Cury: "We were three-and-a-half years ahead of Madrid on Vinicius.”

Mon 12 April 2021 | 17:58

Barcelona should have signed Vinicius before Real Madrid, according to Andre Cury.


former head scout in South America claims that the Brazilian talent could have joined Barcelona, but they were betrayed. Barcelona was interested in


years before

Real Madrid’s

agreement on the young talent with a big-money deal.

Andre Cury

insists that Frederico Pena and Stefano Hawilla, who represent Vinicius, betrayed Barca as they overlooked their commitment to the negotiations that they had with Barcelona.

Andre Cury told



"We were three-and-a-half years ahead of Madrid on Vinicius.

"His agents, Frederico Pena and Stefano Hawilla, betrayed us. They had a commitment with Barcelona. I was good friends with them but at the key moment they stabbed us in the back.

"Fifteen days before signing for Madrid, here in Brazil, Vinicius was saying that he was a Barca fan, that his idol was Neymar and that [Lionel] Messi was better than [Cristiano] Ronaldo.

"His agents and father were in Barcelona. Wagner Ribeiro phoned [Madrid president] Florentino [Perez] to alert him. And he invited them to Madrid on the Saturday.

"They told us they would go, but that nothing would happen because the player was already with Barcelona. We had their word. They returned to Barcelona, closed the agreement with us, shook hands... and then they disappeared. They betrayed us."

Vinicius not only joined Barcelona’s biggest rivals, but he has also been an important player in Zidane’s lineup in recent years, showing his quality in important games such as El Clasico, where he scored his most recent goal.

source: SportMob