Zinchenko says that they have the game of their lives ahead of them

Fri 02 July 2021 | 19:42

Ukraine star has talked about their next Euro 2020 clash against England in the quarter-final.


will face


in the Euro 2020 quarter-finals, and they are hoping to make history by defeating Gareth Southgate’s men, who are determined to claim their first major trophy in a long time and haven’t been defeated since the beginning of the tournament.

Manchester City star


, who is Ukraine’s most important player, has admitted that it will be their hardest challenge since the beginning of the tournament and urges his teammates to play the game of their lives with heart.

"I will say that numbers speak for themselves,"

Zinchenko said of England.

"The fact that England hasn't conceded any goals yet, they play very well in defense.

"But I think that there are no perfect teams. Every team has weaknesses.

"With regards (Kyle) Walker and (John) Stones, they played an amazing season and during the last couple of years I've been playing with them they play at a very high level.

"It will not be easy. We know it. But at this stage of the tournament, everything is possible and I think that the coaching team will explain to us what to do with it and we will do our best.

"We will try to surprise them but of course we realize that to get through all the players and the whole team, they will need to play probably the best game of their lives."

Ukraine has already made history with their impressive performance with their legendary character Shevchenko working as their head coach, and their fans hope to see their national team beat the odds again.

source: SportMob