Reece James reveals how he helps Jude Bellingham in the training

Sun 20 June 2021 | 20:46

England’s full back Reece James has talked about his friendship with Jude Bellingham.


high-profile right-back

Reece James

has revealed the details of his friendship with Jude Bellingham and how he tries to help him with his experience insisting that he tries to take it easy on the young talent in training.

“He is very young but a very good footballer, I look after him,”

James said on the Lion’s Den YouTube page

. “He is still so young but he has a lot to learn so I try and help him where I can.

“He is always poking me and hitting me, he’s just so stupid and I will turn around and get so close to touching him but I never get around to it.”

James has also talked about facing Scotland, which fulfilled the dream of his childhood playing for the England national team, admitting that it has been a dream coming true.

“It was obviously a moment I dreamed of as a kid growing up, watching England in tournaments growing up, then walking out at Wembley with fans there to play my first game at a major tournament.

“My first tournament, my first game. I was nervous before but once the game started, I was in the zone and raring to go.”

Reece James has also talked about the fact that England’s average age is the third-lowest in the tournament, insisting that the team will get better as the tournament goes forward.

“Everyone says we are such a young team but everyone this season has played a solid amount of minutes, it’s not like we are a young players that haven’t played,”

James added.

“We have all played a lot, some have won trophies and some have done very well.

“The longer we are here in the competition, the stronger we are going to get as a team.”

source: SportMob