This would just be the next step for Bellingham - Mike Dodds

Sun 27 June 2021 | 11:42

Jude Bellingham’s ex-coach thinks the Germany clash would be perfect for the 17 year-old to show his potential.


will start a new chapter in their delayed Euro 2020 journey, as the Three Lions are set to face


in the round of 16 of the competition on Tuesday.

Birmingham City's head of academy Mike Dodds, who introduced the English prodigy

Jude Bellingham

to the world football, believes the Germany match can be the next step on Bellingham’s journey and he will be desperate if he doesn’t start against Die Mannschaft.

"This would just be the next step in his journey,"

Dodds told Sky Sports News.

"On the basis of what he has achieved in just two seasons, what is he going to look like in 10 years' time? It's actually quite scary."

He added:

"He will be disappointed if he's not playing. He won't be sitting on that bench thinking 'what a fantastic occasion this is'. He will be thinking 'why am I not playing?

"I dealt with that throughout his development period. He called himself 'impatient', and that's what he is. He wants the next thing, and the next thing after that."

source: SportMob