Parker expects good reception from Fulham fans despite relegation

Sat 22 May 2021 | 5:39

Up to 2,000 fans can back Fulham in their final game of the season against Newcastle.

The Cottagers’ defeat to Burnley last Monday confirmed their relegation to the Championship, which came on the back of promotion the previous season.

However, the Fulham boss is optimistic about his side’s reception by fans. Although up to 10,000 are permitted to attend the Craven Cottage on Sunday, the redevelopment of the Riverside Stand and tight concourses behind the goal areas leave the club restricted to just 2,000.

"I don't know what reaction the players will get from the fans," Parker admitted.

"I hope that the fans come in and support this team, this team has never let anyone down through lack of effort, through a lack of pride or professionalism.

"This is a group of players who have worked tirelessly throughout this season to try their hardest to stay in this division, and where we've fallen short at times is due to maybe a bit of a lack of quality at this level and the level of what this league is.

"I'm sure the fans will appreciate the players in that even though they are disappointed."

A large part of Fulham’s squad this season is consisted by players on loan, who the Fulham boss expects all of them back at their parent clubs after the conclusion of the Newcastle match.

He said: "I think that will probably be the case, there is no player here on loan who has an automatic buy-in so those players will probably be leaving the football club at this present moment in time.

"We'll then look to go over the summer and work out where we need to go from there really."

On his future at Fulham after their relegation, Parker said: "I think we're all in agreement that continuity at a football club is very important, of course it is.

"It's decisions and the decisions we make between now and the end of the season will also contribute to that so those decisions and where we go, and the plan, and coming back up from the difficult league.

"That's what it is, it's not as easy as thinking that you just came out of the Premier League and you can bounce back, and I think you've seen that over the course of time with big teams that are still in that league.

"So of course continuity is important but also the decisions we make from now on in will be as well if we're going to be successful next year."


source: SportMob