Kovac wants to bring Nübel to Monaco

Mon 15 March 2021 | 21:32

Nübel's first season at Bayern is a one to forget as the player can terminate his contract.

Alexander Nübel


Bayern Munich

in the summer transfer window with big dreams. He was supposed to be


’s back-up and get some playing times in cup games or the games in which playing your backup goalkeeper is possible. However, the former


goalkeeper has not got many chances to play for Bayern Munich so far.

He was promised 10 appearances for Bayern Munich in his contract and if the Bavarians fail to do as they promised, he can terminate his contract with the German giants. Neuer is on fire currently and it is highly unlikely that Nübel can actually place 10 times until the end of the season.

It is very unlikely that he terminate his contract with Bayern Munich but there are some possible solutions for this problem. A long-term loan-deal would be a perfect solution as Kicker reports that Niko Kovac, former Bayern manager, and current


boss is interested to bring Nübel to France with a loan-deal.



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source: SportMob