There will be no humiliation in Euro - Hummels

Mon 07 June 2021 | 12:05

This time, the German national team will go to the Euro competitions with all of their stars.

Mats Hummels believes that


will prevent a humiliating elimination like the 2018 World Cup in Euro 2020.

Joachim Low's side, who won the World Cup in 2014, traveled to Russia in 2018 as defending champions, but were eliminated in the group stage and dropped out of the competition. The German national team will appear for the first time after being eliminated from the World Cup with Mats Hummels and Thomas Müller, and the Dortmund defender believes that there will be no major failure.

He told



"At that time, we had the problem that we had not yet found each other as a team, neither in the training sessions before nor in the game itself,"

"That will certainly not happen to us against France. It mustn't happen to us again to lose sight of the team. I can honestly say the feeling now is different than it was back then.

"Everyone wants to become a unit, everyone is ready to sacrifice themselves for the team. We can go far. We are on the right track; we know that we have the skills to win this tournament."

Low's decision to remove some of the team's big stars in the 2018 World Cup, after the disappointing results, caused a lot of criticism. However, Hummels considers such decisions to be normal in sport.

He added:  

"We never had a problem with each other personally.

"In terms of sport, the views were different - but that's quite normal in sport. There are always different opinions. I was rather sad because I always enjoyed playing for Germany.

"We talked about [a return] for the first time a few months ago. From that moment it was clear to me: If he wants me there, I'll be there."

source: SportMob