Our duty is to protect the club – Daniel Levy

Sun 13 June 2021 | 7:49

Tottenham chairman insists they will do what is best for the club despite Harry Kane separation rumors.

There have been many rumors in recent months regarding

Harry Kane

’s future at


and talks about his desire to leave the Spurs in search of his first major trophy. European giants like Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona have already shown interest in the prolific striker.

In an interview with the

club’s official website

, the chairman

Daniel Levy

said he refuses to talk about any specific player, however, he insisted at the end, they will do whatever is best for the club.

"I am never going to talk about any specific player in public,"

Levy said.

"All I will say is his frustrations in not winning are shared by me and all the fans and players. We all want to win."

He added:

"Our duty is to protect the club even though we want to win.

"We will spend but we are a self-sustaining club, we have to be sensible.

"Sometimes the fans think we should be spending but there have been circumstances when the coach hasn't wanted to spend on a player. We will make investments in the squad."

"We need to turn it around but we need to make sure this club is in a sound financial position in the years ahead.”

Levy continued.

"We need success on the pitch now, my view is we have unfinished business."

source: SportMob