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Southgate praised Phillips after Czech Republic win

Wed 23 June 2021 | 5:55

The Leeds United star played for England yesterday in a position he has always played for Leeds.


manager Gareth Southgate praised Kalvin Phillips for his performance in the second half of the match against the Czech Republic.

Phillips was in the England squad from the start yesterday in the team's 1-0 win over the Czech Republic at Wembley and made his 11th international appearance for England. Phillips has played in all three Lions games in the Euros and is the only outfield player to have such a statistic, and this shows how much Gareth Southgate trusts him.

In the second half of yesterday's game, he played in a position similar to his position at Leeds United, and Southgate praised him.

"We wanted to get Jordan 45 minutes so that was the decision and it also allowed us to play Kalvin more positionally,"

he said.

"I thought he was excellent, really good. I like him in that role, the defensive pivot.

"His use of the ball was good, he found the right spaces to go and recieve, he played it as he plays it for Leeds. We know how comfortable he is in that role. He showed again how well he's adapted to international football."

source: SportMob