics still have doubts about Raheem Sterling despite his impressive performances at Euro 2020.


Raheem Sterling

has been trying to silence his doubters at

Euro 2020

with his three goals for England, it seems he has still a long road ahead of him as he has often become a scapegoat for those looking to pick the pieces out of England failings and the 26-year-old admits that it has "not been an easy road for him.”

Sterling, who has 66 caps to his name, told

BBC Sport

of his international career:

"It's not been an easy road with the national team.

"In the past, I would say unfair flak I would get before even touching a ball. As a young person, it was difficult to deal with.

"In life and in football, you tend to have to challenge yourself and take it for what it is. You can't be down on yourself, you have to push yourself even more, and that's what I have been doing. I think that is one of my best traits.”

Euro 2016 was a notable failure for Sterling as he was not able to find the target and was heavily criticized for his performances.

Although he has managed to bounce back, he also admitted that outside noise could impact his game.

He added:

"You try and perform your best and I never really understood it.

"These things can affect you. You might think it can't, but one comment that one person says - one journalist or one ex-footballer - it can be on your mind.

"From that experience, I have taught myself not to look at these things."

He can now silence the critics as he has won three Premier League titles, four League Cups, and an FA Cup.

Also during his time under Pep Guardiola at

Manchester City

, he has been able to find the target on 93 occasions in the last four seasons.

He feels a point is being proved, saying of his form:

"I have been performing for my club for the last three or four seasons, put in great numbers, and won loads of trophies.

"A lot of people don't understand what goes on behind closed doors and there is a lot more to football than just playing on a matchday.

"It's not like you don't know how to play football or how to score goals."

Sterling will be back for England on Wednesday to face Denmark in the last four of Euro 2020.

source: SportMob