Galtier will leave the Ligue 1 champions

Tue 25 May 2021 | 19:31

Lille manager Christophe Galtier confirms his departure from the club.



Christophe Galtier

has revealed his decision of leaving the club a few days after winning the domestic crown over the big rivals

Paris Saint-Germain

. Galtier has been Lille’s boss for four years, and now he has decided to leave the club despite their impressive performance in the season.

He told


"I made my decision. I informed my president, Olivier Letang, after having listened to him a lot this morning, that I was going to leave LOSC. Or that I was stopping with LOSC, I do not know quite what term to use.

"I just feel strongly that I have done my time here. That four-year cycle is long enough for a coach. So yes, it's only been five months that I collaborate every day with Olivier Letang and five months is not a lot for a collaboration.

"Having spent four years here, I feel inside that it's time to leave this beautiful club, this magnificent club."

The 54-year-old manager who has experience of playing for the club from 1987 to 1990 has decided to leave his old team, insisting that he has three final offers from Lyon, Nice, and Napoli.

"Among the clubs that have asked me, there are three today that interest me. Lyon, Nice and Napoli? Yes, I reflect on these three clubs. We will say that I had four with LOSC.

"Will I sign with one of these three clubs? Football is very special, you never know."

source: SportMob