Rio Ferdinand predicts more and more protests from fans

Tue 04 May 2021 | 20:41

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand predicts more fan protests and believes supporters are united to force club owners to listen.

Manchester United

fans managed to get into Old Trafford on Sunday and invaded the pitch before their side’s game against


, with the decision subsequently made to postpone the game on safety grounds.


did not accept the violence that hurt police officers, but he knew where the outrage came from and why such demonstrations are likely to occur again.

“We don’t want violence and I’m not condoning violence or any type of lawbreaking at all, but these fans have been shunted aside (and told) ‘you’re not a thought, you’re not a consideration’.

“(The protest) is the response you get when things like that happen, when you try and take over a club, and take it away from the fans and think the fans don’t mean a thing.”

The protests follow United's decision, along with five fellow Premier League clubs, to join the European Super League in April, before subsequently all pulling out.

Fan’s protest against ESL has been considered as the main factor of ESL’s collapse and Ferdinand believes there will be more protests as there is now unity among supporters.

“What you will see continuously is more and more football fans coming together on something like this,”

he added


“I don’t think it’s going to be tribal and that certain people are going to point the finger at Man United. People see that this was almost a criminal act on football fans.”

source: SportMob