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Luis Enrique’s men gain their first victory in Euro 2020

Wed 23 June 2021 | 17:59

Spain’s first win in the Euro 2020 helps them to be in the next round of the competition.

Luis Enrique’s

men faced


after two draws in their first two games in the Euro 2020, and they had to show all they can to win their last game in the group stage to have the chance to be among the teams in the next stage.


started the game with pressure as was expected from them, and in the first five minutes of the game, they had a chance to score the first game, but Morata was in an offside position. Five minutes later, with the continuation of Spain’s pressure, they were rewarded with a penalty when Hromada committed the foul on Koke, but it didn’t help the home side to take the lead as Morata fails to find the net from the penalty spot.

After missing the penalty, Spain seemed more determined to score, and they kept the position and made multiple opportunities, but they were all missed by Morata and other players like Pedri until the 30th minute that Slovakia’s goalkeeper, who had been their most important player gives the opposition the lead when he accidentally pushes the ball into their own goal.

Spain’s pressure was reduced after the goal, but Slovakia didn’t seem like a team with the capacity to level the game, and Spain kept controlling the game through the last fifteen minutes of the first half.

Even knowing that the opposition is not in a situation to come back from a one-goal margin, Spain didn’t stop the pressure, and they doubled the lead in the last seconds of the first half with Laporte’s header from Gerard Moreno’s cross.

At the beginning of the second half, Slovakia tried to be a little more passionate, but Spain again showed the potential and quality that they had been missing since the beginning of the tournament, and they scored the third goal in the 56th minute where Sarabia made the best of Jordi Alba’s long pass.

After the third goal, Spain played with even more comfort and confidence and kept creating scoring chances right after the third goal.

After the domination of Spain over the game in the first fifteen minutes of the second half, the opposition started to find themselves in the game and started to take the momentum, but the lack of accuracy and technique was pretty obvious in Slovakia’s players, so Spain was able to handle the pressure of their weak attacks with high-quality players that Luis Enrique had sent into the game.

In the 67th minute of the game, Ferran Torres scored the hosts’ fourth to help their supporters completely forget about their two previous games, but it wasn’t the end of Spain’s goal festival as they found the net again three minutes later when Kucka’s own goal made the Spaniards even happier.

Spain’s domination in this game proved the fact that they have the quality to be considered among the title contenders. With too many high-quality players on the bench who help them double the pressure whenever they want to.     

Spain even had the chance to score the sixth goal in the 80th minute, but the players seemed less passionate about scoring more goals, and they were only controlling the pace of the game to show their consistency. Spain will be among the teams in the next round of the Euro 2020 with this victory.

source: SportMob