Top facts about Casemiro, The Tank of Real Madrid

Sun 23 May 2021 | 13:30

Who is the man who has completely overhauled Real Madrid’s midfielder? How much do you know about Toni Kroos and Luka Modric’s partner? Follow us below as we take a look at the top facts about Casemiro and give you detailed information about his life so far.

Few have ever been able to reach the same heights that Casemiro has in recent years with Real Madrid and even fewer have been able to earn title of “The best defensive midfielder in the world” throughout their careers. But the Brazilian talent has managed to do and achieve everything that a footballer can in club football thanks to his impressive defensive ability and his sheer commitment to his club. The 29-year-old has lived through a lot both in his personal and professional lives, which has matured his personality and demeanor as both an athlete and as a human being.

The country of Brazil is known for producing and introducing some of the greatest talents in football and we have seen dozens of world-class icons and legends rise to glory from Brazil. From the legendary Pele to the former


man Ronaldinho, who is loved by millions of football fans and we cherish his playing days every year. Of course the two icons mentioned are not the only Brazilians who have found their way into the hearts of many in the world, as


is also one such beloved Brazilian, who has earned the trust and respect of Madridistas.  

Actually being able to earn the trust of this group of fans is not that easy at all, as many world-class superstars have tried and failed to be loved by the Spanish club’s supporters, with Gareth Bale being one such footballer.

What is it that has made Casemiro such a beloved member of Real Madrid both on and off the pitch? How did the Brazilian reach such a status in world football? Follow us below as we first take a look at his career so far and later go through some of the more interesting

facts about Casemiro

that you might have probably not heard about before.

Before going on with our list of facts about Casemiro, it is worth noting that the Brazilian is not a Real Madrid academy product, but he did in fact get to play for the Spanish side’s Castilla team. Casemiro started his professional career at

Sao Paulo FC

after rising up through the ranks at the Brazilian club’s youth academy. As a player who had already had the honor of representing his country in the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup, the youngster made his professional debut on 25 July 2010, when his team faced

Santos FC

in the Brazilian Serie A.

Of course while he might have hoped to help his side win the game in his debut, Sao Paulo eventually lost the game. Only a month later, the Brazilian managed to score his first professional goal in the 2-2 draw against Cruzeiro. Having showed enough patience and after consistently performing on a high level, Casemiro managed to attract the attention of foreign clubs after spending three years with Sao Paulo FC.

The young prospect had already attracted Real Madrid’s attention, who first signed him on loan as he played for the Spanish club’s


side and helping the senior squad whenever possible. Los Blancos finally decided to make Casemiro’s move permanent for reportedly €6 million and send him on loan to FC Porto so that he can further hone his skills. Upon his return to Real Madrid only a season later, the Brazilian defensive midfielder managed to become the club’s sole pillar in the midfield and the rest is, as they say, history.

Now that we know more about his career so far, let’s get on with our list of

facts about Casemiro

and see how his childhood was, who his wife is and how many children he has.

Facts about Casemiro you probably didn’t know about

There is much to know about the former Sao Paulo midfielder, but we have selected only the top facts about Casemiro while providing a set of basic information about the Brazilian down below.

  • Full name: Carlos Henrique Casimiro

  • Date of birth: 23 February 1992

  • Place of birth: Sao Jose dos Campos

  • Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)

  • Marital status: Married

  • Current club: Real Madrid

  • Nickname: The Tank

  • Jersey number: 14

  • Zodiac sign: Pisces

Now that we have had an overview of the basic details about the former


loanee, let us move on to the more intriguing

facts about Casemiro

that will surely pique your interest.

Casemiro birthday and zodiac sign

Casemiro birthday is on 23 February and he was born back in 1992, which means that he is currently 29 years old. The Brazilian midfielder shares his birthday with the likes of former former

Atletico Madrid



winger Nicolas Gaitan and former and

Manchester City

defensive midfielder Gareth Barry.

Surely the Real Madrid man still has many years ahead of himself as a professional footballer, as he is currently playing in his prime days. Of course there have also been criticisms aimed at him in recent months for not showing the same consistency, but he is without a doubt one of the best defensive midfielders in the world right now.


Casemiro birthday

being on 23 February, his zodiac sign would obviously be Pisces. People born under this sign tend to be impressionable and creative, working hard to transform their environment and the people around them, which is exactly what has happened at Real Madrid since Casemiro’s arrival.

Casemiro childhood story

Carlos Henrique Jose Francisco Venancio Casimiro, shortly known as Casemiro, was born in Sao Jose dos Campos, a major city in the Sao Paulo municipality, Brazil. Carlos was the first child of Venancio Magda de Faria Casemiro (mother) and Servando Casimero (father). Young Carlos was not like other normal children with a normal life as he had to endure many difficulties and hardships throughout his life from early on.

While many privileged children get to live with both of their parents happily married to each other, Casemiro witnessed his father leaving he and his mother alone after having a heated argument with Carlos’ mother. Just like many of the developing countries, Brazil is known for having poorer outskirts and shanty towns, where children grow up with the hopes of one day becoming a professional footballer to provide for their families. That was exactly what Casemiro dreamed of during his childhood as his mother had to work very hard to provide for the family.

Young Carlos helped his mother earn a living as well, but he never backed away from his goal of becoming a professional footballing star. Having already found his passion at an early age, Casemiro childhood took a turn when he was first discovered by the Paulista De Futebol academy, which is an affiliate of the Sao Paulo FC’s youth academy. That is where the Brazilian youngster met Nilton Moreira, who helped him in every step of his career, making him the man he is today. Casemiro is always thankful for the guidance he received from his coach at Sao Paulo.

Casemiro childhood

story shows us exactly how smart the Brazil international is. Once during the tryouts at Sao Paulo FC, the youngster realized that the number of highly skilled and talented children who aimed to be the shining stars in the front as strikers was just too high.

So he opted to choose a less-favorable position to audition for on the pitch, believing that he could succeed as a defensive midfielder as well, despite playing as a forward prior to the tryouts.  His quick thinking helped him secure a spot in the club’s youth squad. He later also became his side’s captain at the age of 11. For those of you wondering about Casemiro’s relationship with his father, the Brazilian doesn’t even know much about the man who brought him to this world, as their relationship is basically nonexistent.

The midfielder has even gone on to claim in an interview with Globoesporte that “If I see him (his father) on the street today, I won’t recognize him. He had a serious fight with my mother when I was five and left the family for my mum to manage. I have wanted to meet him because I have no grudge against him. It was what God wanted for me. That’s why I have always left it just the way it is.”

Casemiro’s childhood was filled with even more hardships, which could have broken any one of us had we had to go through the same difficulties in our lives. The Brazilian youngster was diagnosed with hepatitis when he was merely 14 years old, which led to him being stuck at home as he could not even walk, let alone train on the pitch with the squad.

Thankfully, however, the illness did not manage to take away one of the most brilliant defensive midfielders of all time. We are thankful for being able to watch and enjoy his football, which we couldn’t have done had he not recovered from the illness.

Casimiro or Casemiro? That is the question

We all know who Casemiro is and even the title of this article uses the Brazilian defensive midfielder’s name as “Casemiro” instead of his real name which uses “Casimiro”. But why such a distinction? Why is a different name printed out on his jersey and why do people know him by this name? Well, superstition has always had quite a special place in sports, with many athletes, coaches, fans and even referees having their unique superstitious beliefs and pregame rituals that they believe can help them succeed and emerge victorious over their rivals.

Of course while there is little chance for such beliefs and superstitions to work, one can’t deny the fact that football is filled with magical moments that can’t quite be explained with a normal sense. That is exactly why the Brazilian uses another name as his professional alias.

The story dates back to his time at Sao Paulo, where he performed so well at a game that fans started to cheer his name aloud at the stadium. But the cheering fans used the name Casemiro instead of Casimiro, which led to the former Sao Paulo man to use this name instead as a token to remind him to perform well consistently. Surely this is one of the more bizarre facts about Casemiro, but it is difficult not to believe in such superstitions as he has in fact showed an admirable consistency throughout his career so far.

It is also worth mentioning that the two names mentioned above are not the only names he is known by, as some of his teammate reportedly call of “Casemito” instead of his normal nickname.

The Case E-sports sponsor

The world of gaming has gained significant attention over the past few years, with the recent pandemic and the global lockdowns introducing the gaming industry to a wider range of people in the world. The industry of e-sports has also gotten special attention lately as we see more and more celebrities join the world of gaming and streaming, with the likes of


and Sergio Aguero already being world-famous streamers.

One of the facts about Casemiro is that he too is active in the world of e-sports as he has his very own team of professional gamers. The Brazilian sponsors this team as they professionally compete in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The

Real Madrid

defensive midfielder is a gamer himself as well, occasionally being a part of the team or even streaming online. Not only does he have a Twitch streaming page, he also has a dedicated Instagram page for gaming purposes, promoting his Case E-sports team through a secondary Instagram account.

Casemiro wife and children

Footballers’ WAGs, or Wives and Girlfriends, are one of the most focal points of discussion whenever someone mentions a fact about a certain player. These ladies play a vital role in the success of their counterparts as they provide emotional and moral support, while also promoting their significant others’ social media pages and commercial brands. That is why many of you might be wondering who

Casemiro wife

is and how many children he has. But is the Brazilian married? Does he have any children?

The Tank does indeed have a wife as he is currently married to Anna Mariana Ortega Brahm, a native Brazilian who married her compatriot back in 2014. The two have actually known each other for a longer period and they only got to tie the knot after years of getting to know each other. One fact about Casemiro wife is that Anna Mariana is three years older than her husband. This fact alone adds Casemiro to a long list of professional footballers such as

AC Milan

’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Barcelona’s Gerrard Pique, who are married to women older than themselves.

The two lovebirds have a daughter named Sara, who was born on 6 March 2016, and are also expecting a second child who is due this year. The happy family live together in Madrid close to the Valdebebas training ground, where Casemiro goes to work every day. Having experienced all of those difficulties throughout his childhood due to not having the moral and financial support of his father, surely Casemiro will be trying to be a much better role model for his children, who will definitely be looking up to their father for inspiration.

Casemiro Instagram and net worth

We have already discussed the secondary

Casemiro Instagram

account where the Brazilian promotes his e-sports team. But what about his main account? The CEO of Case E-sports uses his main social media accounts just like many other footballers. He posts pictures of his training routines and from the match-days, while also sharing cute photos of himself alongside his happy family. The midfielder currently has 12.8 million followers and Casemiro Instagram is growing day by day as he gains more fame online.

Looking at the pictures he has posted on his social media pages so far, one can clearly see that the Brazilian does not sport any tattoos on his body and is a clean slate. While some like

Paris Saint-Germain

striker Mauro Icardi and Casemiro’s Real Madrid teammate

Toni Kroos

tend to fashion heavy ink-marks on their bodies, having tattooed the faces of their children on their skin, Los Blancos’ number 14 simply prefers to a tattoo-free body.

With so much fame and so many followers on social media platforms, one would easily wonder about how much Casemiro net worth is and how much the former Sao Paulo midfielder actually earns from playing football. Being married to makeup artist Anna Mariana,

Casemiro net worth

is believed to be around the figure of €15 million, as he currently earns a whopping €220,000 per week at Real Madrid.

This weekly wage means that the Brazilian earns more than €12 million each year. Surely Casemiro net worth is expected to see an increase in the coming years as he is planning on out-branching and broadening his brand’s empire. These were only some of the top facts about Casemiro and there is surely a lot more to know about the life of the youngster who managed to help his single mother and his two younger siblings in every aspect by becoming a world-class superstar of a footballer.

We surely hope to see much more of the defensive midfielder, while also hoping to read more about his journey so far on a prospect biography, which is a real possibility thanks to the growing demand for a biopic of such elite players in recent years.




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