Kroos still angry with the Sevilla's game referee

Thu 20 May 2021 | 15:27

German midfielder believes referee's decisions could lead to Real Madrid losing the title.

Real Madrid

midfielder Toni Kroos has claimed that he is still upset with the refereeing decisions against Sevilla.

Real Madrid's match against Sevilla ended with a lot of controversies and Real Madrid objected to many decisions. But the most important scene of the game was the moment when there was a foul on  Karim Benzema in the penalty area of ​​Sevilla, but after checking with VAR, the referee in decided to award a penalty in favor of Sevilla because of the hand foul of Eder Militao that happened a few seconds ago.

The referee's decision was met with strong protests from Real Madrid, but in the end Rakitic converted a penalty kick and Eden Hazard equalized in the final seconds.

Zinedine Zidane, who usually does not comment on refereeing, went to the referee after the game and objected to his decisions, and now Kroos stressed that the refereeing decisions in that game had an impact on his team's results.

He told

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"I'm not someone who likes to moan, but, in that case, I was extremely annoyed.

"Zidane never really says anything about decisions and he always protects the referees. So, the fact that he went to the referee after the game was a sign that he too felt a little ripped off, as did I.

"The referee tried to justify himself, but it's a very clear wrong decision in my opinion.

"My opinion is very clear and it is very rare that I disagree with the referee at all. I did on that day.

"If you feel you're being disadvantaged, that's one thing where I say 'it's not on'.

"[Militao] had his back to the ball and didn't even see the ball, while in slow motion you can see that the ball first goes to his shoulder and then to his arm. We were told that if the ball ricochets off another part of the body, then it's not a handball.

"To look at it again and to revise it, because he didn't whistle it live, is a serious intervention in the championship.”



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source: SportMob