Tyrone Mings talks about online abuse

Fri 25 June 2021 | 18:47

England defender says racists should be less visible on social media.

Aston Villa’s


Tyrone Mings

has talked about racism, especially on social media, insisting that people should do something to make the online abusers’ opinions less visible on social media to make them bored from hurting people.

He said in a discussion about online abuse with West Ham forward Michail Antonio as part of The

Shop Talk series


"When you filter (your social media accounts) better, and you stop people being able to see it as much, trolls will get bored - they just want to trigger you."

West Ham’s Michail Antonio thinks that social media companies should immediately block the accounts that use racist language on the internet, and he has even suggested the way the companies should do it.

"Why can you not have words that literally send an alert straight to Instagram, so you can't physically type that word into the platform?"

he asked


"As soon as it comes up, it sends an alert and then accounts get blocked instantly. I feel like that should be the answer and that should be an easy thing to be done."

Antonio has also insisted that there should be point deduction to fight racial abuse in the stadiums.

"At games, it should be points deducted. I don't think fines or anything is good enough. I think points deducted is when fans start dealing with it themselves,"

he said


source: SportMob