De Rossi has everything to become a great coach - Roma defender

Wed 09 June 2021 | 11:46

Alessandro Florenzi believes that Roma legend Daniele De Rossi has everything he needs to become a great coach.

The 37-year-old De Rossi retired with 117 caps for Italy and had an important role in Marcello Lippi’s success in 2006.

Italy full-back Alessandro Florenzi revealed he is interested in playing for the former midfielder, as De Rossi is currently working as an assistant under Roberto Mancini.

I can’t say what I think about his future, he’s very superstitious,”

Florenzi said at a press conference.

“He has everything to become a great coach


“And when I say everything, I’m not just talking about the basics in football, I talk about empathy too.

“There are many coaches in Serie A, even some of those I met on my way, who get a certain chemistry with the players and don’t even do tactics.

“There’s something that gets to you, that enters your head. It’s something else, that does more than tactics.

“I hope he will soon become a coach, being coached by him would be really cool. But let’s see.”



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source: SportMob